Apr 3, 2006

Prairie Stroll

Here is the picture I should have sent with the last post. Quilt is called Prairie Stroll--pattern source Sept/Oct 01 Quiltmaker magazine. This was one that we cut up from Mom's stash while on a "busman's holiday" Good choice for a 5 color quilt, I think, with a strong graphic element. I don't know about it working if you used entirely scrappy but planned scrappy works for me. I put a flange of pink in between it and the outside border-- just to add some separation of color. I know the LA machine quilters hate it but on home machine, no biggie.

My club banking matter is finally straightened out as of this morning and I still had time to my grocery store errands almost taken care of. Lunch has been consumed, turkey breast in the crockpot for supper but I have one other stop to make before I can say I am officially finished running errands. I believe I will concentrate on finishing up some binding once I get home so the quilt will be done for the demo on Thursday.

I'm off to Winn Dixie---


  1. I love the design of this quilt. Very striking.

    I hope you have all your errands done and that you're having fun quilting.


  2. Hey, bonus time for Finn..*VBS* It pays to stop back later in the day...a new quilt to look at and another post!!! Lucky me!!!! What a great quilt. I love the simplicity of it. Might just have to pick your brain about that one. Looks like it would work well with some larger yardage pieces.

    And the Wynn-Dixie reference..LOL..I just watched the movie last night, Because of Wynn-Dixie, and loved it!! I know that they are really a grocery chain, but we don't have them up here of course..*VBS* Funny how different markets are just regional.

  3. I like that quilt too! I have a niece that would love the pink and purple combination.

    I also noticed you changed the background of your kittens in a basket at the top of the page. :) Looks nice!

    If you want to see more EQ5 web graphics I've made, look on my guild's website I do for them: www.ucquilts.com I've made quilt blocks for all the buttons... :)

  4. like the quilt pattern too Linda-and you know what? I liked the same movie Finn mentioned too! It is surely a small world. I think you did great doing as much as you did! You always need to allow for "life" to happen :-)

  5. I immediately zoomed over to find out your location when I saw Wynn-Dixie. I got the strangest look when I moved out here because I asked a neighbor where the nearest Wynn-Dixie was.

    Your quilt is lovely!!!

  6. Care to share the turkey in a crock pot recipe... (I need to use my crock pot!)


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