Apr 15, 2006


Don't these ladies look like Marshmallow Peeps?

Got to give you something to look at. This is Easter holiday- like, in my view, even though it was from a Thanksgiving Day parade. I clipped it from the paper some time back because at a glance all I could see was lines of Marshmallow Peeps. They make them for other holidays now, of course. I am not poking fun or anything as I think it is perfectly charming, actually. We don't have anything like in the Midwest where I'm from or at least not that I am aware of.

I finished up the top I was sashing and assembling about 9:30 last night but cannot share a picture of it yet. (Not when you don't know who might be reading). I have pretty much decided that it is going to a long arm machine quilter. Other than binding and labeling it later , my work is done.

So, the whole day is ahead of me and what do I want to work on? Never just a few choices there! I know what I don't want to do: borders on a top I drug home from the meeting with me---it is not square but then it is a made from a bunch of BOM blocks and several different piecers. I definitely don't feel like starting that applique round robin stuff either though deep down I know I should have some discipline and DO it. Nope, I want to do something "fun". My Over The Edge replacement panel came in so I believe I'll satisfy my inner child a bit and go color. I will have to let things dry a bit before adding more colors next to each other--learned my lesson from my first attempt! See Cher's January 15th posting on Marathon Quilter for her finished version.

And then, thanks to Finn's friendship stars pieced into a scrappy nine patch quilt I believe that I will drag my old friendship star swap blocks out and my newly re-sized EQ file for cutting directions on work on this project as seen. I've got 24- 6 inch blocks to make bigger and into something just for me. The blocks are from a swap with WTIL list members, I am thinking clear back in 99 or 00? Lots of purples--though a few other fav colors are in there too--red, yellow and green so the pieced in ones will need to be other colors.

The cutting dimensions are fresh on my mind from scaling this down from the original nine inch blocks I had drawn up before. AND I found another pile of muslin cut-aways when I was digging in the closet to retrieve that bin in the way back. I thought I used those all up making bowties.

Call this stashbusting a bit at a time. I'm pulling out some of those strips I cut earlier this year and some special fabrics that have not found a home yet for this.

Happy Easter everyone and hope you all have a wonderful weekend-------


  1. What a hoot! They totally look like "Peeps"...LOL Thanks for sharing!Have a wonderful Easter!

  2. I think I have to come to USA for the famous Peeps once - I have heard so much about them ;-) Your 30 collection look very cheerful and spring-y. I am looking forward to see what you will make with them - flowers maybe ?

  3. Hi again :-) I guess our paths crossed and I commented on the Peeps only. I like the friendship layout you have made. Maybe an idea for more stash recusing around here ? Hmmm - maybe blue background and yellow stars, or maybe yellow background and red stars. To many ideas whirling around .... ;-)A sewing week without family and other obligations around would have been nice ?

  4. Hello again..must be the two comment day...LOL...I love the way you worked out for the friendship stars.
    They aren't necessarily my favorite star, but sure are fun and fast to make in almost any size! I do tend to like 6" the best, but have made them scappy as big as 12"...which look clunky but you really see the kids fabrics that way.

    Have a fun, fun day..you deserve it!!

  5. I would have loved to been able to see that parade for myself. Oh my goodness, I do declare I shoulda been a southern belle!

  6. I like that your stars are going in nice staggered diagonal rows too, just like the marching southern belle peeps in the top picture... :)

    I'd be tempted to have one blank block... and a little friendship star trying to get to his place in the row... lol

  7. Your star quilt will be great! I've assembled a couple of those for group comfort quilts - it's difficult to find a layout to accommodate the blocks made from so many. This one is dynamite!

    I'm a true Southern gal because I knew immediately what I was looking at when I saw your parade picture! But got a huge laugh when I realized they DO look like Peeps! ROFLOL

  8. Thanks for the drawing of the friendship stars... I can now "see" how that is done!


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