Mar 26, 2006

busy weekend

In spite of my tinkering my blog and spending too much time online doing it, I have managed to get 3 tops quilted since Thursday: EZ bowtie, 3D bowtie and hot off the sewing machine, Card Trick. These are AKA UFOs 7, 8 and 9 and will be done once the binding is complete. It helps, of course, that these are in the 40 x 60 or 50 x 70 range. My quilt group meets Tuesday and I will probably have some volunteers for binding detail--bless you! I can proceed with two others that are NOT on the UFO list once I get two pinned.

Since it will be a bit before I can share any pictures of my recent output, I'll share a top that my mom sent me recently as a donation towards my group's efforts to make 55 quilts for an area girl's residential home. Isn't it pretty? Nice and scrappy and probably leader-ender worthy project. Good sized too since I don't see my husband's feet sticking out from underneath.

Recently I saw a photo Marilyn posted on her Quilts, etc. blog after she attended a retreat with her friend her Jan. Marilyn was kind enough to share the pattern source. American Patchwork and Quilting--October 2002, Issue 58. This was a magazine I have in my quilt "library" so with that information on hand I found it easily.

Since Mom also makes quilts for Wrap Them in Love , we both are always on the lookout for something we can size down for the kids' quilts use or some interesting patterns. Who wants to keep making the same quilts over and over, after all? Designer Judith Hughes Marte called in Crossing Paths but Mom said it reminded her of her town's Town Square---and it does! We have to call it that instead of the designer's choice for that.

I tell you, she can cram more stuff in the smallest of boxes. Not only did she have this quilt top folded up, but there was some fabric I had asked for for another project, some bits for a polka dot kitty quilt I will make one when I collect enough fabric bits and some interesting quilt-y package filler at the top. I recycled the box to mail two books and some other stuff on to Pam that should be arriving soon.

I'll use some muslin backing from my stash but here is a time where we busted HER stash instead of mine. The little nine patches may have been scraps though. She has what looks like Jinny Beyer border print on the outside border and some dark eggplant fabric for the binding. I don't know how well that shows up in the picture.

Thanks again, Mom, for the top for the girls and for teaching me to sew and quilt. The sewing might have been a trial sometimes but the quilting stuck, LOL. Beats Barbie doll clothes any day!

Today's tinkering has taught me:

  • how to align the sidebar lists to the left rather than center
  • how to add a bullet button
  • how to add the Graphic Garden button so it has the link when you hover over it
  • that no way, no how will I be able to keep up with what Pam is doing to hers
  • that I have a lot to learn about HTML obviously

I appreciate the comments you have given me about my efforts as I learn how to make those changes to my template. (Jan, I don't know if I got the font bigger for you or not?) Sorry that I confused someone into thinking that all that quilts could be seen. I haven't figured out how to do the bullets selectively. I suppose I could change them to links or at least try. I DO love a challenge!

Where has the day, or the weekend, gone for that matter?



  1. Isn't it great to be able to work on projects with your Mom? I talked my Mom into quilting when I started a few years ago. We've made a bunch of quilts together and frequently work on charity quilts together.

    We don't live in the same state so your comment about receiving the quilt with other things tucked in the box sounds like us. We're always shipping stuff back and forth - tops, quilts, fabrics, books and anything else we want to get to the other one.

  2. well Linda, another productive day for you! well done my friend. Nice to receive fun quilty stuff from your mom too! another wonderful top by her-thanks for sharing. Missed chatting with you today-I think I have some help with that html challenge for you.

  3. great UFO progress! And, your tinkering on the template looks great as well!

  4. Wow, what a great quilt top. And you're getting so much done.

    Your blog looks great.


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