Dec 7, 2011

WIP Weds

I could have subtitled this post as "cuttin' and kittin'" but that just sounds like some annoyingly pretentious movie title, LOL.   Still, the action is true that last two days.

I have prepared the "Give Thanks" Button Up #20 for myself but the kit below is birthday giftie for my FAB pal Norma's pushed back bday party.  She knows I am making her a button up so that part is okay.  She does not know which one since I gave her a choice.  I made a decision about the binding and cut it out this morning.

And while I have the ruler and rotary cutter at the ready, I am also going to cut this Michael Miller Christmas yardage into bias binding for "soon to be expanded" Christmas Patience Corner.  I cut a few nickels out of the leftovers to include in the extra blocks too.  I have "Tiny Snowflakes in Green Tea backing" and a couple of 5 inch charms from the Winter Fun collection coming from Connecting Threads.  LOL, I am pre-spending my Christmas check from DJ in effect.

Get this ---he thought that the marked down 2.36/yd was too expensive!  The man is clueless.  My mistake was opening the door to this conversation because I told him I needed 10 yards of fabric for the quilt back and was thrilled with my "find".   I enlightened him with the fact that that good, quilt shop quality fabrics were selling for 10-12 bucks a yard these days for comparison, like it could have been a lot worse.  Fortunately I found something I liked for far less.    His response was to ask how they can sell those quilts in the catalogs for 25 bucks if that were the case?  I saw "red" on that ill advised remark.   I do not make things that look like some factory worker getting paid peanuts churned out.  It still upsets me that he thinks so little of what I personally do.  It does such a disservice to other true quilters out there that are producing some amazing things, works of art really.  I repeat, clueless!

Well, before I get upset with him all over again (might be too late, LOL) I better move onto another subject. He got the tree put up yesterday and the lights on it.  I was too busy cutting to do the rest of the deal.  Of course, Skyler was not making things any easier.  He was trying to eat those plastic-y needles off the couch and carpet.  Between scolding him and trying to remember just where the branches went, it took some time. I eventually had to remove the ornery little kitty boy from the action.  So far he is leaving the tree itself alone contenting himself to dragging Ms. Mousie all around the living room.   He won't drag it when I am watching him but DJ has caught his antics.

Today's goals and not necessarily in this order----

  • decorate the tree so that box doesn't become part of the landscape in the living room
  • finish sewing that Christmas Star---yep, still not done and up on the design wall followed by a much needed sewing room vacuuming.  I see a path to the bathroom and bedroom like a trail of bread crumbs so that's a sign
  • start sewing on the Top Secret Project (TSP)
  • and, get dressed at some point!!!
And sew it goes at  my house.  Hope you are having a wonderful day.

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