Apr 22, 2006

Shopping and time with a friend

More 30's repros--as if I needed them! You would not think that taking a quilt up to the long arm quilter would lead to buying fabric but it did. Eva has has about 400 bolts in her little shop. Enough to find something that I wanted to go home with me. Plus it was only 3.59/yard!

I picked up Betsy who lives about 12 miles from me putting a few extra miles on the car on our trek. It was good to have the company as I was not quite sure where I was going and good to be out of the house. We stopped for a sandwich before returning home and let the husbands fend for themselves. It was raining when we left but turned into an absolutely gorgeous day. Everything is so lush and green right now!

The pattern is by Debbie Maddy from Calico Carriage. I own her "Shining Star" pattern already but have always been intrigued by the Carpenter Star. If there is no diamonds and y-seams involved than that is just fine with me!

No sewing yet today as I was doing some web design studying/exercises again before I left this morning. The only part I still need to prep are 20 leaves and baste down the design elements. The design is finally firmed up in my mind with some online consultation with Pam and Cher. I have come to the conclusion that I work much better with a pattern I can change than designing my own from the "ground up". One of these decades I intend to be actually stitching, LOL. After supper, I'll get back with the program.

The other conclusion I came to was that I need to put all my applique "toys" in one spot instead of having it scattered in various areas. The press bars and flexible curve are one spot, the circle drawer thing another, the templar who knows where, the fusible interfacing a 3rd place, etc etc. No wonder I can't get anything done for searching! I ran by Wally World on the way home and got a storage container for all that stuff.

Time to go scare up something for supper-----


  1. I've seen that quilt made up and it's very pretty. Be sure to show us yours when it's done please.

    Judy L.

  2. The new fabrics are soooo pretty, very springy looking...*VBS* I like them!!

    And that does look like an interesting pattern. I really like star patterns...so many possibilities. High 5's for a fun outing, a friend, a sandwich and springtime..*VBS* Hugs, Finn

  3. A lady at a retreat recently made that pattern up in nothing flat! It was gorgeous! Can't wait to see yours!

  4. Some nice fabrics - smart longarmer, I mean really, if someone is bringing your quilt tops - chances are very good that they love fabrics, right?

    I really like the idea of a Carpenter's Wheel with no set in seams/Y-seams - I usually avoid those! I am looking forward to seeing your version.



  5. What pretty fabrics. And I'm so hooked on stars.

    I'm off to catch up on everything I've missed the last week or so.



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