Nov 4, 2016

I said "YES!"

So, this happened this past Saturday-------

and because my friend Pam said "Ummm...a picture of that ring on your finger, please!"

If you are Facebook friend, you have already seen the pictures but this IS my blog and news this big needs reporting, don't you think?

Now the rest of the story----
A friend asked me if this was a surprise.  I had asked for some time to be sure we were doing this for all the right reasons when I first learned he wanted to take this all to the next level.  Actually I asked him a leading question when we were talking.  Because of an earlier promise to me, he had to answer honestly.  However, it was not at all how he had planned to bring up the subject.  I felt bad about that but told him he could still do it right-- ask me at some special place in a special way, drop to one knee, whatever when we both were ready.  So no, not entirely surprised.

He had asked if we could get sized for rings a couple weeks ago. While we were there, what styles did I like?  "Simple" since I am a no frills kind of girl and I prefer gold to silver.  I didn't need an engagement ring and he said "why not?"  Just because DJ didn't get me one didn't mean I didn't deserve one.  I pointed out a couple I liked but the rest was up to him.  The last I heard, it would be a couple weeks before it was ready. Turns out they called to say it was ready on Friday.  I had tried it on that evening just to see if it fit properly but handed it back to him.  A real proposal please.

We were all dressed up because unfortunately one of the members of our little Bama game watching group had lost her daughter to a long illness just days before and we had a visitation to attend.  After a quick lunch and an errand for a missing meal ingredient, he asked if I had anything planned for us that afternoon.  Bama had an open date so other than getting said ingredient back home and fixing us supper, no plans.  Off we went down the road but I had no clue where---just 21 South heading towards Talladega.  Ahhh, we were going up to Cheeha State Park but the back way.  I'd always taken the route up from the Heflin end.  Cheeha Mountain is the highest point in all of Alabama at 2407 feet above sea level.  Gorgeous views up there from Bald Rock and near the hotel and restaurant up there.  I had wanted to go out on the boardwalk sometime this fall!

We stopped at the CCC tower and walked through the museum area and then he asked if I wanted to walk up to the top of the tower.  I am a bit afraid of heights so "no" and I was in my dressy shoes so not good walking shoes.  He dropped to one knee and did it right!!  But no ring---he had left it at my house,  LOL.    No cameras either.

We had gotten a text from his son about a family matter and planned to go out to see them anyway. Abby his 3 yr old granddaughter had her mama call him as were heading down the mountain so that clinched it.  We would ask Michelle to take some pictures while we still were dressed up and just stage the ring deal borrowing the ring box from son Jeff.  (It had his master mechanic signet ring in it so Michelle said to turn the box so it would not show up in the picture!)  He DID ask me---again--or I would not be smiling so well.

I'm getting married!  Who would have thought this was even possible say, in late July when I was so miserable and questioning my place in this world?  Little stories of how this came to be are coming out.  How Paul was sort of nudging us.  How my flirting with him one Saturday afternoon was missed but he was still looking at me with some realization that it might be worth pursuing.......what do you know!?

I have also been asked "where?"  I live in Alabama and will continue to do so, obviously, since I am marrying a Bama boy!  The answer is:   Charlie's church home near here.  We mentioned it briefly to the pastor at services last Sunday but will meet with him after we go up to Illinois so I can introduce him to my family.  I may be cheating them out of another wedding ceremony, just like with DJ, but they have to have at least met Charlie first!!  He wondered if I wanted to get married up there to begin with or do two ceremonies?   I am leaning to renewing our vows up there late spring or early summer so my family can be there and have my dad do the honors if possible.  We will talk about it when we go visit.

The when?  If the church calendar permits, the date will be February 25th. I thought Valentine's Day maybe but that's a Tuesday.  When looking at the calendar for the Saturday dates, I told him my parent's anniversary is the 25th and it has brought them many good years together.  Let's go for it!  I've asked my sister Diane to be my matron of honor.  Our friend Paul will be the best man.  I want Abby to be the flower girl, the twincesses, his almost 7 year old granddaughters, to be bridesmaids and his going on 9 year old grandson to be a groomsman.   He needs another guy up there with him.  I think maybe his older grandson might be a good choice if he can travel down from Kentucky but that is up to him.  Other than that---the suit is ordered, so is my dress.  Beyond that, I am clueless about invitations, announcements, decorations, flowers and all that.  His oldest son's wife Melissa does cakes and told us she and Brian will do that as their gift to us or help in anyway possible.  I so appreciate that!

After three drive-bys, I finally met his long time friend Bruce on Monday though his wife Cathy was at work.  We have a luncheon date with his brother and his wife on Sunday after church but Charlie thinks more family members will be joining us.  We'll see!  He will have to deal with the mob scene with my group soon enough--only fair, right?

Going to be a busy weekend!  Abby spent the day/overnight with us last night and Zeke is coming tonight after school.  Saturday is the twins birthday with cake, ice cream and a trip to see "Trolls" with the family followed up by Bama-LSU game.  It has already been a busy week since I last posted.  I had the fidget quilt sewing a week ago---still in pieces but what a fun day!  Brenda made three of them and shared at quilt guild yesterday.  Both Carol and Judy's were done.  I did get some sewing done at the Tuesday evening group, more of the framing strips on the one I started at retreat but only got about half through the stack of blocks.  Other than that, the only thing getting done in the sewing room was ironing some pillow cases.  I can't stand those looking like a wrinkled up mess from the dryer.  I still have stuff to put away from the fidget class, for Pete's sake.

Guess that's it for this post.  I've been awake since 3 so at least some of those hours were spent in a useful way!  THX for stopping by------