Dec 27, 2011

Lois has been busy!

Today was sort of a bonus day meeting for my quilt group. Normally we put the meetings on hold till we get past the holiday season, meaning that we meet the 2nd Tuesday of November and lay off for two months starting again in January. Oh, we meet to have the Christmas party in early December but it is not quite the same thing. Lois had some quilts to pin and wondered if anyone might be available to help and asked if we could meet on our normal 4th Tuesday. I've got the key so as long as I can be there, come on ahead.

I took my camera but should have checked the battery life before I packed it. DJ STILL had to hold quilts up once I got home, LOL. You will be able to tell what a busy girl Lois has been in 2011 as all the quilts I am going to show you are hers! Plus we pinned 5 more of her tops and re-pinned one that had been pinned a little cockeyed that I had started last week. Luckily Jane came along to help us and we whizzed thru the job in plenty of time to go out to lunch on our way back home.   She also took the 3 I had quilted to do the hand finishing.  THX!!!  Janet also stopped by for a bit but declined the lunch invite.

I am not entirely sure of some of the names/patterns on these quilts.  I'll just label them the same thing I did on the quilt document that will go to Wrap Them In Love headquarters along with pictures to be included on the gallery pages.  Ellen allows us to donate our quilts locally if we chose and we do so under their umbrella.
ED NOTE:  Lois called me last night with the proper names of two of these.  I'll edit the captions accordingly

Hovering Hawks

Vestibule or Evening Star

                                                 Chiclets or sometimes called Split Nine Patch

4 patch X---Bonnie Hunter pattern in Quiltmaker magazine

Same as above---but with darker sashing

Nine patch on point with red corner flippies.  Proper name was "Prince Charming"

Unless I messed this up again--this is "Tossed Nine Patch".  This used charmed squares and I think might be the name of the Eleanor Burns method pattern.

Faux Log Cabin 1.  The more I look at this though I think she used a more quarter or half log cabin block.  Faux Log Cabin is normally pieced with all the pieces running vertically.  This has lights that run horizontally.  It ends up looking the same perhaps but the piecing is different.

Disappearing Nine Patch.  I love what she did with the sashing bits!

Faux Log Cabin 2---Lois said there was less delineation between darks and mediums on this one.

And lastly, what it looks like in my bedroom.  If  I have counted correctly there are 31 quilts for me to deliver to a local concern----and soon!  I know that there is one more out there that is only out for label application.  Once I get that one picked up, I will take them.  (Ignore the floor--someone needs to vacuum, LOL)

And sew it goes.  I need to cut some binding before I get back to the remaining 3 in MY stack.   Next thing I know it will be time to fix dinner.  This day is going fast!

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