Done, done, done

Actually the quilt is in the washer right now to get the blue marks out of the border but it does not look a whole lot different that this picture.   If you are seeing pins, then that is why, LOL.

This is a BOM started in Pell City in 05, blocks added to and completed in June 2006.   The source:  Eleanor Burns Pioneer Sampler but I added 18 other blocks in the public domain, etc.   I machine quilted a good bit of it several years back and stalled out with 5 to go.  

Then I made the commitment to get this done this year back in November----and I did with about two weeks to go.  My husband may not be excited for me or proud of my efforts but I am!  

I'll get some other shots so you can see the border cables at least.   Now to move it from the UFO tab to the 2011 finish tab.  


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