Jun 15, 2013

Quilts and new projects

 I promised you pictures from our recent quilt meeting and I DO have them. This is what I cut out last night for a new summer purse.  Yeah, doesn't look like much now, does it.  It is destined to be a Scrap Happier small purse (scroll to the bottom) that will require me to cut up a metal carpenters power tape.  This is the pattern that Norma wanted me to try-----first!   When I was talking about this at group the other day, Pat said she has a friend who does something like this but uses old aluminum slat venetian blinds.  Sounds like that would work too!

I have to take the pressing board off the table to get at the cutting surface below it.  Obviously I did NOT press this and maybe should have.  I hate to iron in the first place and the room had finally cooled off that I was not wanting to stand over a steamy iron.  That's today with adhering interfacing and fusible fleece. Of course,  I should be sewing on something else entirely or even machine quilting but I am going to play this weekend. Then I can get busy on the" I SHOULD's" What's another day or two when it has waited this long!


We had a good meeting on Tuesday.  Several of the girls had their machines fired up.  Some were pinning , some doing hand work.  A couple were busy cutting.  Teresa for example was getting 9 yards of black tamed into manageable chunks as she is going to try a "Night and Day" quilt for one of her kids for Christmas.  It was easier to do at the church than at home.  I was walking Bev through the process of making her version of the needle roll and showing the others as we went.  Instead of the grosgrain ribbon I had suggested and some couldn't find they were making self ties which worked out just as well.  Valera was doing hand work but taking some photos as Bev went along to go with the words I had typed up.  Between us I guess we had a tutorial!  

My other "job" was to get some pictures taken for quilt documentation purposes.  Ellen the head of Wrap Them in Love uses the images on the gallery pages but lets us donate our quilts locally but I have to keep up the "which went where" and send her a disk.

When Jane and I got from a quick lunch run, Shawnee was at the meeting site to share her batik "Trash to Treasures" pineapple log cabin.  I am not sure if Gyleen X. Fitzgerald was at the Lick Skillet Guild for a program or they had someone else present the class using her source material but they did have a class/workshop on this.  Shawnee's daughter is getting married next month and this is her wedding quilt.

Lois had 12 quilts to turn in and in some cases you may think you are seeing double--- or triple even.  First two Pineapple Blossom.  (Quiltville pattern using squares flipped back to make the hst's---see her website.  The original pattern is Trudie Hughes if you make 2 more rounds and sew conventionally.  Flying Geese in the Cabin from More Template-Free Quiltmaking)

 The next three are "Road to Ireland" from M'liss Rae Hawley's Fat Quarter Quilts.  There is a similar block in Quilter's Cache called Mock Logs but which came first? who knows?  This started off life as a larger quilt.  Her mom saw it, liked the pattern and Lois made her one in her preferred colors.  The original became three donation quilts.  One without borders, two with different colored borders.  I probably should have taken pictures of the backs as she had a large flower shape quilted into one of them while another had embroidered blocks----a cool motif which alternated with Sunbonnet Sues.  I don't think it will show necessarily from the top or the re-sized pictures.

Snowballs and Scrappy Nine patches on this one

She couldn't tell me much about this one other than she had seen the pattern in a magazine.  I think I just called it "Snowball wanna-be's, double sashed"  on the document.  She said that the blue was curtain fabric someone had given her.

 Scrappy Twister

 This one is a GE Designs quilt and one of the more recent additions to the Strip quilt line----Strip Stacks.  Lois went scrappy instead of jelly roll though.  I should tell you too, that I got this one upside down when I hung it.   She worked hard to get those birds in the border flying in an upright position and then I didn't pay attention to where the label was when I hung it.  LOL.  My arms were tired from hanging these above my head and I have a sore left elbow area  (pulled muscle??)  for a week or so now.  I didn't bother to reverse it once the picture was taken.

 BQ 1  Maple Island Quilts

 I'll mess up the name on this one as I often do but I think it is 4 patch zig zag from Quilter's World.  I love the pink background!

This is a vestibule or evening star variation.  Probably called Scrappy 4 Patches and Stars or some such thing.  I did know the pattern source at one time.  Book or magazine, LOL. 

Bev had three quilts to turn in but I think she took them home with her to finish the labels and clip threads.  Next time. 

Hope you enjoyed the mini quilt show------now I am off to sew!


  1. Great quilt show!! Thanks for sharing - ;))

  2. Thanks for sharing all the quilts. I really enjoyed the show!


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