Dec 9, 2011

sewing and more sewing

 I've been sewing like crazy the last two days---and loving it.

One I cannot show you but this one I can.    BU #20 Give Thanks.  I got it to the point where I need to do the button hole  applique.  I prepped the binding and tabs before I called it quits.

Tomorrow is the Friendship Quilters Christmas luncheon.  Show and tell, installation of officers (I'm the incoming secretary) and other program year wrap up things.  I'm guessing that I will just take the day off or do some hand work tomorrow.

I snapped this picture of Skyler this afternoon.  AWWWWW isn't he the cutest little thing?   I almost didn't see him hidden under DJ's throw.  He loves to burrow under anything cloth or fabric.  Sometimes  if you cannot find him he is hiding under the quilt on DJ's bed.

Nothing much else going on here today seeing as I was kind of "chained" to the machine.  Hope you have had a good day---------

1 comment:

  1. Our Miss Puss slips under the covers on our bed. It's so funny to see the bed made and this bump in the middle of it. It makes me laugh every time.


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