Mar 23, 2006

back in quilting mode

Helping me quilt, she is. This is an older picture of a Puss in the Corner top I was quilting for one of the Bama Belles. BUT I was in the same sort of situation with Pippi last night--parked on the quilting in progress. It was getting late so I just let her have her way and got in some good heavy duty snuggling and petting, LOL.

Weird, isn't it? Blogger won't let me post a pic at all but the Hello process seemed to work. Somehow I edited out that little button moving text around. Now, if only I can figure out how the software works................

DJ and his golfing buddy were off to the course yesterday though the day started off cold and breezy (high 30's). Really not as whole lot better than what he might have left in central IL. Herb said that it was starting to snow when he left Tuesday morning---4 hours later he was driving in 5-6 inches of snow on two lane road and arriving at a point that he would normally reach in 2 hours. Still, he got to our house about the time he usually does.

I went over to my friend's house to pin 3 of those quilts you saw in my previous posts and helped Aline finish pinning one she already had on the pinning table. Tedious work but necessary but made easier by the company of my friend. DJ told me he would get lunch out so I ran several short errands before I came home.

By afternoon, I was quilting one of the bowtie tops. I think I have 4 rows to go on it till Pippi "told" me it was time to quit, LOL. And really, it was---my back was squawking at me. Gave up and chatted with my pals on IM, read my email etc, tinkered with my blog template a bit, etc.

I don't know if you can tell from the picture but I have to set up my machine table right up against my big office desk to have space to the left for the quilt top to go when I'm quilting. A little folding banquet table I found at Wal-mart goes in front which leaves me about a foot to get out of the room when I am quilting as the cutting/pressing table (30 x 60) is on the opposite wall. The book shelf row ( about 14 inches taken up there) is right behind me. It's a squeeze when you sew in a 10 x 10 room but it is what I have to do. Cher would tell you that every inch of my room is used to its maximum potential. The computer sits on one corner of the desk top so access is limited till I decide I've had enough for the day. Or make that, till Pippi decides I have had enough for the day, LOL.

Stashbuster list posed the question recently about "do you sew everyday" and a poll set up to gauge how many hours a week we spend sewing. I will be interested to see the final results as many who wrote in did seem to squeeze in at least 15 mins doing some form of sewing and hand work. I would fall in the sews almost every day for at least 4 to 6 hours though somedays it is more and other days, less. Some days, not at all but I don't string many of those together very often.

I spend most of my waking hours in my little room--who wouldn't when all my "toys" are in here?? Computer and sewing machine, fabric, some books and related items. You would think I would feel more claustrophic in the small space but for some reason, not really. My living room is, more or less, a pass through spot to the kitchen for me and I consider it my husband's space--poor man has little of the house to call his own, in the first place.

If it were just me, I don't know that I would even have a living room or would shift the rooms around so the biggest space would be the sewing room. My friends and people that I would want in the house know I sew so what difference would it make? Not going to happen but a girl can dream!


  1. quilt mode up next...I know that limits your use on the will have to wait and see these finished quilts...
    wouldn't it be nice to have as much space as you wished for quilting? I too live in a small house and have to make it all fit in-truly you do an awesome job with your space Linda!

  2. Great post Linda!! Love the kitty on the quilt..*VBS* Just like my Charlie in days of old. He used to accompany me to my quilt shop, sleep on the cut fabric for the day, and accompany me back home again, which was just across the side yard..*VBS*

    Great job on getting those quilts pinned and partly quilted. You room sounds really neat to me. How could it be a problem? It's all that stuff you love..*G*

  3. Linda,
    Dreams are good! :o) Never give those up! And having our own space is great!

  4. It took me at least a couple years to convince my Mom to get rid of the queen size bed in her sewing room and put a trundle bed in instead. Gave her the same amount of sleeping space for guests - more when it wasn't a couple since she had 2 beds instead of one - and LOTS more room for herself when she didn't have company.

    She loves having the space now and I still give her a hard time for holding out so long!

  5. Linda

    Where there is a will, there is a way. Think about it, do you really need that carport? Ha! HA! Or if Darel likes to sleep in his recliner, get rid of his Bed! Ha HA. I should talk, we have a three car garagae into which no cars can be, because of wood working tools! I am sooo lucky to have gotten the room with the biggest windows, although it is smaller than the last sewing room. The light is incredible.

  6. That Ms. Pippi, she always cracks me up!

    While both our boys were still at home I sewed in a little (really little) corner of our bedroom, or on the dining room table. No room for a stash, no space to call my own. When Roy went to college Ryan moved into Roy's room...and I moved into Ryan's room. Even though MCM is small (about the same size as yours - - and no pun intended ;-) )it is just right for me.

  7. I've sewn on the dining room table all winter - and the entire table needs to be cleared to eat. I have had many different sewing areas over the years and each one has different favorite features - what I like about the dining room table - it is central and I can see what is going on, but I sure wish I could leave my stuff out instead of putting it away for every meal! It is nice that you have the space and are able to use every square inch of it!

    I like your photo of your puss on the puss in the corner! Good hidden joke!




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