Jun 27, 2013

a little quilting

I got a little quilting done on this Mock Trip Around the World pro bono quilt yesterday. Top. was completed 11-27-12 and shown HERE. Year is half over and I still need to turn one in for credit at Friendship Quilters.  Before I got deep into the HO HO HO hope I thought it best to quilt one or two first and then hit the dedicated sewing as August 2nd will be here before I know it!

This morning I spread it out on the cutting/pressing table to see just how many zig zaggy, in the ditch lines I have to go.  It took Skyler less that a minute to see what I was doing and hop up there to rest on the quilt---on the pin side, no less!   Obviously giving it his kitty stamp of approval, in spite of the impediments to comfort.

I must say, the wastebasket does not normally sit atop the table.  The box fan has been to augment the cross ventilation and augment the a/c. When I am set up to quilt in here, there is very little room to get around the table and forward table.  The large blue tote of Christmas fabric, with HO HO HO stuff atop it that you see to the extreme right is scooted over from has become its usual spot to where the wastebasket sits.  A quilter does what a quilter must do to get the job done, right?

I will get this finished some time today but am going to the Ashville Quilt Shop with the quilting pals in about an hour.  I had hoped that the binding was already seamed but alas, it still needs stitching and pressing.  I could get started on the 2nd quilt I pulled and binding them both at the same time, I guess.  We'll see. 

And sew it goes----------

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