Dec 26, 2011

Monday check in

No picture this time out.  Nothing much has changed on my design wall other than I added a block that Aline made me for Christmas----it may end up in the adapted Oxmoor House quilt though.  I already took my quilt bag with camera in it out to the car (so I don't forget it----again!!!)   for tomorrow's meeting.

I took the weekend off from anything in the creative department.   I had some cooking to do to get ready for Christmas dinner so that took quilting's place.  DJ and I did our gift exchange on Saturday evening as is our tradition and then watched "It's a Wonderful Life".  Last night we watched the DVD I  had gotten him of the 2011 World Series.  Still gives me goosebumps when I think back over that last 6 weeks of the Cardinals season!

Today it is back down to earth----grocery errands, laundry and such.  DJ tried to run a few errands of his own but found out the lab was closed for his standing monthly blood test as is the bank and post office.  The library WAS open though, LOL.  No wonder we get messed up about what day it is when all weekend seemed like Sunday.

We just took down the Christmas tree though.  Poor DJ was getting tired of scolding Skyler on a nightly basis to leave the branches, needles, ornaments alone.  Even if he shut the lights off, Skyler would persist.  That's okay.  We put it up a lot sooner than he would have liked anyway.  I'll wait a few more days to switch over to the winter/snowman theme.

I did get two of Linda C's donation quilts done last week---not the one that will need to be re-pinned but two others.  I am going to set up to start on a 3rd and see how far I get.   With any luck I can turn it over to one of the gals to do the binding detail.  I have two more in the stack to go and mostly likely, will add the one that just needs zoom lines after we meet tomorrow.  I had hoped to have these ALL gone by now so I could sew something fun but looks like it will have to wait.    I will definitely be ready for a reward project once this pile is done.  My friend Norma is off this week so it would not take her too much to convince me to follow her down some quilting or piecing path, LOL.  I'm game if she is!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas-------

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  1. That sounds like a challenge....following me down some quilting or piecing path....LOL. I will have to see what I can come up with to keep us busy and out of trouble. LOL Here's to a week of quilting together!


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