Mar 17, 2006

It's not you, it's me

A girl cannot quilt in a vacuum, right?

I was trying to change my template and some where along the line I lost all my archives. I thought it was my errors but it turns out blogger was having some hiccups (again)

Consider this a test email and hopefully I can get back on track and back into the web ring fold with a slighly different color, etc.


  1. Wow...Linda, that was one pretty drastic spring house cleaning you did!! So sorry for the lost things, drat the timing of it! Guess we're never safe are we?? Love the new color tho, and so happy you aren't really GONE...hugs, Finn

  2. Ah, its just words and pictures and not like I am going to run out of either of those anytime soon, LOL!

    It will be okay. After all,I had only been at this for a month and half and had the template stuff saved for the things I wanted in the side bar so that helped.

    Judy will hook me back up to the ring when she gets time.

  3. Ah yes, why I am stickinmg with waht I have! Good Luck. :o)


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