Aug 27, 2009

completions--quilty and retreat notes

Just a bit of a catch-up post again. I've been a bit under the weather for a little over a week when the creeping crud upper respiratory thing decided to make its unwelcome appearance. But I have gotten a bit of quilting work done since my last posts (4 of them--gabby girl!) that chronicled my trip to OR. This note will finish up with my fabric purchases, goodies from the FABs and some of that pre- trip secret sewing stuff and post trip completions.

These placemats were what I was working on just right before I left. I said I was hand finishing binding, and boy howdy, was I! I implied to the girls that I was working on the binding on my Cheese and Crackers quilt but that was telling a little bit a fib. "I could tell you but then I would have to kill you", LOL?? I gifted both Pam and Cher with sets of 4 but was able to squeeze out a total of 10 of them with the available yardage that my mom sent home with me earlier in the summer. DJ and I get to keep a couple of them.

This was a gift from Cher to all the FABs. Cool quilt calendar, Sisterhood of Quilter panel from designer Jody Houghton along with a membership card to the Sisterhood and a note pad from Sisterhood of Purple. There is a free pattern on the website for an idea of how to assemble--the link will take you there. (The blue note pad is part of a some stuff she had set aside for anyone that wanted them). For my birthday gift, she mailed me the 2009 Sister's poster. The end cap popped off in transit but the poster was rolled up in the tube so well that it didn't dislodge, thank heaven's! THX again, Cher.

This photo shows some of the things that Norma gave to me, birthday and otherwise. Missing is a redwork cat pattern that she had found but it shows up in another shot. You can see that she was purging magazines and pulling articles that she thought each of might like. Saved some mailing costs down from BC. Home canned sockeye salmon that I can't wait to try next week. That wild orange, green piece of fabric on the left is designed to look like Allsorts, a black licorice candy that Norma had introduced me to in the past. She brought me two bags of the yummy stuff but we ate one at the FAB retreat. I can find them occasionally at a local drug store chain but don't dare go looking too often!

Doesn't the cat card look just like my Skyler? From a conversation about what a loonie was earlier in the year, I asked her to bring one to the retreat so I could see what it looked like. Guess it is mine now! I didn't know anything about their toonie coin till Mayvis stuck one in her card. She had also given each of the FABs something uniquely Canadian. Wrapped around two coffee crisp bars was the maple leaf fabric and holding it all together was a band with small maple leaf pin. Mine is stuck on my FAB badge--turns out it went through the wash with one of my tops, and unavailable when I took this picture. The 2nd coffee crisp bar only made if as far as the DFW airport, LOL.

This is some of the tourist-y type purchases. A cap for DJ, a thimble made to look like the Coquille River lighthouse for me, t-shirt for me. Some cranberry bog frogs for DJ and some treats from Cranberry Sweets. I shared those too----unfortunately some I saved for ME along with the allsorts were with those dratted ants!!!! I didn't need to be eating candy anyway but I didn't intend to feed them. Oh, well!

The postcards were some I picked up in case my pictures did not turn out or just because the professional shots are so much better than I could take. Lastly there are the agates and pretty rocks that Ed. Pam and I picked up along the Bandon jetty and the ocean.

This one shows most of the stuff Pam and I gathered or made to stick in the beach themed gift bags. Earlier in the summer Pam ordered the Elizabeth Studio Beach Diva panels and we each got the companion yardage. It started with us going to make tote bags for all 5 of us but that expanded to including summer themed items and such. She made half and I made half using the Tote Along pattern from Robin Gallagher at Two Wacky Women. It will fold up to about 3 x 5 to stick in your purse like a miniature quillow! I also made the matching neck coolers (pattern online) as well as the beach ball pin cushion and Victorian thumb cushion from Just Jennifer.

The rest is fun stuff Pam and I found along the way---some sweets, of course. The purple containers have M&M's in one and chocolate covered sunflower seeds in the other; candy shaped like a hotdog and hamburger, a ring pop, a package of bubble gum. Other fun stuff-- battery operated fan, visor, pinwheel, fun nail polish, manicure set, lip gloss, drink cup with crystal light mix, that little sea creature squirts water, etc. There was also a Suduko puzzle book but I couldn't find it for the picture. We had an ice cream cone that held bubble blowing solution with the wand in the cone top. I left that behind for Alice but still have 7 cones worth of ice cream scented bubble solution here at home, LOL--- as soon as I find a wand I'm back in business. Can you see how all the sudden we had to have a bag to hold the original bag, LOL?? Pam also made up the FAB badges and also those cute luggage tags for each of the bags--she found a pattern she could use or adapt online.

Next picture shows some of my quilty purchases. Pam found one of the lighthouse patterns in her mom's things but I bought the other 3 for the ones I saw on my trip. Below that is the cat redwork pattern from Norma. I stuck the magnetic quilt in the sleeve to hold it but now I am not sure which friend gave it to me---Cher??

Most of the fabric you see I got at Fabric Depot---mostly landscape stuff for the lighthouse patterns. Closer to the iron is the yardage that might go with our "Baby, Its Cold Outside" challenge. That cool stripe and the black and white pieces were some that I got at Fibers in Motion the following day. I don't know if you can see the photo well enough to tell that it is pins and needles?

Okay moving right along----------
As I said at the start of the note, I did get a bit of sewing and quilting done this last 10 days. Slow going since I have not felt too red hot nor am I resting well with this croupy cough. Low, low energy levels. Still, I managed to get caught up with my "Be Attitude" quilt-lets.

I had the base of the July "Be Honest" done some time back but essentially had to wait all of July to get my Viking back to even think about machine appliquing it. By then I was busy making placemats. I took the final stitches in this on Monday evening and took its official portrait.

Actually I was sort of doing these assembly line, I guess. I prepped and appliqued the August "Be Prayerful" and September "Be Smart" blocks and then machine appliqued all three at the same time. Same with the quilting and binding application. Last stitches taken in the binding on Tuesday. I may wait to hang this in the living room spot till October and split the month with the fall themed one.

With the completion of "Be Smart" I am ahead of the game again. I had to miss the Bama Belles meeting on Tuesday since I was not feeling well but I did get some stuff done at home as you can see.

Yesterday I HAD to go to a nursing seminar. Even though I still didn't (and don't) feel so red hot
I also was not going to lose the money I had to pay to get those continuing ed units. I took Santa along with me and basically got that sled, tree area done while I had to sit all day. A few little spots still need some work but it is almost done. I am way behind on doing these one a month but that's okay.

Not sure what project is next though I am leaning towards completing my Cheap Trick/Two of a Kind top since I did find something for the outer border recently. My other choice would be to get back to the Strip Twist I started at the retreat.

Anyway, old friends and family thanks for hanging around through 500 plus posts. New friends and readers, good to have you along.

Aug 16, 2009

DT2OR report, part 4--FAB Retreat OR BUST, slightly edited

FRIDAY the 7th
I should have taken a picture of the FAB retreat logo that Pam had made up. She printed it off on the computer and then added on a separate piece of paper "OR BUST" and stuck it in the back window of her HHR. Anyway, it was raining a bit when we pulled on Friday morning and headed on to Portland. We were trying to get to Fabric Depot to meet Pat and her daughter Michelle and Norma and her mom Mayvis at 2 p.m. but had warned them the night before we may be a little late depending on traffic.

A lovely drive over---we stopped at the Umpqua lighthouse, drove through Reedsport and then started inland towards Eugene and I-5. We met some bicyclists along the route so there must have been a planned ride for the weekend. We passed the Dean Creek Wildlife Area, an elk reserve along the way. I did get a few pics of them from the road. Pam pointed out the Cascade Mountains to the right as we traveled up I-5.

A stop for lunch along the way and we got into Fabric Depot at about 1:30--ahead of time. We spotted a black car with BC plates and were just sure that Norma and Mayvis were there! The plan was to walk up behind them and surprise them. We must have skulked around inside, not even looking at the fabric displays for at least 15 minutes looking up and down for them. Finally we gave up and Pam called their cell. Mayvis reported they were "6 kilometers away" and we had to confess that we already at the shop waiting for them. I checked in with Cher as we had promised to do as a head's up but first I had mis-dialed and got my pal Cindy in TN first, LOL. Of course when I recognized her voice, I told her it was nice to talk to her but she was right---I had the "wrong" number.

I started shopping mostly for landscape fabrics for the lighthouse patterns I had purchased. I was at the cutting table starting my tab when over my shoulder I saw Norma and Mayvis come in! Big hugs all around. But where was Pat? Another phone call made---she was in the store---well, wave your arms or something as I don't see you. More hugs all around! Pam was in the decorator fabric aisle so we got her over to the area we were standing shortly thereafter.

I had some challenge fabric to dispense to the group for FAB challenge #3. The night before Pam and I had come up with the idea to just cut off a charm for each of them and give them the challenge of finding some fabric at Fabric Depot to go with the periwinkly blue/lavender tone on tone print. It looks a bit like "winter sky" to us so she called it "Baby, It's Cold Outside". We came up with some goofy rules for the round---like procrastinate till the week before it is due as it is the FAB way. More or less, it was to make what you want and who to send it to this round. Cher wasn't with us so she got to pull yardage from her stash that went with her charm. Little did they know that they had more waiting for them!

Pam left a bit before the rest of us had checked out to run over to her son's home where she would be staying. With the help of Garmin in Norma's car and Pat's newly acquired phone GPS we found our way over to Cher's and the dinner she had prepared for us. Later she did a bed turning for us and of course, we toured her home and the lovely garden areas she and Martie have. (Martie and Zoe their dog had headed to the beach for the weekend--get out the way of those crazy quilters!)

You are no doubt looking for some pictures? The following are some that I took over the weekend----it was the FABs+2

Norma's mom Mayvis scrapbooking and keeping Michelle company as she stamped cards

Pat's husband does not want her (or their daughter's) image online in a public area so Pam is helping to preserve her identity.

Here's Norma working on her strip twist blocks

Our hostess Cher sewing with me in the living room. Later on Saturday her son and that sweet little granddaughter came by but Cher can post those pictures on her blog should she chose.

Pam and I gave the FABs+2 the beach themed gift bags we had prepared on Friday evening along with the remaining 1 yard of challenge fabric. Cher had some surprises with some Sisterhood of Quilters panels for us. I am forgetting something, I know but I'll get my memory jogged when I get my box back. Norma, some Canadian maple leaf fabric wrapped around Coffee Crisp bars and held together band with a little maple leaf pin. I also had a couple of birthday present items since my birthday as coming up on Monday--later on those.

SATURDAY the 8th
The group sewing project we had chosen for the retreat was Strip Twist GE-140. Pat and Norma have both shown a few blocks on their blogs ahead of the retreat so they had an idea of how many strips to cut. I was using a hearth and home fabric kit with fat quarters from Connecting Threads for my blocks so kind of a fall look to my blocks. Pam was using a Mama's Cotton jelly roll also from Connecting Threads and she had a 30's thing going. Pat was alternating reds and greens with a poinsettia center so hers has a Christmas looks while Norma picked up on the greens, reds, oranges, browns of a large chicken print and is going bed-sized. Cher was probably the one working the most out of her element in blues and mauvey-purple with a mix of centers for a lap quilt for a friend who could use a comfort quilt.

BUT somehow some of us got a little sidetracked, LOL. Pam was apparently convinced by Norma to buy some gorgeous floral print with orange, purple, golds for a 4 patch posie. At one point on Saturday afternoon I grabbed the yardage and began lining up the repeats and then cutting it out for her. Norma had to remind me just how to cut between the repeats since neither of us had the pattern with us. I kept stacking the groups of four squares by her machine. She kept pushing the piles toward Norma, LOL. The next thing I know, Norma was stitching up blocks---and Pam was pressing them. So the joke is that this top is a group effort leaving Pam to assemble the top and Pat will volunteer to quilt it for her and Cher, bind it. I think we all should get a chance to use this quilt, don't you?? I didn't post a picture in this post but one of us will, LOL.

Other activities? Besides laughing and yakking? Cher and Pam are big time players of Farmtown on Facebook. Along the line Mayvis was introduced into how to play the game and was hooked up as their neighbors. Cher mostly was showing her the ropes but Pam had some advice as well. I also took time out to get Mayvis started on some embroidered snowman blocks--she is doing hers in black on white. I also was fiddling around with a needlepunch Norma had sent me a while back as we both want to try that craft. I did show her what I had learned but my loops need some practice!

Alice was back to visit Nona Cher on Sunday and Michelle was such a dear to play with her---that bubble solution Pam and I had put in the gift bags came in handy! Even big girls like to blow bubbles. Ask me how I know!

We did take a break from sewing and traveled to the Multnomah Village quilt shop called Fibers in Motion which is Cher's favorite area shop. I found some cool black and white pieces for my "someday" collection and a cool stripe for I am not sure what. Fun brights, oriental fabrics, brights, Kaffe Fassett, batiks, Valori Wells, etc. Since it was approaching lunch time, we walked over to Marco's for lunch. Pat bought the pizzas for the evening meal---Papa Murphy's, I believe, as we baked them up at the house for supper with leftovers for Sunday lunch. Thanks, Pat!

SUNDAY the 9th
Pam had intended to get an early start back south on Sunday morning but I think Ryan and Chris had other plans about that part. She had said her goodbyes to the FABs Saturday evening. Sunday morning, Norma, Mayvis, Pat and Michelle came back over to Cher's for more sewing. Cher moved her blocks along. I got one block of each of the colors done--12 of them I think. (I can't find the picture I took of them to prove that point.) Norma wants a bedsized quilt and had a big stack done and kept stitching. Pat had her blocks done by then and moved on to green scrappy Mile a Minute blocks. I dug through one of Cher's strip baskets, with her permission and pulled out some more green bits that she could add to the mix. Even a bit of tan that will work with MY strip twist blocks.

Norma and her mom were leaving for BC early on Monday morning while Pat and Michelle were staying, like me, till Tuesday morning when we would catch the same plane down to DFW. They all headed off before supper to get back to pack and/or wind down for the evening. Later Cher, Alice and I went out to Red Robin for supper---mac and cheese for Alice and fish and chips for the big girls.

MONDAY the 10th
Pat and Michelle had plans to go to the beach on Monday--their first foray earlier in the week got them to a rocky beach, not a sandy one, so they were going to try again once the Oregonians had some suggestions of where to go. She can fill you in on that.

After a run to the UPS store with my overloaded box, we were off on a road trip. That thing was packed with fabric, laundry that will need to be done once it arrives home, stones from the ocean, that salmon I told you about. 28 lbs!!

Cher and I were originally going to go hiking somewhere in the Columbia River gorge area but with Alice along (family emergency that weekend) we went to Multnomah Falls. See picture below. She was a little trooper and was able to handle the moderate incline on the way up. We walked up as far as the bridge you see in the picture.

A little story here as well--I was wearing my freshly laundered Auburn t-shirt and three fellows coming down from the Falls as we approached the entrance said "War Eagle!" I had kind of forgot what I had on for a minute. They were from Florida so cheered on that SEC team. I had to confess that I, as a transplant to Alabama, you were just as likely to see me with a UA shirt on too. We only picked sides when they played each other, LOL.

Just as a little info--the lower fall area is 69 ft up and the upper falls is 542 ft up. Pretty, huh?

Later that day we stopped for pizza in Beaverton and after Alice napped, off to Powells at what I think was the Cedar Mills Crossing Mall in Beaverton where I found some reading material for the flight home while Nona and Alice looked for a dinosaur book. (No luck but Martie found a copy she had wanted elsewhere) We stopped at New Seasons' market for take out food and by the time we arrived back at Cher's, Alice mom was there and joined us for supper and took Miss Alice on home. Martie was back from the beach as well. Later that evening the three of us made a run to Cheesecake Factory for dessert since I didn't have birthday cake.

TUESDAY the 11th
Pat and Michelle were back at the house bright and early at 530 to pick me up and drop off the rental car and off to the airport trom there. As I said we were on the same flight on the first leg of the return home---they were seated a few rows up from me. Pat was able to switch her assigned seat so she and Michelle could be seated in the same row and next to each other. They had a great aisle mate who pointed out that we were flying near Mt. Hood and pointed out Sister's mountains as well. And then Pat came back to tell me! The pilot was also helpful in pointing out that Boise was down below, there was Ogden UT and the Great Salt Lake and such. I could see even though I was again, in the aisle seat.

Once we got to Dallas, Pat pointed me the right direction to get on the skylink--she used to live in the area and knew the ropes. Again my t-shirt got a comment only that day I was wearing a local high school team shirt. The stewardess asked if BHM was my final destination and where was my town located? Turned out a woman sitting in the seat across the aisle from me was headed to BHM and overheard that conversation with the stewardess. She said "Calhoun County, right?" She lived just north of me by 10 miles though her husband was seated further back on the PDX to DFW leg of the trip so we hung together getting to the next gate.

No delays in either flights out or the flights home, thank heavens since I had little time in the connecting flights. I landed in BHM at 5 p.m., had no luggage to pick up but had told DJ to meet me in baggage claim anyway. It had been raining and gray clouds all the way into BHM in MS and western/central Alabama. Walking out of the airport to the parking deck was like getting slapped in the face with a wet rag. DJ had actually gotten in a some heavy rain on the way over to the airport on 1-20 but thankfully that was mostly out of the area on the way home. We stopped to get supper at a BBQ place, about 30 miles from home.

I had a super time away but it always good to be back in your own bed. I may be still adjusting to the time zone changes too but it was worth it. The FABs and I are back to talking with our fingers though Pat took off again, LOL. Thanks Mom, Dad. Pam and Ed for helping to make this dream trip possible. I know, in spite of all this writing, that I am leaving something out of all this narrative. Later I will share the FAB bag items, my fabric. See what the others have to say when they post-------

Thanks for stopping by-------

DT2OR report, part 3---Pacific Ocean

THURSDAY the 6th

(I am approaching 500 posts and will probably hit it by the time I am done posting about my vacation, LOL.)

Again these picture will be a bit out of sequence--though all on the same day, Thursday evening in Bandon. As I said in the previous part 2 posting, we had gone into Bandon for a little sightseeing, stopping at the shops to get some cranberry candy and some souvenirs. We saw the cranberry bog area on the way over to Bandon off route 42S.

I tried to get a picture of the folks crabbing down off the docks near the fish market and pier. You can rent the crab cages by the hour and of course they have things set up for the commercial fishing people as well. Some are for oysters. There was a harbor seal moving about apparently looking for some of the catch or scraps from the fisher people cleaning fish.

This is the Pacific Ocean up close and personal. There were several surfers out there trying their luck. A bit overcast and breezy but what a sight to see!

Pam and Ed watching the ocean and taking a break from picking up agates and other interesting rocks. Ed got me a piece of petrified wood and there was a rock (quartz?) with moss embedded in it. Those are in my box of stuff I mailed back to myself which should arrive tomorrow along with the dirty laundry, fabric I bought, gifts from the FABS which includes two jars of home canned sockeye salmon from Norma--well padded!

Below me at the ocean--and the jetty in Bandon. Pam asked if I dipped a toe in but I didn't want to get my shoes wet (had to wear them most of the week after all) and it was a little chilly out with the wind blowing. I called DJ to report where I was and what I was looking at!

Earlier in the day Ed gave me a bread kneading lesson along with many helpful hints from his baking days like how to make cinnamon paste and smear it on like spackle instead of melting butter and brushing it on. Baking smear for the pans from flour, shortening and oil was another though they kept big batches of it around---I am guessing it is similar to the idea of Baker's Joy spray. We elected not to frost or glaze the cinnamon rolls but later I mixed up a batch of cream cheese frosting for those that wanted it. In between risings Ed was manning the grill for lunch---yummers, steak and veggie kabobs.

Oh and that evening, we were looking online for a bubble solution recipe as we needed it to fill the ice cream cones I had mailed out earlier in the summer without it. We used up almost every bit of dish soap that Pam had and definitely emptied out what remained in a corn syrup bottle.

Pam stayed out of the way while we made the rolls and finished up her friendship block sewing along with some retreat badges for the FABS. I was giving Pam fits because I was too interested in rolling out the dough than looking at the camera---one, two, look away, LOL.

We had plans to do a few others things during my stay with Pam and Ed--walking the loop was one of them but we just ran out of time or it was raining. Still, it was wonderful to get to spend some time with them before the retreat and see their part of the state through their eyes.

We did stop at another quilt shop on Wednesday after the trip to the scenic overlooks, parks and lighthouses, Forget Me Knots in Bandon. Apparently it has been in several locations over the year but is now in the area where the Bandon Cheese company once stood. I purchased the Umpqua River lighthouse pattern there as Pam said I would be seeing that one on our way to Portland---and if I didn't see it, then I had to wait to make that one till I did, LOL. Lots of lovely fabric to be found. I can see how it is Pam's favorite area quilt shop.

Next up the FAB retreat and PDX visit.

DT2OR report, part 2--lighthouses

Mostly from Wednesday August 5th

These will probably post in reverse order of when I actually saw them but if you were traveling south down the Oregon coast, it would be just right, LOL.

First up, the Umqua River lighthouse. Actually this one is quite a bit inland near S. Reedsport, Oregon. From what I read, the first lighthouse in this area was built on the sand and started to sink so this made for a better spot to place it. Try THIS link if you want to read about this spot or the ones that follow. We stopped to take this picture on the way up to Portland and the FAB retreat on Friday. Later we would cut inland towards Eugene and catch I-5 for the reminder of the trip to Fabric Depot and Cher's home.

This is the Coquille River lighthouse at Bandon. No doubt if you follow that link you can get a better, close up view. I took this on Thursday evening when Ed, Pam and I went to Bandon for supper and sightseeing. We got a fish dinner from a local fish market and drove down to the jetty to eat---and then down to the Pacific Ocean side for agate hunting and surfer watching. I share some of those pics in the next post. Ed offered to drive us up a little closer in but by that time my stomach was a little upset from the curvy roads on the way in and I passed. That meant we got to spend a little more time at the ocean anyway.

Here I am at the Cape Blanco lighthouse north of Port Orford--this is actually the 4th one as you travel down the coast. (I had left this out of my report in part 1.) We could have taken a guided tour but opted out though we did go inside the base of the building and caught a bit of what the tour guide was saying there. While in the area we drove down to what had been one of the lighthouse keeper's homes --Hughes Victorian home but it was closed for the day.

Next picture but not next as you drive south---3rd one down the line. This is about as close as we got to Cape Arago, near Charleston, OR on our Wednesday drive. Pam and I spotted the road in but there is no public access to it. Apparently it was a private drive to a bunch of homes judging from the number of mailboxes. Click the link online for a better view of it. I discovered the landscape view on my camera much too late to get a possibly better shot of it.

DT2OR report, part 1

I arrived home from my dream trip to OR on Tuesday, the 11th. And what a week it was! I not only got to make that long talked about trip to visit with Pam but we both had some face time with our FAB buddies Cher, Norma and Pat + 2 at week's end. What a fun time! I know my mom in particular is waiting for this report and pictures of my trip so I best get to writing and posting, LOL. (Probably in three parts)

DJ drove me over to the Birmingham airport bright and early on Tuesday 8-4. It had been years since we had been to that airport and we about missed the exit to turn off. No notice that it was coming and I had been watching-- then boom, the sign that said "airport" and then the turnoff almost immediately after! I caught him before he got pulled out too far to the center lane. I just had him drop me at the door to avoid parking fees since once thru security, there is no waiting with him at the gate. The flight left at about 830 CD on the first leg of the journey routing through Denver on the way to PDX. Silly me, I had booked an aisle seat so could not see much of the mountains. I had just enough time in Denver to get to my gate and eat a quick sandwich from the nearby Quizno's, call DJ and txt Pam--then off to PDX. From PDX it was on to the turbo prop----I glimpsed what I thought was Mt. Hood and found out later I was correct. There was fog bank near North Bend, Pam said so I would not see the ocean on the approach but I knew I would see it in a few days time from the ground.

I could not get off that plane quickly enough!! After all, Pam and I had been waiting for this day for most of the 10 years we have known each other. I just happened to look up and spotted Pam and Ed looking down from the airport window. I don't have a picture of that first meeting but Ed took a couple of shots. Here is one taken a few days later.

As we drove through North Bend and Coos Bay, Ed and Pam told me about what I was seeing: such things as, the new airport is painted to look like a salmon and the colors change as the light shifts, what area was the bay, the timber industry locations, dredging equipment that kept the bay open for ship travel, other boats used for fishing, the casino. Lots more but that is what comes to mind.

A quick stop at the store since they were in town and live a bit out. Pam and I were jabbering at the cash register and the clerk looked at us and asked if we were sisters! Well, I suppose with that red hair we sorta look alike but I said "just of the heart" LOL.

Then it was off to the sights along the way to Coquille---what becomes Winter Lake when the river floods, the mill where Ed worked, the "loop" we had planned to walk at least in part but didn't get around to, downtown and Pam's office, spots I have heard her speak of over the years. Oh, the Madrone trees and later in the week, shoot I forgot the name of it but the leaves are very fragrant and can be used in place of bay laurel leaves. It may come to me or Pam can remind me. (ed. note---Oregon myrtlewood---duh, named like the ones in my yard crape myrtles. you think I would have remembered.)

Then we arrived at their lovely and cozy home--the kitchen remodel, her MCM room, the wonderful back yard spot they have made with the decking and pond areas. All the flowers and plantings. No wonder they spend so much time outside. Of course, Akira only allowed me a few pets and he was off pretty much for the reminder of my time there. He didn't seem to like me much better on Friday morning when I bribed him with home canned tuna juice, LOL.

Since I had gotten up early for the flight and we had the two hour time zone difference, we just kicked back for the evening. Ed fixed a yummy meal of grilled salmon steaks (some he had caught last summer and pulled from the freezer) and fresh corn on the cob also on the grill while Pam whipped up some coleslaw. Pam and I had gift bags to load for the retreat and a shopping list prepped for what was missing. ( When I get my mailing from PDX, I will show you some of the things we had stuffed in there for the girls--those top secret things Pam and I were stitching and buying earlier this summer!) We watched the Mariners, yakked and I stayed up way to late, LOL. That and we got online---chatting with Norma with me on the laptop and Pam on Betty Boop just letting her know I had arrived.

Wednesday was sight seeing day. Pam set the car for the coast and off to Bandon. It was pretty overcast at the time but that didn't deter us. I sure hope I got these photos properly labeled. I think that might be Face Rock in the picture below?? I know it is the beach area in Bandon and off in the distance is a spot where Pam, Ed and their family have rented a cabin. She has a picture of me at the private entrance to the steps for that cabin on the way down towards the beach but I was backed up into some gorse---sticks you just like our needle holly bush and is some sort of invasive evergreen that must grow like kudzu down in the South. Pam said that it was responsible for some fire situations in the past where the whole town burned down.

From Bandon we drove on to Port Orford and lunch at the Hungry Norwegian. Should have gotten the fish and chips! You can see that the weather was beginning to clear up by the next picture. We drove down near the boat yard and fish market as well as the park area near the restaurant as well as the old abandoned jail. Then on to see the friendly ladies at Quilter's Corner. No fabric for me though Pam found a couple of grab bags of fat quarters she liked. I got a couple of the foundation pieced lighthouses I would be seeing on our trip. Pam had given me one that she had found in her mother's sewing things earlier. I know that the picture was taken at Port Orford and I think it is Battle Rock in the distance from my sequence of photos.

Back in the car and this shot was taken at Sunset Bay State Park in the beach area. You can see that the sun as out and it was quite lovely out by then. I am getting myself confused but at one point we drove through one of the wonderful OR state parks where Pam, Ed and the kids/grands will be staying in adjoining cabins later this year. Was it this one??

This spot below, I know, is the Simpson Reef Overlook area.

I should have done a video just to record the sea lions barking! They were loud and a lot of them down there though I can barely see their heads in the pictures I took. Further up the coast we could still hear them though a few sounded closer. Later some of the other visitors reported that they had seen a whale. We waited long enough and sure enough, there was the spout and the whale back---no tail. Pam remembered that there was geocache hidden in the area---a little poking around and she found it without need for GPS. I have a tag she suggested I send to a pal in IL who is into geocaching though I forgot to get the travel bug to put with it.

We stopped at the jam shop on the way back, drove through Charleston on the way back up to Coos Bay and back to her house after a town errand. Ed fixed us another lovely meal and we spent a quiet evening at home. The name of that laurel type tree is still not coming to me and I just realized that I left out the lighthouse pictures. Next post!

Aug 1, 2009

check in b4 DT2OR

It has been a busy week here but mostly spent working on binding---and nothing to show for it. My wrist and fingers are thankful that they didn't have to do of that today!

My Viking has been in the shop for a month, since I dropped it off on the way to my brother's home in TN on our way to IL for our family "Christmas in July" gathering. Earlier in the week, I had very nicely suggested that they would not get paid for Marilyn's serger repairs (done by last week) nor my Viking servicing (still waiting at that point) til the middle of August if we did not come in up Friday or Saturday. We had to drive up together as she doesn't drive or if she does, she has to have someone with her. I'll be gone to Oregon and my friend watches her grandkids Mon-Thursday. It was done two days later and we did our run to Boaz and Albertville today along with our friend Linda C.

Linda swung by and picked up Marilyn on the way and I drove. Our first stop was Out of the Box so Linda could drop off a top for Susan to quilt. Linda conferred with her about a couple other tops and Susan shared a few tops that she had quilted recently. I found that nice aqua 30's repro you see on the left for borders on my Two of a Kind/Cheap Trick. Maybe by the time Susan gets Linda's top quilted I can run that one up for her to do the honors?? A few other quilters ran by so we were all speaking our fav language---quiltese.

From there we went to the Mill Street for lunch though it was a little early--good plan as we didn't have to wait in line and we all were hungry enough to do justice to our sandwich choices. Excellent chicken salad for them and a reuben for me.

Marilyn uses silk flowers for her sewing business so we ran through two spots that had those. One was just a couple doors down from the restaurant and one on 431 had other home dec stuff (similar to Hobby Lobby).

The sewing machine place was up the road about 8 more miles and then last stop, Wilson's Fabric Discount. Marilyn stocked up on some 30's repros mainly and Linda found some cool purples to make a purse but I know she will be back. They had some Michael Miller's that we were both drooling over.

The only thing I bought there was that zipper and a cool set of buttons. I had bought the other yardage a month of so back----I know, I know I said I was not going to make another Tag Along Tote but that's what I intend to do with that stuff you see. I love that orange piece of "Object of My Desire" while the stripe is "Inspirations" by Terrie Mangat for Free Spirit. The gold was in that bag I stuffed at the quilt shop last month (all you could cram in the 6 x 9 ziploc for 5 bucks and still zip it) The zipper was in case I decide NOT to just do a loop and button and one button will go on a wonder wallet.

I restrained myself as there were some nice pieces for a good price but soon, very soon, I will be shopping with my buddies at Fabric Depot in Portland, OR---6 days from now it will be FABS retreat time! Woohoo! I fly out of BHM in 3 days to meet my buddy Pam , in her town near Coos Bay---something we have hoped for since we met online clear back in early 99 on an one list quilt group. We drive up to PDX to meet the others on Friday. Pat will be flying into PDX with her daughter earlier in the week to do some touristy things while Norma and her mom Mayvis will drive down from BC on Thursday. Cher will be our hostess providing a spot for sewing, meals and a bed for me for a few nights. It all promises to be a wonderful time for all of us.

DJ will hold down the fort, yet again, while I go running off and leaving him and Skyler to fend for themselves. I got organized and figured out what groceries I would need to get us through till my departure and laid those supplies in yesterday. He's on his own for the TV dinners he will probably be eating while I'm gone.

It sounds like the rain that has been threatening all day today is on its way in. Thunder rumbles off in the distance and a big old black cloud to the east above the tree line. Best sign off and go watch some of the Cards-Astros game with DJ. Go Cards! Hopefully we won't lose the satellite feed.

Oh, some of you asked---that cake I was fixing last week WAS a miracle after all. I like the plain banana cake better that uses a yellow cake mix as a base. The frosting was a little firmer than usual but who knows how long I tried to make real caramel out of it so no wonder, LOL!