Jun 24, 2013

this and that---"Put Your Stamp On It" Blog Hop

First off, there is another blog hop happening on Wednesday the 26th which will run till the following Wednesday, July 3rd.  I am not participating this round but here is the schedule for the gals that will be.

Well, I can't find the schedule as I am trying to write this up.  Thearica of pigtales and quilts is the cheerleader but she says on her blog that she has been out of town.  If she is back home by now, she apparently has not had a chance to post the schedule.  I'll edit this area when I get the list.   I am curious to see how the group has interpreted the theme as the stamp was supposed to be about "You".


Wednesday, June 26

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Thursday, June 27

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Friday, June 28
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Monday, July 1

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Tuesday, July 2

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Wednesday, July 3

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Moving on----

There has not been much sewing going on around here this past weekend but actually more like some re-designing, etc.  The need to make this trial block in some leftover fabric sort of proves my point from the "pattern post"  Would it kill you to say what size a block should finish???  The pattern came free with a kit so in a way, I got what I paid for, LOL.  Still it is irritating.

 Why did it matter to me??  Well, I am not crazy about piecing square in a square blocks like this.  I think it can be pieced another way what is far easier in the end and uses no more fabric for the end result.  I also think I can eliminate a few extra seams.  Therefore, I needed to know what size so I could draw MY idea in my quilting software.  BTW, the answer was 12 inch finished.  I cannot tell you what this is going to be (not that fabric though)  as it will be one of my entries in the HO HO HO blog hop.

And then there is this---
I started something and  I want to go a different way with it. Again, with the quilting software to see if my idea would work. I ran it by a couple of my quilting buddies---which one do you like?  Out came the seam ripper to un-sew.  I am going a different route but can selvage most of the pieces of fabric in a slightly different manner.    HO HO HO so this is the last you will see of this stuff for awhile though it looks like I caught a small hint. 

I am done with that and in fact, just finished pressing the pieces to get things ready to sew again.  I don't know if sewing is going to be happening today as we have had intermittent thunder and lightning.  The machine is unplugged for the immediate future.  I can cut though.

Of course, Skyler is no where to be seen since about 10:00 a.m.  First clap of thunder, wind or rain and he finds shelter under the bed.  No amount of coaxing will convince him to come out as the next wave comes calling.  It has mainly been sound and fury but only about a half inch of measurable rainfall, according to our gauge.  The cloud cover is keeping the temps down and we are getting by okay with box fans in the windows.  That's okay till the rain starts, I guess.

Tomorrow is Bama Belles day as well.  I think I am just going to take my embroidery as the girls had wanted me to show them how to do a simple outlining stitch.  We were going to do it last time but ran out of time.  Still, I have things to pack up and haul out to the car or park by the door to haul out, weather permitting. 

Our evening meal will take a bit of extra prep work.  I want to try a different meatball recipe for spaghetti and meatballs than what I normally use.  I had to make lunch today too when my original plan was to run out for a couple Arby's beef and cheddars since I had a coupon. Not going when it is pouring down rain!  I fixed chicken quesadillas instead---which was better, LOL.  With being meeting day tomorrow, I will not have to cook in the evening with leftovers available so that is a little consolation. 

The day is just getting away from me already!  And sew it goes-----


  1. Finished size?? Haha - that's BOB's Tuesday toast/post today - ;)) Sometimes it seems like all I do is gripe - but geesh - sometimes they have it coming - ;))


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