Mar 24, 2006

I really was going to quilt today........honest!

I finished up the quilting on my EZ bowties yesterday and then ran into snafu after snafu putting on the binding. The mitered seam was going to hit right at the corner miter. ACK!! We talked about that recently in the web ring. Give yourself permission to cut some of the binding off and re-sew the seam to avoid that---I did, twice. Then the one and only time I cut only 5 strips instead of my usual 6 for a quilt this size, I didn't have enough fabric. Fabric hunt ensued into all the cut strips bins but wait, it was with the polka dots that I am collecting for a cat quilt. Finally, finally, I was done and just in time to fix supper.

Then I thought I would quilt for a bit on 3D bowtie. Pippi had other plans for that one. Oh, well, I thought, I have had enough punishment for the day and got online with Cher and Pam for chat and template tinkering. There is always tomorrow--that quilt isn't going anywhere.

This morning not long after I got up the phone rings. My friend Judy is on the line--big sale at one of the Birmingham (AL) area quilt shops--buy one yard and get another yard free. Oh, boy!! Forget going to get my hair trimmed, forget quilting too. I need some stuff for my part of the round robin applique, it turns out. Such a deal! DJ, you are on your own for lunch--spontaneous girls' day out!

SO here is what followed me home- not bad for 6 yards of fabric for 26 bucks. As a whole though this is not a terribly attractive picture. The three on the right end are for the round robin. You would have to see the medallion so far to see why these will work together for background (the yellow), the pumpkin for flowers of some sort and the green for vines and leaves. The teal goes with the teals and purple prints that I already own and buy a yard of each time I go to that shop--a possible Terry Atkinson's Confetti quilt one of these days. The 30's repro on the end---well, I am a sucker for those, enough said.

We stopped at the 2nd area shop on the way back--the two shops are only about 4 miles from one another but I didn't indulge there. I might have if they had had any straw needles in stock. Checked the machine quilting thread as well but none that I could not live without. Before we headed back to Calhoun County, we had a yummy lunch at Applebee's and a run by Judy's in search for an applique pattern she thought I might be able to use. She couldn't find it but I got to see the fabrics that she picked out at the same quilt shop---yesterday! Yep, she went two days in a row and bought some of the coolest fabrics for blended quilts.

Once I got home I played with my blog template some more--well, you see the result. I still want to add a graphic at the top if I can figure out where it fits into the scheme of things and I have the cutest cat divider that I would love to use (from the free graphics on graphic garden website. ) It is all Pam's fault!!!

So, by now it's 7:30 my time---tomorrow, 3D bowties, tomorrow. I could work on binding on EZ if I really HAVE to do something quilt-y. NAW, take the whole day off.


  1. Nice going on the new look on your blog gf! I had too much fun earlier tonight...thanks!

  2. Wow...great new look Linda!! I love this shade of yellow, very soft butter look to it..yum!! And the kitties at the top are adorable!! Love that you can figure out this stuff...LOL..I feel lucky to be able to add Daily Reads to mine...LOL
    That and the weather pixie, that's it for this gal1
    Great going on the spontanious quilt outing. Love the fabrics too. Hard to believe, 6 yards for $26...wheeeeee!

    Sorry about that binding join making landfall at the corner. I hate it when that happens and usually cut it off and move it over. Glad you found enough to finish up. Hugs, Finn

  3. *gasps*

    Looking at your stats for 2006 - you've completed 11 tops and quilted 8 quilts?

    Wow, I'm so impressed!

    I caught myself trying to find out if any of your lists were links, I wanted to see them all!



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