Mar 28, 2006

Technique of the month

Here is what we were working on today as our "technique of the month" rather than the block of the month. Of course, I never did get my machine out though I started to several times---that's the way it goes. Pinning, trimming, xeroxing, etc.

Both Ginny and Lois had a band done by the time they left. Ginny's colors were so distinctive that she is going to make a strippy version with 2 or 3 bands so I don't have it here in the picture. Lois trimmed hers down to see what it would look like in a quilt.

Others of us have bits started (me, for one) that will work into a quilt top at some point. I'll put it together after more sections are done. I laid it on the backing fabric of the heart memorial quilt top I will be quilting tomorrow just for some contrast. The ladies at the church had recently made new table cloths for a smaller tables using a forest green and burgundy fabric. Antoinette said she put the leftover fabric aside for us to use--for backing, borders, whatever. I think that broadcloth will work great between these strips, much like Jan Mac showed on her 3rd UFO finish.

Good day today. Some quilts pinned though the batting roll ran out just as we got to the heart quilt--the last one on hand to pin. Thankfully, there was some bits left in the closet that could be stitched together. I didn't catch Judy in time to ask her to bring one of the three rolls she is storing at her house. It worked out okay in spite of that though.

Well, DJ wants spaghetti with meat sauce tonight so I better start thinking about shifting gears here and start supper. Catch you later!

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  1. I'm working on a UFO braid quilt this week too. It's actually going to be 2 small quilts because I wanted to stop making the braids.

    I made the mistake of using the foundation by the yard muslin and it was a big pain. That's what I get for pulling out a UFO and starting to work on it without thinking. It would have been so much easier without the foundation.

  2. glad to hear this was a hit with the gals...looks like some great scrap colors too

  3. Very neat Linda, and I am sitting her chuckling, as only quilters can....that first piece of red scrap on the left hand side?? A crazy old Ginny Beyer of the weirdest christmas fabric ever...I have that same one..and am trying desperately to get it used up! I must not be the only one.

    I started that scrap braid a week or so ago, someone showed it on their blog..maybe it was Mary, or maybe someone else....any way, Amy suggested starting with a triangle and I tried that and really like it. I'll post a picture tomorrow of the braids I've started. I'll be using a strippy strip between my rows of braid also.

  4. Oh, fine. Just what I need. Another quilt idea. LOL.

    Now I have to go look up "braid quilt."

    What a fun and productive day you had Linda. I'm off to look through your archives.



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