Jun 10, 2013

Between meetings

 Look what followed me home from the Friendship Quilters meeting on Saturday.

We had the raffle table that we use to raise funds for the food at our sew-in dates.  Items are donated, often a mystery bag gets a lot of tickets as the girls stuff them full of all kinds of goodies.   I got a real nice sewing Kenmore slant-o-matic machine at one such drawing.  Another time, they had a donated accu-quilt cutter with a ton of dies.

I got this nice Stanley carrying case but I gave it to DJ once I got home.  I think he could use it more, maybe for his new cordless drill or some of the weed whacker equipment.  Maybe even ditch one or two of his older tool boxes from the utility shed floor.

The tool chest comes loose if you want it to plus the pop out drawer thing swivels in and out for small stuff.  The pull handle will flop down if you don't need it for wheeling.  Of course, DJ keeps asking me, are you sure you don't need it for your sewing stuff?  I am satisfied with my present arrangements so yes, I do without it.

I have a wheeled bag that is about half full of donated Debbie Mumm fabric that I plan to pass out tomorrow for our challenge fabric this year at Bama Belles.  I already know that it works well for sew-in dates and my Jem will even fit inside it with plenty of room for other things packed around it.

So what is going around here?  I DID get some decent pictures of the Tammy Bag yesterday at the park as I spoke about in my blog hop post.  An amusing anecdote to share when I post my stuff so I'll save that comment.  I've done a little embroider and a little knitting.  Listened/watched a lot of Cardinal baseball this weekend too.  Cooking, launder, grocery shopping and today a few errands.  No sewing though.  That probably won't happen till Wednesday as I am off to our local group meeting tomorrow, as I said.

Terri drove her new vehicle with Jane and I was passengers to guild on Saturday.  Terri loves garage sales so we had to stop at one in Lincoln on the way to Pell City.  We got to the meeting with only about 5 mins to spare.  I barely got my show and tell items hung, a few people hugged and items passed along to others.  Next thing I knew the president was calling us to order for show and tell which is done before the business meeting.  I'm the secretary and have to take notes regardless especially since the historian uses that information for labeling our photo galleries.  Business meeting was fairly short and sweet.  Dixye keeps us on a roll with her bell, LOL.  Shelia gave a program on drafting blocks followed by a short executive board meeting.  (30 mins, not bad.)  I had offered to drive myself over if the girls could not wait for me or had to get home sooner but they had both hit the magazine sale table and had things to look at while I was held up.  Terri had a shower to attend at 1 p.m. with about 15 minutes to spare so Jane and I ate a later lunch at the carpool site area.

The item Terri had picked up at the garage sale on the way over was one of those topsy turvy tomato things.  Turns out my nephew and his new bride had tried this last year and apparently the bags were toast by the end of summer.  Julia had shared pictures of their set up this year on facebook, using a series of big heavy hardware style buckets instead.   This is Blake's raised bed area but she had shown shots of about four areas with the hanging buckets.  When I asked about it she provided this link for the DIY version like theirs

Okay back to the garage sale----they had a bunch of those buckets, a bunch!  3 stacks of them.  Yeah, we stopped and got a couple way back.  I said I would send the link in email---which I just did since I found the link for the post.  LOL

DJ has been trying to fix my non functioning driver's side windshield washer mechanism.  The liner of the car hood has been sitting out the car port for almost a week now.  He ordered a part which took several days to come in and installed, was still dripping fluid.  He has tried tie wraps, pushing it in further with his channel locks and this morning he was back to the auto parts store once the rain quit.  He came home with a tube of sealant stuff but it was the new part they had ordered that was suspect.  I had to laugh as he had me come out and try spraying it again for the umpteenth time.  Driver side nothing and then passenger side nothing, right after he tweaked it.  He looked stunned like he had broken it or something.  I said I think we are just out of fluid!  How many times have I been testing this and the only time it gets filled is when it is at the garage.  Plus it has been leaking.  Oh yeah, you may be right, he says.  We had none.  He was bemoaning the fact that you have to buy this huge container and it will probably just sit in the shed.  Uh, 2/3rd of the jug went in the car!!!  It is going better but he did put the sealant on so we'll let that set up, not touch the spray nozzle till tomorrow afternoon.  With any luck the dripping will have stopped and then we can try to get that liner back in the car!

Other than squirting windshield washer fluid periodically I worked on a handout for my sewing/embroidery roll.  Several of the girls want to make their own version of it, minus the embroidery I did for the "Stitch me Up" blog shop.  LINK.  The only part that is copy righted material is the stitchery that Debby Martinez provided for the hop.  She does sell that design now in her etsy store  http://www.etsy.com/shop/Busyascanbe and she blogs at Busy As Can Be.  The rest is from a cosmetic bag, ziploc bags in the middle that I saw in a Fons and Porter book and a bag I already own.  If you want a copy, let me know.  Just know it is only for the bag itself, not the stitchery.  See Debby for that.

Well, I best get myself out to the kitchen and throw something together for supper.  We had our big meal at noon time---some good sweet corn and a smothered beef patty along with crudites.  Thinking it will be a simple sandwich or Refreshing Shrimp Salad for supper.  I'm not very hungry but DJ wants to get out and mow the rest of our acre after we eat, provided it has dried out enough from that inch of rain this morning.  The sun is beating down to beat the band this afternoon.  Just loading the car for quilt group tomorrow with that sun in the west was enough to make sure I got my vitamin D today in non-pill form.  Heat just rolling off the front door of the house too.

I have stuff to type up for guild so I think a chunk of my evening is spoken for.  Major Crimes is back tonight so I know I'll be parked in front of the TV and TNT for a bit!  Till next check in time then.


  1. Wow I am jealous...That is an awesome toolbox!

  2. That is quite the toolbox! DJ probably can't believe his good fortune, hence the questions about whether or not you can use it. LOL

    Hopefully, those topsy turvy buckets work for both Terri and your nephew. They sure look interesting. They sure beat staking up tomatoes.

    I am looking forward to what the Bama Belles make from that tote of challenge fabric!


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