Dec 16, 2011

Binding----and quilt pics

Since my last post, I quilted up the FAB bday present and yesterday, completed the binding. Of course, I cannot show you it yet. SHHHHHH TSP.  My Thanksgiving button up, while pinned and ready, will wait till the next quilting binge.  You have to strike when the mood to bind hits, as it is rare, LOL.

Today, I am all set up to work on binding my large bed sized "Pioneer Sampler Plus". The forward table is ahead of the sewing table but pointed a different direction in the room so I can spread out the weight of the quilt. Of course, this is just all too tempting to Skyler. At the time he was looking for an opening either UNDER the quilt or the softest spot on TOP of it.   Or he may have spotted a loose string to go chew on.  I'm guessing the hiding spot though.  I have yet to put the first stitch in it but I'm ready.

I also promised you quilt pictures from the Belles Party the other day.   I went off without my camera so Quilt Holder had to do the honors so I'm afraid you will spot the Christmas tree, the coffee table and probably Skyler in addition to the normal hands and feet.  Here goes!

Aline's " Cow Jumped over the Moon" panel

Lois' Stack and Whack Fan.  Made from the cutest turtle fabric.  She quilted in some shellfish at the bottom.

 Lois Butterfly quilt---she embroidered the most gorgeous butterflies over mylar so it glitters.

Lois Fire Escape--Terry Atkinson pattern

Lois Pineapple Blossom---Belles Scrappy Challenge

My Habitat Leftovers BQ2--THX Jane for binding it

Shawnee tied this and Nancy bound it---double knit top  (big and heavy!)
And there they are----waiting on a few numbers to assign to them for bookkeeping purposes.  With the stack Lois has at her house I should have close to 30 to deliver to an organization here in Calhoun County.

Onwards and upwards working on a long awaited finish-------

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