Mar 28, 2006

UFO 10 quilted

Except for two personal projects that will remain on the back burner and top I think is too small for our immediate group needs, I am officially caught up on my quilting----but only till I come home from my quilt group meeting, LOL. That's they way it goes though.

The Jewel Box Redux is showed you in Hot off the Press was finished up last evening. I got smart and quilted diagonal lines through the four patch chains. Every once in awhile I'll have a good idea like that--normally I just let the quilt tell me what it needs.

It has warmed up a bit here but now it is raining. We have been about 15 degrees below our normals for this time of year and even got an unexpected frost after the official start of spring. It appears our azalea bush that was starting to look so pretty got zapped. DJ thinks the camellia is done blooming as well but it has been at that for about 2 months now--loaded with blooms. I'm waiting for the dogwoods to come out though the native redbud is out in full force. Gotta love the spring.

No pics this morning---maybe after I get home from the quilt meeting? A pile of paperwork will need attending so that's probably where you will find me.


  1. Boy,oh boy..when you "go" you really go!!! I'm EXTREMELY impressed with how much you have just finished up.....and I know how good it feels for that to happen.
    Wish I could say I've done "something", but mostly I've been wandering...looking for direction again. Had some paperwork that I have almost finished. And some much needed clean up as the month ends.
    Bright sunshine today..and some weird timer buzzing somewhere got me up maybe today I'll get something done..something quilty.
    I have one that I just need to sew binding on..small, but nearly done this month...LOL. Have a wonderful time at your quilt group! Hugs, Finn

  2. Wow, you got so much done.

    Love that sunny, cheerful quilt.

    I hope you enjoy your meeting.


  3. Congratulations on getting so much DONE!!!
    Jeanne :)


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