Mar 18, 2006

this and that on a Saturday

Okay, shower taken but towel still around my head and no shoes on, laundry is started, still haven't eaten breakfast and DO have errands to run. So what am I doing? Pecking at the keyboard keys. Talk about getting one's priorities straight, LOL.

Judy commented on the Heart block that we use for our memorial quilts. Just a simple one from World Wide Quilting pages that we have used. I said to the quilting group that maybe they didn't necessarily need to be red but I think they like the two color quilts. Since Theramae and I (along with my Mom) have stitched the majority of the blocks, I guess red and white, it is. Of course, we use the whole gamut of reds when we make them and toss them all in the same quilt---it works.

I used a slightly different heart for Karen's quilt---sorry will have to post a picture again since the one I am referring to is gone with the wind. I was fine with the existing pattern for 6 inch hearts but not for those 3 inch finished ones around the t-shirt center.

This one uses a large rectangle and then a smaller one but diagonally oriented across the block To be mindful of straight of grain I cut large bias strips and quarter square triangles when I foundation pieced themfor both sizes of hearts. With the fiber content of the quilt strings, I needed to know that some of it was on straight of grain at least.

We used it for a block of the month but I am not sure of the pattern source. Er, some of us did. Like Karen showed on her blog a few days ago, I only got a bunch of spool blocks done and then decided I wanted to go another way with the colors. I gave those blocks away to a friend so they won't go to waste. Then I just never got started again. Not sure if the Belles did anything with the patterns either but they can add them to their files for whenever. Here is what it looked like in EQ.

Yesterday I had intended to mark by bowtie top and make some binding. Ah, that's boring. I wanted to sew so pulled out a kitted UFO and finished up #9 for '06. I am calling it Card Trick Redux--revisited the pattern and the leftovers from the first one. Borders are totally different and I floated the setting triangles to make it a little larger this time around. Backing, pulled from stash so another almost 2 yards will be going bye-bye.

Keep that up and cat will not have anything to lay on in one of her "hiding" spots. This has been cleared out considerably since this picture was taken. She is a little round short legged kitty so it is not easy for her to get in there. I had to laugh at how many times she circled to get comfortable on her last foray up there and what's more, she was in the basket on the LEFT.

See, I am making progress on the stash reduction however subtle. Gotta help a kitty out, after all.

Today, I'll sew on the Jewel Box redux and pass on that boring but necessary stuff. Just hope that the ruler does not fly off the pegboard in pop me in the mouth again. Hit me right on the front teeth and bit my lip---ow!

Evelyn commented about printing off her blog in relation to my losing my archives and starting over again. Of course, this is a journal of our everyday lives and therefore women's history. I think Mary wondered about that last month as well? I have a suggestion before you run out of paper or ink printing it all off.
You can tell blogger to email it to your address and then save the email to file OR use Blogger for Word. You cannot insert pictures in it when you are writing the post to send it. You CAN save the document part and insert the pictures back in when you are done posting and of course, back up your files!! Just a suggestion.

Have a great day in whatever you choose to do--------


  1. Hi there, boy, you are one busy bama belle!!! I think I'm just a snail by comparison..LOL...but that's ok today.

    All the stuff you are working on sounds wonderful, can't wait to see it.
    Love the suggestion about Blogger sending to our I just have to see if I can figure out what all that means..LOL. Did I mention I'm tech challenged???? Hugs, Finn in a sunny WI

  2. always love seeing a photo of Pippi, and happy Zoe doesn't seem inclined to climb up on my stacks of scrap stash in this room! I still haven't turned on my machine today...and Zoe is whining for a walk..maybe when I get back.

  3. That is my absolute favorite picture of Ms. Pippi...


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