Mar 21, 2006

a week's worth of sewing

A pretty apt description of this picture--a week's worth of sewing ready to be pinned and quilted.

I finished up the heart top borders this morning. I might have gotten it done last night but Pippi hopped up in my chair when I got up to press the inner border and wouldn't vacate. She nips or scratches sometimes if you try to move her and she doesn't want to go. Finally, I just gave up (or gave in) and let her park on the quilt top on the pressing/cutting table.

I am of the opinion that the top is not done till you prep the backing and the binding is sewn and ready for the next step. That is the standard I apply to myself anyway since I work in cycles. When I am ready to quilt, I do not want to have to stop and press, cut or sew binding---it all has be ready when I am.

Yesterday I found a cute little birdhouseprint that will go with the Jewel Box for backing. I also marked the quilting lines for the bowtie, card trick and the hearts that needed it. I am hoping to pin a couple of these anyway if my friend Aline is going to be home tomorrow and will let me use her most excellent set up. Otherwise I may run over to Hancock's and use their classroom if they don't have something going on.

Other than that, DJ's golf buddy will be here from central IL sometime this evening. House cleaning ensued as soon as my sewing (mess making) was done this morning. Since parts of the house looked like a bomb went off, it needed it even if Herb wasn't coming. Neither my husband or I live to clean--we like it clean but aren't going to knock ourselves doing much more than the surface stuff as a rule.

That spaghetti pile of binding to the left of the quilt tops needs pressed obviously. But after that --- do I pull something else out to sew, figure out what in the world I am going to do for that applique round robin, do some paperwork or just goof around on the computer awhile? LOL, I guess you know what I decided temporarily.


  1. Hey Linda, the pile looking really fine!!! I'm sooooo impressed...when you sew, you really sew!
    Think I'll take lessons from you..*VBG*
    Seriously tho, great job on getting all of those done in a week. Pretty amazing.

    I also have had a large type bomb explode in my sewing room lately...mess, mess, mess. Gotta get some order restored...LOL..tomorrow for sure!
    Today was eye dr. and get groceries, and then I ran to the library in another community to return a book on CD that was due. Got some new ones to listen to while I sew. Tomorrow I'm lunching with friends, but I have til noon, maybe I can get something done..LOL Enjoy the company, Hugs, Finn

  2. I'm with you on the pressing/backing/binding. If I don't do it all at once, that's just another opportunity for me to procrastinate.

    Quilts look great. Can't wait to see them totally finished.

    Judy L.

  3. WOW...awesome job!

  4. Beautiful quilts! You are one productive lady! I used to do the backings and bindings just as soon as I finished the top, and then got away from doing that. Thanks for the reminder. It's great to have everything all ready when you are!

  5. Wow, you have got a lot done this week. Beautifull quilts.
    I have the same with my cat, he always wants to be were I am doing things. He loves to sleep in front of the iron , nice and warm..:-)


  6. love seeing the stack of tops waiting-hugs


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