Dec 29, 2011

Thursday check in

 I am happy to report that I finished up the last of the 6 donation quilts today.    When I snapped the picture I was working on the diagonal grid I had marked through the string blocks on a top that Aline had pieced.  Now it is completed with binding and label attached.  Woohoo!

To celebrate I am headed over to Trussville tomorrow for a day out with a few of the girls.  I think we are going to the Chocolate Biscuit for lunch at the tea room .  The main reason for the trip is going to Heart to Heart Quilt Shop as they are having an anniversary sale.

Here is Skyler keeping me company in his perch this afternoon.  At least he was not hoping up on the sewing table and just staring at me like he was this morning.  Uh, a little hard to quilt that way but perhaps that was his point,  LOL.

My plan for this evening is to see where I have some holes in my stash for the upcoming "Popsicle Sticks" for Norma's bday par-tay.  Even with a Jelly Roll with 40 strips I will need about 3 times that for get it to full/queen.  I don't want a lot of yardage but a few fats might help.  See what is on sale tomorrow.

I still have "Give Thanks" Button Up  (last seen HERE)  to quilt but it will wait till the weekend.  Then I am going to sew to my hearts content.   I intend to get going on my adapted Oxmoor House Christmas quilt so that is probably what I will work on in coming weeks.  ( EQ Sketch of it) at the link.  I am already tired of having to move the holiday fabric tote around but said I would not put it back till the blocks were done, after all.  Hold me to it!

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  1. What wonderful work! Love to see Skyler, always...


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