Dec 5, 2011

Holiday preparation

 Just taking a little breather here-------

I know DJ will say that is it too early to put up the tree but I had set aside today to finish up MY part of the decorating.  He is wearing a Holter monitor today---he feels fine but the cardiologist wanted a followup for comparison purposes along with an echocardiogram.   I can drag the tree down to spare him a trip up and down the ladder as well as haul the decorations in.    I've already drug in most of it already so what's a couple more?

There is a little method to my madness.  By the time he gets in the mood to put the tree up (mid month) he has a hard time convincing me to actually decorate it as I am no longer "in the mood".  I've done my part, now you do yours!  So if the tree is up when I am ready to decorate, he might get some help.  LOL

Normally Ms. Mousie and a stuffed bear (that has antlers, LOL) go UNDER the tree since there aren't presents under it.  Of course, Skyler wasted no time in going after her!  I had left this sitting by the fireplace.  He drug it clear across the room by her braided tail.  Since I have been writing this, he drug it back to the middle of the living room.  The heck with puff balls and catnip mice!  It will become a nightly thing to see where it will end up the next morning.  Somehow I think Joy would get a kick out of that since she made it for me.

This is as far as I got with the Christmas Star block.  Foundation piecing is done but the sections need joined.  I just found out that they are having a decorated kitchen towel exchange/game but not the particulars.  Not sure that will fit in with the week's plans but will see.  I have an idea---or two.

So looks like I have sit down work to get back to after the decorations are up.  

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