Jun 2, 2013

Sunday Check-In--Monday and Tuesday "Say It With Flowers"

This weekend has been a bit of a mixed bag of tricks-----catching up on some paperwork for Bama Belles and other things that will need to get in the mail, come Monday.  Mostly I needed to finishing up my entries for the Tammy Bag hop coming up in about 10 days--- or at least my day is 10 days in, LOL.

I had left off Friday with just a quarter of the clasp to stitch to the body of the bag.  I finished that up and then today made a couple more little accessories to go with it.  My little bag is packed!  I still need to take some decent photos though.

I will not be participating in the"Put Your Stamp On It"  blog hop that is going on later in the month.  Fortunately they have elected to more or less, take July off.  Then in August "Ho Ho Ho Christmas in August" followed by Take 7 a hexie blog will happen.  I am going to try to get into the Christmas one for sure as I need a fire lit under me for some promised projects and the same thing with the hexies  It might be the only way I get something completed.

I am considering making a summer purse before I get down to quilting that stack of quilts that has waited ever so long.  I don't see how it could take a big time investment to make the Snap Happier purse (about 2/3rds of the way down).  I may need to track down some interfacing before I can get started but had gotten extra fusible fleece when I made the Tammy bag.  Norma has the same pattern and is kind of wanting me to be the test pilot, LOL.  You actually use a metal tape measure at the top to snap it closed and the handles then open it.  It calls for a 1 inch measure and all I can find cheaply is a 3/4 inch one---surely that will be okay??  I'm going to study the pattern  and see if I have enough yardage for what I would like to use. OR possibly contact the designers to see what adjustments might need to be made in order to make the smaller tape measure work. Adjust the cutting or adjust the casing seams??

Should I decide to give myself a kick in the rear end and start on the pile of quilts like I SHOULD, then this purse deal could be a reward project in mid way.  Possibly.  Can you tell there is not a full committment to a plan here?  LOL

And sew it goes-----the hands do not stay idle for long!

The "Say It With Flowers" blog hop continues this week on Monday and Tuesday.  I'll provide the remaining schedule below.

Monday, June 3rd

Tuesday, June 4th

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  1. Yup, you can be the test pilot! I see by that site that they have a lot of new purse/bag patterns using the same tape measure closure. If we get good at this.....who knows what purses we might end up making! LOL :)


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