Jun 20, 2013

Snap Happier and accessories

I spent a good part of Wednesday sewing accessories to go with my new Snap Happier purse.  Of course, I have pictures to share! Lots of them, LOL.   I thought was done last evening but by 8:30 this morning I had whipped up a Wonder Wallet, just in case something else I tried does not work out as I hope.  Before I put the fabric up, I thought "why not?"

The overview, glamour shot.  Left upper, Wonder Wallet.  Left lower, banking envelope rendered in cloth.  Center zip bag.  Right upper, Koin Keeper wallet from This & That.  Purse:  Snap Happier purse  (pattern also has a larger tote version)  At center, a zipped pouch that finished at about 6 inches square.   Would you believe me if I told you that I used up practically the all the cute Michael Miller "Michelle Meow" fabric?  Just scraps left.

I started off yesterday morning thinking zipped pouch.  After all, I had picked up two pink 7 inch zippers along with the longer tan one used to make an interior zipped pocket for the purse.  Might as well, right?   This way I could re-purpose the "wrong" bag exterior too.

I didn't have directions, flying by the seat of my pants.  However, something must have stuck with me from all those Atkinson Designs tagalong totes I have made or maybe it was how you do the zippers in a Lazy Girl Design purse.  Who knows?    Basically I knew what it should look like when it was done----the teeth of the zipper tape encased in the main fabric and lining.  I over cut the lining and the old bag bits were backed with fusible fleece. 

Trimmed down and ready to apply the backing.

 All finished!

Next, I was going to move on to a wallet of some sort, thinking the Koin Keeper and/or Wonder Wallet.  Then it came to me.  Bank envelope!  DJ always gives me cash for the groceries and in a bank envelope.  How about one in cloth??  Two layers of fabric right sides together.  Might work----do it like faced appliqued shapes?

Stitching around my template  er, bank envelope opened up

 Turned, loaded---one end has velcro and the other is partially fused with stitch witchery.  Coins go in that flap behind the currency.  My guess is that your bank uses roughly the same thing in your drive up area??

But I also added a little velcro bit to the folded edge so the same velcro loop would close the deal if it were folded.  My plan is to try it and see how it works for the grocery monies.

Then I moved on to pocket tissue holders.  This will sound gross but who has not been caught in a public restroom that has no toilet paper, someone stole it or there is inattentive staff.   Carrying this is a must!

I messed up the first attempt---tab too short, cats upside down, trimmed off too much, didn't need to double seam the side seams----well, take my word for it just wrong.  This was much better!  Hooray for Google for finding the inspiration for this one.  Love the trim and button idea.  Inspiration site:  http://mmmcrafts.blogspot.com/2008/06/make-kleenex-holder.html

After supper,  I moved on to the Koin Keeper wallet.  I have not made one of these before so it was slow going but I like the end result.  Three card pockets on the left though that top one is blending in with the background fabric.  There is a zipped pocket for coins on the right plus those sections were sort of free floating so it forms a pocket behind them.  I would NOT try to top stitch those edges though---rough sledding though I had switched to my older Singer as it handles more layers better.  (Brother gets pissy about just 4 layers sometimes).

All closed up

My only gripe would be that they tell you to stop and start at an inopportune spot.   It made getting the seam allowances tucked back in a little more difficult.  My new best friend, Mr. Glue Stick, to the rescue till I could seam it.  I used that thing a lot on all this recent sewing, that and the Frixion pen.  

Which brings up to this morning----Wonder Wallet and sewing before I even had breakfast!  I have made quite a few of these in the recent past, like ones to match each of my Tagalong totes and the Carol's convertible.  Still, it is like a review each time.  I interface all the pieces but trim cut the folded sections at least 1/4 inch all around using the folded pocket measurement.  The pattern says just the cover piece and even then optionally.  It gives the pockets a bit more body.  Pam got me started on that

Interior, it lays flat, trust me!

Folded up, exterior   (I had to seam the fabric to get this squeezed out.)

Pam also got me started with adding a bit of elastic to what will be come the top flap.  With as much wear as these things get Velcro would wear out though I could add a pretty button or a flower if I want!  I might, I might not, LOL.

So there you have it----I am done with this little endeavor and ready to move into my summery purse.  I think I will take the rest of the day off some sewing, clean out the machines before I get ready for the next project, put away any fusibles and fabrics.  Most importantly, vacuum up the floor in here!  I have picked up the biggest messes and thread nests already as I worked.   I have cat who will eat string in a heartbeat!  

Next up, my projects for HO HO HO blog hop.  Carol our head cheerleader gave us a tenative schedule and I'm up on August 2nd.  That will be here before you know it!   THX for stopping by!


  1. Ok, adorable btw le sac means a purse, bag tote....if they said une petite sac, it would mean a small bag...does that help..
    great looking accessories ...your fussy cuts are perfect

  2. GREAT stuff in spite of the crappy instructions - ;)) Now I'm trying to remember the last time I sewed a zipper - nope - can't remember - haha - ;))


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