Apr 3, 2006

goal setting

Some of you have posted about whether you felt your expectations for the preceeding month. It is good to set daily goals for the short range and monthly or weekly, for the longer range.

I guess this will be my "reckoning". I knew that I had too much down in my March goal session about half way through the month as I am notorious about underjudging how long something will take to accomplish. I revised my notes in the template accordingly on Saturday as I was supposed to be working on binding on the little bowtie quilt. Some stuff moves onto April and others, to May--see if that is more realistic.

DJ and I will be gone to IL for a few days when my niece/godchild graduates from the college of nursing at Illinois State University. I'll be there for Mother's Day as well before he whisks me back to Alabama. My point is, I will have 5 days of no quilting unless Mom and I find some projects to get into while I am gone. I have referred to my vacations as busman's holidays as we usually do something Wrap 'Em related. (one year it was Prairie Stroll kits--combining the 4 or 5 fabric combos for cutting almost made us late for church, LOL). I'll track down a pic of one later.

I don't think I will feel bad about not getting the 2nd top quilted by 4/1. Yeah, I would have liked to have had it done but other responsibilities intervened. It won't get started till later today--so what? What I did get done yesterday: the heart quilt is done except for printing its special memory label. I got a little binding done on the 3D bowtie. I had a good chat with my mom on the phone and online, thanks to IM, my good friends. My husband got his hair cut on the day he asked me to do it. We went out for a sandwich and had a good visit across the table without the distractions at home.

What I did get done in the quilting department last month: 4 tops pieced, 5 tops quilted and 2 bound. That ain't too shabby in my book. I will shift my focus to some work for pay this month at least for a couple of weeks but I will have done my part towards the quilt push for the Girl's Home. The sew-in is scheduled for later in the month and I have things lined up for that to work on if I don't get back to wrap 'em's before then.

For now, I better get dressed and out of here PDQ--supposed to meet the prez at the bank to straighten out some banking matters for the home extension club about 20 mins away from here.

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  1. Love the post LInda, very timely, I think. And you get sooooo much done..my gosh girl!! Lighten up on yourself...! Isn't it time for one of your own?? I see changes in all the areas of you stats EXCEPT personal projects...How about something for you???

    I'm gonna miss ya when you're gone, but a visit with your mom?? sounds wonderful to me...*VBS* Hugs, Finn


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