Dec 19, 2011

expansion complete

Expansion blocks, bottom row and side right, all finished up.  Top measures 84 x 96 so should fit my bed fairly well.

I took the picture on DJ's bed so you could see the entire quilt from a slightly different angle than the Dec 2010 "finish".  Had to laugh when I went to put the quilt on the bed though.  Skyler was hiding UNDER the quilt.   I didn't know that till I was removing the pillows from the bed and he started meowing at me.  I waited till he moved to take the pictures but of course, he had to test out the top.

I plan on prepping the backing after supper.  The binding is already cut so I can sew it as well.  Hurray for another "finish!

ED NOTE:  12-20 well, that backing prep didn't quite happen.  Something about laundering, prepping and ironing 9 yards of fabric just  takes all the ambition right out of you.  Guess what is tops on today's goal list, LOL?

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