Jun 28, 2013

Friday check-in

The quilting on the MOCK TRIP AROUND THE WORLD I showed Skyler laying on yesterday has been finished.  I topped off the evening my making and then sewing on the binding.  Hand finishing remains.  I had thought about trying to do it on the machine with the help of my new best friend for quilting, Mr. Glue Stick but I really do not have the right shade thread to match it.

Just three of us made the trip over to Ashville House Quilt Shop yesterday.  The weather forecast sounded as though it would be more problematic on Friday (today) so Jane asked if we could move it up.  That meant that a few of the gals could not make it---doctor's appointments, sick grandchild, etc.

The roads we take to get over there are all two lane and parts are fairly hilly, winding and climbing up and then coasting back down.  Not something you would want necessarily be traveling on. It was sprinkling just a bit but looked more north of where we were heading.  I offered to drive since it is, more than likely, my turn to do so. 

  Pat the owner said it was probably a good thing we had come on Thursday instead of the day prior as it was really hectic.  Beverly, Jane and I were the first to arrive.  It wasn't long before we had 3 pals from the Jacksonville Piecemaker's group come in. Then two friends from the Friendship Quilters walked in---not surprising really since Ashville is just north of there 20 some miles.  Not long after that another friend from Oxford walked in with another woman, I assume a fellow quilter. It was a bit like old home week, probably because of the 30% off sale.

I was looking for a neutral from my HO HO HO project a hair darker than what I will use in the blocks.  Actually I found one and the shop owner pointed out the one on the end which actually should work better than my secondary choice.  The two charm packs, the gorgeous black print and the tone on tone right next to it are all Kathy Schmitz "Round Robin" (Moda)    Go to Moda Fabrics, Round Robin and click on the green scissors to see the pdf file for the line.  No I don't know what I might do with it but I love the fabric and the folk arty feel of it.  Carol of Just Let Me Quilt had a cute Tammy bag done up using this which you can find HERE.  There was only about a yard left of the dark so I will need to be creative with it, when I am ready to play with it.

I did have some pictures to show you from Bama Belles the other day------we kind of broke up the meeting early around lunch time with everyone scattering to the 4 corners.  Pretty laid back day.   So in no particular order.

This was the finished needle roll that I was helping Bev with that last meeting.  It has the Bev touches of embellishments and of course, she embroidered her name on the machine.  The zipper barely shows up in there!   I also showed her a few basic hand embroidery stitches to get her started on another project.

This was Lois' recently completed top.  I think she said that this is called Merry Go Round Nine Patch.  The snowball fabrics were some of the Debbie Mumm challenge fabrics that I just passed out two weeks ago.  She plans to trim off those pointy edges.   The girls were preparing to pin it.

This is a sweet quilt that Aline turned in.

 And this was her "Tons of Black" Challenge Stack and Whack Fans

This is Donna's Chevron quilt that she has been working on.  It MAY get another border though.  She let me get a picture of it anyway though

And sew it goes----all the unsewing is done on the project I took apart so I think I will swap out machines and get started back on HO HO HO item(s)  figuring I have a month to get this done!  I'll get back to quilting those 8 quilts other quilts once the deadline stuff is done (3 are mine, 5 others in the group or friends of the group)

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  1. That's quite a nice bunch of stuff that you got on your shopping trip. I think that I probably would have come home with the black - if I had found it first - haha. Thanks for the quilt show - now I have even MORE ideas for quilts that I want to make - ;))


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