Mar 28, 2006


I had said earlier today that I had not seen much dogwood out yet. The drive over the "mountain" to our meeting place this morning showed me that there is more out there than I had thought. The meeting locale is about 12 miles from my house in the fellowship hall of a local Presbyterian church that one of our members attends.

It has a been a bit warmer the past few days so that may have helped the trees progress a bit more. I took this up close picture at the church when I arrived this morning. One the way a house that I pass has a ton of azaleas that were just starting to burst open. I also saw quite a bit of wisteria out in spots where it normally grows.

Now if I could just get my own little tree to bloom---my pink ones died and I have such high hopes for my little white one.

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  1. Still waiting for the Dogwoods to bloom in Georgia!

  2. still waiting on our pink one here in Portland- but we run real late with the tree we have

  3. Oh Linda, thanks for the picture, it's soooo pretty!!! Have nothing like it up here..and are not even CLOSE to having anything bloom.


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