Dec 18, 2011

back to sewing

Skyler has made himself quite comfortable on the newest quilt.  I cannot get him off of it long enough to make the bed, as you can see.   I wanted to be sure it was completely dry before I put it up in the armoire or hung it on the quilt rack so slept under it last night.  I want the darker Scrappy Bargello on the bed though for the winter months.  Surely he will get up at some point, LOL.  I would say it certainly passed the kitty "tested and approved" criteria!

I am giving my fingers a break from tons of binding and finger cracks to sew.  Oh, I could quilt up my Thanksgiving turkey button up but not when I am in a Christmas frame of mind!  The expansion project of the Christmas Patience Corner, it is then.  I thought I was done with this LAST year about this time.  You can see it HERE in this post.  I know that picture makes it look like it has a dark green border but that is the aforementioned bargello quilt underneath the top.  I like the looks of it but I have elected to go borderless.    Here are some of the leftover charm squares and two packets I got recently from Connecting Threads to add a little variety to the mix.  The stripe you see cut on the bias will be the binding so some of those bright greens and such will work with this perfectly!

I've got three of the 14 blocks I need completed as I am making the top 7 x 8 blocks set for a finish around 84 x 96.   I have to be mindful not only of the colors on the right side and bottom of the quilt (when I get there, LOL) but how the seams are pressed as well.

Really Patience Corner is an easy block and a fun way to use focus fabrics or charm packs but you DO need to be watchful about where you put the sashing bits, esp if you have a directional print.  I totally messed up the 4th quadrant of the 3rd block in the column, where you see the white trees on the green background.  We made a bunch of these at Bama Belles one year.  The mantra was a" laying down figure of 8" should be the result.  If not, get out the ripper.

And sew it goes-----this won't be a long term project.   I am considering what I will work on to follow it up this week.  I have sort of promised myself that I would get those 6 donation quilts in the closet quilted up and outta here.   I do not want to start the New Year behind already!

It can be so nuts this time of year so I hope you have found some time to savor the moment.  If you aren't enjoying all you "hafta" do, then you have to wonder if it is worth the time and effort.

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