Jun 18, 2013

Final Day Tammy Bag Blog Hop---EDITED with S.H. bag notes

Today's blog hop participants---last day of the cute Tammy bags.  Meanwhile I am working on a different bag and accessories.  I'll post more on that later, today or tomorrow, as I have some links to share and some more insight into my project, thank to my co-pilot Norma.  Think of it as an adjunct to yesterday's post, LOL.  Round 2.  Hey you might as well learn from my mistakes, right?

June 18th (Tuesday)
Our fearless leader,  Mdm Samm

 Thursday June 20th    updating to reduce a following picture heavy post

Here are some pictures of how things stand with the bag early Tuesday morning---before the re-do of the exterior of the Scrap Happier bag.   As my friend, the Left Handed Quilter commented to me, she just knew I would not leave it like it was.  She was right!

This is the lining of the bag using the pocket as indicated in the pattern.  Only they told you to cut it from the exterior fabric NOT the contrasting lining.  That confused me a bit----was there supposed to be an exterior pocket all long?   It needs one!~  OR I was supposed to use the contrasting fabric to make this interior fabric.  The grouping on the cutting instructions did not make it clear, at least not to me.  Snap hook added to corral my keys--my idea.

 Next step I did was to add a zipper pocket.  I said in my last post that I was considering it and the instructions from my Carol's Convertible Tote worked perfectly for this.  That one has both an interior pocket, shorter one and an exterior one.   One of the pictures down below will show what this looks like from the back side.   The messed up exterior gave me an idea of just how much room I had to spare in squaring up the bag bottom.  I knew it would work with about an inch or two to spare.

 And as I said, this is what it should sort of look like but I fixed the snafu with the directional print.  I would go on to deal with the casing and measuring tape later in the day. 

Okay, you can see the pocket deal leaning up against the wall.  I was supposed to cut this all in one long piece and just fold it up.  That was fine but I had a directional print.  I split the yardage and added a quarter inch to each half and seamed it to get back to the length as instructed in the pattern. Since I was re-doing it and could, I also added an exterior pocket. No, not the one I initially cut and didn't use.  Instead I fussy cut it, matching up where I wanted it to land with the fabric that plaid and cat figures.  I am not sure how well the pictures shows it though seeing as I sort of camouflaged it, LOL.

 I also had to take apart the metal carpenters tape measure. to get at the tape.  DJ was scared that I would cut myself, put my eye out or be otherwise injured when this unrolled itself.  Stand back as when it starts to unroll, it does go flying.  My friend Pat said her friend uses metal aluminum blind slats so those might be less dangerous.  My co-pilot Norma were chatting about this on Monday evening and being the helpful, supportive friend that she is found a link about this.  I could not figure out what you held on to if the tape was still rolled in the container.  http://justanotherhangup.blogspot.ca/2012/01/snappy-bag-tutorial.html     It stays on the reel but you ditch the case!   DUH. 

Pretty cute ruffled clutch bag that I might try a little later, in that post??

The pattern said to cut 4 pieces of measuring table and the length varied if you were making the purse or the larger tote.  Okay, I got that but then proceeded to confuse me by saying you might only one or two and the wider expanses would need more.  Why would I cut 4 if possibly another number was right???  

 Of course, on my first attempt with two layers it would not work.  MOSTLY BECAUSE THE NUMBERS WERE SUPPOSED TO FACE THE INTERIOR OF THE BAG-----OOOPS!   This picture is WRONG----If I could draw a big 'ol red circle with a line on it, I would.   It would have worked if I turned the tape OVER.

Below is the RIGHT WAY 

However, I think it would have been a whole lot easier to have just planned for a opening in the side seam of the casing than try to un-sew it after the fact.  I am far sighted now and I can't see as well to rip those small stitches out plus I had zig zagged the seam to reinforce it.  UGH.   I am not crazy about how they had us to the cuff thing in the first place.  The stitching on the interior did not line up as well I would have liked and rambles all over the interior  I would re-think that!

Another helpful link that Norma found was this one http://sewforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=128919   If you scroll down a bit from there she has prepared her notes in a downloadable pdf file.  It fleshed out what the pattern was NOT telling me, or more specifically.

Another helpful link that Norma found was this one http://sewforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=128919   If you scroll down a bit from there she has prepared her notes in a downloadable pdf file.  It fleshed out what the pattern was NOT telling me, or more specifically.

BUT Boy Howdy, does this thing snap now!  You better grab what you need in there quick as it will start closing up on you.   Maybe once it is loaded it won't be quite so peppy???

Next notes will be mainly about the accessories I made to do with this bag and the glamour shots.  Stay tuned!


  1. just checking in to catch up! have a great day

  2. Love your line - "Hey you might as well learn from my mistakes, right?" Haha - that's what most blogs are about - especially mine - ;))


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