Jun 7, 2013

A little sewing anyway

I got my sailboat row done yesterday afternoon.  This is the June selection from "Seasons in a Row" that Friendship Quilters is using as it monthly quilt pattern.   Those that did not purchase the pattern pick something else that they like for the month.  (I swapped out a few previous rows and I DO own the pattern, LOL.)  I am done just in times as guild meets on Saturday (tomorrow).

Trying to get a picture of this length is always a challenge though------it is quite overcast and the chain link fence might work but the birds have been hopping (pooping?) all over the best light spot in the yard.  Besides that the grass is wet, I've got sandals on and the fire ants have been busy digging since the last rain.  Any more complaints, Linda?

On the pressing/cutting table?  Have to divide it in halves

On the bed?  Too busy against my summer quilt and again, halves.

Let's try the couch!  Naw, that won't work either with Mr. Nosy Nose

Then we have this conversation:
Me:  Here, DJ hold this up please!  
Him:  Wait till I get my shoes changed .  Oh, it's boats.  Which direction do you want it?  
Me:  Yep, boats for June.  Like they are floating but it is kind of long.  
Him:  Of course I am wearing my oldest yard clothes.  I'm going out to work in the yard.
Me:  I'll crop it.  (I caught him with his eyes closed anyway, LOL.  I take horrid pictures)

So what do I want to do today?  HMMM.  This has not been the most prolific of weeks but you know, I think that's okay.  Take a breath and recharge.   I had gotten procrastinated mending done on a couple hanging kitchen towels I had made, after the button fell off of one of them in the wash a few days ago.  I don't know how to make a buttonhole in crochet so we sort of poked it through the double crochet stitches which worked for a while. I could either take that old topper off and re-crochet the top OR mend the tears.  I mended the tears and started knitting a feather and fan dish cloth.  Hated it after about 8 rows and unraveled  it, going back to a hat I have in progress.  I put a few stitches in my Halloween embroidery row this week as well.

Around that time I had an odd conversation with DJ.  He saw me knitting and listening to an audio book on the computer (love camellia.net!) and  he asked if I was having problems with my eyes.  "Is that why you are working  on all that other stuff?"  I had done a ton of knitting when I had the cataract surgeries.  I guess he meant some of the blog hop things, I guess.  Some of it was quilted.  Huge stack is still on the armoire and he sees it all the time like I do.   I told him my eyes were fine but I do have other hobbies and yes, I will get back to quilting. I'll never give that up!  I guess he knew something was off if I were MENDING of all things.  Just a few days before, I had given him that line about quilters and buttons-----you know the one.  "Asking a quilter to sew on a button (hem, mend, I'll add)  is like asking Picasso to paint the garage" or the other one, just the flat out but I'll edit it to my version "quilters don't DO buttons-----unless it is part of the embellishment"

Anyway, I had thought about foundation piecing the May row of flowers to get caught up.  I have since ruled that out.  After testing out Bev's Clover kanzashi flower makers I have ordered a couple of the sizes/shapes that I liked the most.  My friend Pam has offered me a couple that she no longer wants.  The snowball part that forms the flower head in the Seasons in a Row pattern is about a 3 inch square.  I will applique the stems and leaves and use the flower makers instead.  Jane or Aline may want to use the papers I already drew up and printed off for that row if they are running behind like me.  I'll see them tomorrow when we car pool to guild.  

I am thrilled that I got word that I can indeed participate in the HO HO HO Christmas in August blog hop.  Signups were just announced yesterday morning.  Dates are July 31 to August 9.  I figure that this is just the impetus I need to work on two promised holiday items (2PHI) that naturally I cannot show or share till August.  Going to be pretty quiet on the blogging front once the "Tammy Bag Hop" is completed, LOL.  (I am participating)   Mdm. Samm is essentially declaring July a non-hopping month except for wrapping up "Put Your Stamp on It" ( I am not participating) and starting up the HO HO HO one.  

SO holiday items it is.  Who knows?  Maybe if I have enough time to play one of my ancient, long planned personal items will finally get tended to.  Two come to mind.  Wouldn't that be something!

DJ is now back in the house from weed whacking and is asking to see the Cardinal game highlights so I'll wrap this up.   Till next time-----------  


  1. I like all your boats! I made the same boats for a row by row exchange right before I moved from Texas. Think I made 6 sets of those little guys. :)

  2. I love your cat inspector :-) Great sail boats!

  3. I like your sailboats - and I like your "summer quilt", too - VERY cheery! Might just have to make me one of those - ;))

    Glad you can indeed participate in the "HO HO HO Christmas in August" blog hop - it really IS fun to work on Christmas stuff early - ;))

  4. Those sailboats are just too cute---living on the lake every Spring I think about making sailboats (haven't yet). On to the quilt on the bed---love love love that bowtie quilt. :)


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