Sep 30, 2014

The " next ups"

By the time this post goes live I hope to be working on the three items I mentioned in my last post.  That means that I have the guild newsletter behind me and have time to do a little sewing.  None of these should be too time consuming but fun things to whip up and use a bit more of the fabrics I purchased for the last blog hop.   I've also got a list of about 7 household things that need attention so it would be good to see some cross-outs happening there as well.   As DJ was always saying to me "who gave you all those jobs anyway?  aren't you retired?"  Not always sure about the source of the work but it DOES happen.

The ipad/tablet stand for Jane.  Tutorial on Factotum of Arts

I need those heavier needles before I think about starting this wallet,  .  I have made one before and like the style but it is a bit of a bear through multiple layers of interfacing (Decor Bond was used in their sample) This time I am trying with the interfacing cut down a half inch all around to try to keep it out of the seam allowances.  Auditioning buttons, LOL.

I've made or been gifted with a bunch of these over the years but again, I interface each piece almost even though it just calls for optionally doing the cover only.  I also like my friend Pam's idea of a elastic closure, especially if it is for those loyalty cards.

And here is one that I forgot the other day when I was writing up that list---DIY Pacifier Clips from Make It, Love It  (borrowing their image).  The pacie attaches on the loop of cording and Nana is supposed to be mailing me the "brand".

Of course I am making them for this little cutie pie.  11 weeks old almost.  Doesn't Lily look like she is giggling or someone is blowing on her tummy?

Still considering what I might use for a bag for the tablet and its accessories but no decision need be made just yet.  And sew it goes--------

Sep 28, 2014

DAY 5 Rush Hour Blog Hop -- My turn

It's time for me to post my Rush Hour Hop objects!  As always, we are are encouraged by Mdm Samm at Sew We Quilt who sets the themes and works behind the scenes to make these hops what they are.  Head cheerleader for this round is the incomparable Carol of Just Let Me Quilt.  Take a bow, ladies!

Here is the list of today's fellow participants 

Monday, September 29
Life, Quilts, and Cats, too   <<< you are here>>>
Coeur d'Alene (moved from the 26th)

Studio E Fabrics is our sponsor this round and what a wonderful line of fabric to inspire us!  Have you seen their upcoming Pearle and Essentials 9??   I tell you, a red, black, white and gray lovers dream.   I think it is my favorite combination of colors, at least in my clothing and accessories.  I don't give a hang if redheads "shouldn't wear red" and never have.  Of course, it is often a choice for sports teams, either red and white with black accents, or red and black, with white accents: my beloved St. Louis Cardinals, our local high school team, the nearby college are just a few examples.  Being a t-shirt and jeans gal, you know I have shirts for a few of those teams.  I like red bandanas  and drive a red car.  I do redwork embroidery.   I love red!

Some have related stories of what "Rush Hour" means to them. I guess I was lucky that my commute was as little as 2 blocks and at most 5 miles drive time.  I never got stuck in a traffic jam, also only got to call in to work just once because snow kept me from getting to work.  I "retired" when we moved to Alabama back in 97 so any deadlines I face are self imposed for the most part.  But that didn't mean I couldn't participate in the hop!

We were not required to use the wonderful Rush Hour fabric line as long as we used red, black, white and gray.  Good thing, as I could NOT track any down when I ordered fabric back in July.  What I DID use is still Studio E but is part of their Essentials 8 line plus a mottled black Essentials from Wilmington.

So what did I make? A few practical items naturally or why do the work?

 First, a tablet prop as mine as a wobbly stand.  Actually it is a just a pincushion like I made for the "See You in September" hop last week.  Beats the rolled up kitchen towel I had been using and keeps the thing from toppling over.   I put some kitchen shelf gripper stuff on the bottom to keep it all from sliding though.  Just a scrap piece of fabric from the picnic hop.   I pull this table  and its contents up when the "boys" and I are chilling in front of the TV in the evening.

Next up:
 I was intrigued by the ipad/tablet stand that one of the hoppers Helen of Till We Quilt Again shared with us recently and whipped one of those up.  My friend Jane had lent me her backup Kindle and the books on it (without my asking even!)  While I know it is a bad habit to read when you are eating, it helps me avoid seeing that empty chair and missing my dear companion.  I read,  sometimes it is the only time I get a chance to all day.   Anyway, I  put gripper stuff on the bottom of this as well as it slips a bit on my table top otherwise.

One more quickie item before I get to the main event. 
 I had a lapboard that I thought could use a face lift so I dismantled it.  "Re-mantling" it meant that I had little bits of styrofoam flakes and balls blowing away with the breeze.  I've got most of it vacuumed up now but still see some down in the cracks of the driveway, LOL.  Emptying it was not near as bad as it went right into a 2 gal ziploc bag without too much fuss.  Filling it was the challenge!  I ended up using a good bit of crushed walnut shells and now it is a bit heavier on my legs.  Oh, well but it looks so much better than what was on it before!

The other thing--the ledge I built up with the long skinny stuffed tube will not stick.  Ran out of hot glue sticks and that just boogered up the fabric.  Tried double stick carpet tape and that was a bust too.  Finally I figured out last night to just put the tube under the tablet to angle it a bit.  Now I'm cooking, LOL.  Fortunately the carpet tape just peeled off.

Okay, the main event---
I had hoped to have made this BEFORE I took my trip to Colorado and Illinois in August as it would have been good for my personal item carry on,  shove my smaller purse in it and go.  There are pockets on this Creative Thimble Professional Tote everywhere!   Good sized too about 18w x 15h x 5d.  

The front side picture shows you the zipped front pocket with lined pocket behind it.  Also there are two side pleated pockets which gather up with cord locks.   I will tell you that I panicked about having to make my first button holes in about 30 some years there on those side pleated pockets. I had gotten out of the garment making business some time ago and avoided button holes like the plague even then, LOL . I sucked it up and got through it after a few practice button holes on one of the computerized machines I own.   Those side pockets are good spots for a water bottle, your umbrella, glasses case, cell phone, etc.  I did make by own fabric handles so they matched the trim and bag bottom though she gives you the option of this or webbing/belting. 

Back side picture will show the wide open topped pocket at the top but I used the optional magnetic closer rather than Velcro closure.  Good spot for the newspaper, magazines, files.  That magnetic closer insertion was a first for me.  Also I did put on the optional strap across the top that will allow you to slip the bag over your luggage handle.  It kind of blends in but I think you may be able to spot it.

It is hard to get a decent picture of the interior but I tried to show some of the inside pockets.  There is a set of three pockets and three zippers on the bag.  This shows the zippered pocket that acts as a divider .  My chromebook is inside.  There is also a small vinyl pocket for business cards, ID in the exterior of this pocket.  I framed mine with the black fabric and left it open at the top but didn't get a picture of it.

Here is the interior patch pocket with key fob attached. I used a swivel hook but D rings were the other option.  You decide where you want to make the pocket divisions to fit what you normally would carry.  

There is a large three pocket on the other side.  The center pocket is pleated and has a Velcro tab at the top, shown here closed

Shown here open.  The whole bag zips closed at the top and you may notice the zipper tape/teeth in this picture.

The bag is heavily interfaced with decor bond so is quite sturdy.  I was happy that I had chosen to sew with my old mechanical Singer as it is a workhorse!  When one of the computerized one balks at even 4 thicknesses of plain cloth, you can appreciate the Singer plowing through multiple layers.  I did, however, bend the tar out of several 110/18 heavy duty needles and broke a couple of 16 Jeans needles.  I have more ordered but a few tasks will wait till they arrive.  

What is next?  A blogging friend asked the other day if I was going to be getting back to quilty things rather than the craftsy things I have been doing.  LOL  eventually, yes.  I have three items kitted up with the leftover fabric. 

  • another ipad/tablet stand in red for Jane as a "thank you" for letting me borrow her kindle.  She knows about it as I asked her favorite color and she liked this red floral fabric I used
  • a this and that wallet to go with my bag
  • a wonder wallet for the loyalty cars to go with my bag
  • I also want to make a tablet case so I have some where to stow the two chargers with the tablet

Overview shot of my items

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you enjoy the remainder of the hop.  I know the others are waiting to strut their stuff for you too!  We are, after all, as Mdm Samm says a " sew and show" blog hop!

Last two days of Rush Hour Hop

Two days remain in the Rush Hour Hop!  This week has gone so quickly but then I was busy, busy, busy trying to get my main entry finished up.  Come back and see it on Monday (tomorrow), if you would please?  I've got my pictures taken and will be working on my post sometime today.  I also have the guild newsletter to get started on so it is a toss up which one I work on first, LOL.

There has been a schedule change so I'll re-post our cheerleader Carol's note since my list is buried a few posts back at this point.  Hope you'll join us or check out the Pinterest link at for the hop overview.  There have been some wonderful things made for this talented group!

Monday, September 29
Coeur d'Alene (moved from the 26th)

Tuesday, September 30

Sep 24, 2014

Checking in

I am starting into day 5 of my sewing on my main blog item--half done at this point actually though I made a design decision a little bit ago and am swapping out a different fabric in two areas.  I'll be happier with that choice.  Today is day two of the Rush Hour Hop and the schedule is in the post right below this one.  Gotta love that black, red, white and gray combo--very classic!

Yesterday was Belles day though I hardly feel like I was there.  Silly me had finally gotten up the courage to try to do my first buttonholes in about 30 years late Monday evening.  I pulled out the manual, read, drug out the machine and set it up.   I did a couple trial attempts, ripped out the first attempt on the fabric that mattered and made the two buttonholes required for my project.  It was 10:45 when I put on a bit of fray check and turned out the light.  In my rush to get out of the house the next morning, I went off without my thread AND the sections I needed for the next steps.  As soon as the first person arrived after me, I "ran" home to get my stuff.   Running from my house to the meeting place means about 16 miles one way and 20 minutes in time approximately.

When I got home and dashed in the house, Robert was out mowing so I opened up the back gate and hung Oscar's leash on the back fence post if he had to move him out of the way to do the back yard.   All this talking over the running mower, LOL.  By the time I got back and seated at the machine it was about 1030 and couple more of the girls had arrived and were pinning a few quilts.  Three total it turned out.  Two came back with me,  one is one of three that I will simply quilt for Donna and the other a donation top of Aline's.

It was not long and the other 4 girls started what to do for lunch.  I had grabbed something on the way back from my quick trip so I passed.  I wanted to get to a certain point in the pattern before I left and had already lost an hour and fifteen minutes.  They all scattered and were not coming back.  I stayed till 2:15 with just bottom joining seams to go on the exterior which I took care of last evening once I had Oscar in his crate for the night.  I bent the living tar out of two heavy duty needles and several pins.  I'm talking about 110/18's!!!  I also may have gotten the dial stuck in the max pressure zone too.  BUT I am going to get back to sewing and keep plugging!

Oscar and I are loving this fall weather.  Neither of us were overheated on our morning walk in the park, cooler with a pleasant breeze blowing.  The park meanwhile has been quite the busy place the last two weeks.  The town's heritage days are coming up on Saturday and the park crew has been painting, cleaning up, mowing etc in preparation.  The bathrooms that have been out of commission for months have had a crew working on them though the keep out tape is still in place. Hopefully that porta potty will be a thing of the past soon!  The biggest deal though is that they are replacing the kids playground equipment and we have been watching the assembly process for over a week.  This thing is quite the set up and to quote the police lt. from their page on Facebook  "Did you know that (our town) now has the tallest playground slide in Alabama? Did you know we are also the first in the state to have a wheelchair accessible swing? " 

 I will have to get pictures taken.  There are  two slides and  they are at least 13 foot up, I think someone said.  The mountain of ground cover stuff is out of the parking lot today and under the playground equipment though some will need to be swept up at the park entrance.  Last time I was there they were putting in the concrete around the base of all the poles.

They are not done yet, either.  Today a crew was out pulling up the 4 basketball poles/goals.  I asked the city dude who was out inspecting, what they were doing with the "big black poles", etc.  There is some sort of an awning with seating or picnic tables that are going in there.  The basketball hoops are going to be moved to one of the tennis courts (they can spare the 2nd one)  and they are going to plant some trees where the poles were.  The town already has small skate park area and a BMX bicycle track in place for a couple years now.  Unusual for a small town like this really.  There had been talk of the police department taking over some of the old playground space for some of their vehicles but he said that has been ruled out for now.  Instead, once they clear out some/all of the old stuff they are building another pavilion, will have a new area for cooking/grilling and a dog run/walk/park area.  Oscar seemed to sniff the guy's shoes in gratitude but fortunately did not pee on them.

I think I told you about them opening up the back end of the park that runs along the old "railroad to trails" area behind it.  While I am always sorry to see trees go, it is sort of growing on me.  It has not affected the morning shade situation so that's good.  Things are a changin' all over the park.

Well enough gabbing, need to get to sewing and then later Day 2 of the Rush Hour blog hop to see.  Hope you enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by----------

Sep 20, 2014

Rush Hour Blog Hop--round the corner!

Again, I am not quite ready but I am working on it!!   My day is September 29th so I have a few days before I panic.   Actually 3 smallish projects are done.  Also all the preliminary prep work is done for my main project.  Sewing will commence in a few minutes, right after I get this tube turned and stuffed.  My main project is something I have wanted to do for some time and wished it HAD been done before I took my trip last month.  Didn't happen obviously but it is going to, LOL.

Here is the upcoming schedule, courtesy of our head cheerleader Carol of Just Let Me Quilt who leads things off on Tuesday.  You will know I am busy sewing if you don't hear from me for a few day

Tuesday, September 23

Wednesday, September 24

Thursday, September 25

Friday, September 26

Monday, September 29
Life, Quilts, and Cats, too   << HERE I AM! >>

Tuesday, September 30

Sep 18, 2014

around the house

I should not be surprised that Oscar was sick during the night.  I expected it when I caught him chowing down on the grass in the corner of the yard, doing his best goat impression.  Of course, all the bedding had to be washed including the mat in his dog crate.  Previously I was able to get by with just washing the sheepskin cover I had made and using some Resolve cleaner but not this time.

So we come back from his morning walk and I cannot find Skyler in any of his usual haunts.  Yep, you got it----it is all fresh smelling and clean in there so in he climbs.    What's more, he is not acting like he wants to come out either!  We'll see what happens when Oscar comes in for Round 2 feeding time.

That is not to say that Oscar has not benefited from his own bit of spoiling.  He got a new toy.  You can see it in the front of the crate.  I put the mutilated duck (one wing, one foot and half a head) outside so we can play a little fetch out there.

I also got the bright idea to give him a little booster step up to the car window, seeing as he is vertically challenged with those short dachshund legs.  Veronica had shipped my friendship/comfort quilt in a Boot box so I stuffed one our extra pillows in there to firm it up, taped it closed and shoved the whole deal in the jersey pillow cases I am not using.  We tested it out today and he kinda, sorta gets what he is supposed to do with that.  Still, on the return trip, he was UNDER the hammock again but only got as far as the well in the back.  Though I did feel a doggie nose at my elbow at one point, he could not hop up and interfere with my driving.

What goofballs these two are!  Oscar has taken to chasing back when Skyler goes after him so I am hearing a bit more barking lately.  I cannot really blame him for retaliating though Skyler has no front claws and is mostly bluffing.

No sewing yet though I do intend to get busy cutting as soon as I finish up an errand.  I know what I am going to do so it is just getting started.  The decks are cleared around the house though as I did most of the laundry yesterday.  The floors have all been swept or vacuumed.  Dusted the worse of it, you know all those things that don't get done when sewing and being creative is more important?  Got groceries too and even did some cooking ahead: poaching some chicken, making a batch of Italian meatballs.   The poaching liquid had some of the key ingredients of chicken noodle soup in it.  Boy, did that make me hungry for some but still a bit too hot for soup.  I am going to make fruited chicken salad but I know some of the meat is headed to the freezer too.  

On another note:
I do appreciate all of you who came by during the blog hop.  Some commented, others did not.  Fun to see what others did with the theme and visit their spots too.  I'm all caught up with that as of last evening!

We had pleasant overnight temps, probably in the mid to high 50's and it seemed less humid this morning.  Maybe not but there is that hint of fall in the air. Of course, it will BE fall officially next week but that doesn't mean much in the South where you can still be wearing shorts into October.  I am just so sick of sweating and would welcome the chance to open the windows and air out the house.  It's coming!

Sep 17, 2014

Lick Skillet Quilt Show

This past Friday and Saturday (September 12 and 13) the Lick Skillet Quilt Guild held there first ever quilt show at the Oxford Civic Center.  I went on Saturday because I was still busy sewing on Friday and attending the quilt show made for a nice break away from home and machine.  Also I knew that some friends from Friendship Quilters would be attending then and I might see them.  Ordinarily it would have been our meeting day but it was cancelled as some of the group was off to the AQS show in Chattanooga and some of us are either Lick Skillet members too or like, wanted to support the local show.

These were a few that caught my eye though I wish I had gotten a picture of Brenda's unusual flying geese pattern quilt.   Because she gave the pattern source in the program I can link to someone else's version online.   It is called "Dizzy Geese" by Joan K. Streck and was featured in the book Quick Quilts from Your Scrap Bag.   Actually, I had gotten to the last row of quilt before I remembered that I had stuck my camera in my purse so it made it harder to track down the ones I liked.  Especially since I was stopping to talk with folks that I knew, LOL.

I was not all organized and marked the program with the pictures I took but some of these I knew the quilter.   Can't read the numbers on the drapes either.  This first one I think of as a split star

This one is "Anchors Aweigh" by Julie W.  Her husband is retired Navy.  She made it for him for Christmas but knowing that the show was coming up, she would not let him use it yet, LOL.  Julie is one of our Belles though Lick Skillet is her main group.

Surely this was foundation pieced.  Not sure about maker.  This is possibly from the Debby Kratovil workshop they had???  But sure looks a bit like a Judy Niemeyer pattern too.  I probably mispelled that name.

This is one of Brenda's quilts.  Grandma's Country Album II  Robert Callahan design, I think from McCall's Quilting Magazine 1999

Brenda's "Oceans of Fire"  Project in a magazine and she hangs it during the summer months

Carolyn D.  Civil War Legacies II--"Baskets for Betsy"

Shawnee who comes to Belles on occasion made this one.  "A Giant Labor of Love"  made for her daughter and son-in-law as a wedding gift.  Design source:  Trash to Treasures Pineapple Quilts by Gyleen Fitzgerald, inspired by "Noodle Soup"

Carolyn D.  "Cactus Wreath"  by Cozy Quilt Designs and designed by Georgette Dell'Orco

I saw several of these as they were done as the guild mystery quilt.  This one is Julie W's version and she called it"The Plot Thickens".  It could be a pattern from Cozy Quilt Designs called "Hanging Gardens".  She left the borders off for a couch throw, she told me.

This one has a split nine patch/Chiclet feel to it but I liked the set.  Do not know the maker

This is my friend Bev's music quilt.  I have seen this one in progress as she was binding it at one of hte last meetings.  

They also had a display of sewing machines and quilts in vignettes of the eras set up in another room along with their numerous country store items.   I got a bag of fabric for just three bucks loaded with all the fabrics you see pictures.  Mostly fat quarters but a few pieces larger.  2nd picture is a little fuzzy but it was in the same bag of goodies.

I think someone was making tea bag holders and mug rugs out of the coffee items as I saw some of those for sale.  The only other thing I got was that little scrubber thing on the bottom right.  I planned on stopping for lunch before I went home.  I also made a quick trip out to the exchange and Hobby Lobby for some supplies I needed to complete some upcoming projects.  Trust me, I was NOT the only one who had been to the quilt show first either.  I saw at least 10 people who had, like me, just come from there!

I didn't get home till about 2 so I had a good  time away from home for a little while anyway.

Sep 15, 2014

Final Day of the See You In September Blog Hop

Yep, it is the last day of the "See You In September/Save RBD Gingham" Hop.  Yes, we had time off this summer to get 3 things done but my time is no longer my own.  I have not been goofing off in any way,  shape or form but found that I have needed every single day of it in order to get finished up. It helped to be  bringing up the rear!

 While I AM finished (but have plans for more gingham goodness), I am sorry to say that I have been more of a spectator than commenter so far this round.  I'm reading on the tablet at lunch time when it is not as easy to comment.  I keep thinking I will get to it later and then it doesn't happen.  You know how it goes.  Give me a few days and I'll make amends for that as there have been some really cool things posted and selected for wow and creativity.

As always a big "Thank You" to Mdm. Samm of Sew We Quilt for allowing me to participate and dreaming up these ideas.  Apparently her plan for us to "Save the Gingham" has been successful in part as the medium sized check is staying.  That's what I heard anyway, LOL.  Also Shari of Living with Purpose has outdone herself as head cheerleader/blogger herder.  Give both of them a big hand!

I share the day with the following so pop on over and show them some bloggy love, if you would.

Tuesday, September 16
Life, quilts and a cat too   <<<YOU ARE HERE>>>

So what have I been up to??   

#1 Project
 It has become my tradition to make a Christmas tree skirt for the couples as my wedding gift to them, if they want one.  So far no one has turned me down yet!  When I was given the chance to go out to Colorado in mid August for my niece's wedding, I had been working on theirs.  It became obvious that it was going to have to be one of my items for the hop so I refrained from sharing any pictures in progress. Greg and Amber are not in a permanent living space at this point so I knew I could wait to send their gift.  It wouldn't have fit in my luggage anyway.  

 I asked about traditional colors when we talked about it.  When Amber said "blue" to go with her blue ornament collection, I had just the ticket.  Hooray!  I already had the fabrics and pattern for the Frosted Tree Skirt kit offered by Connecting Threads a few years ago.  (Julia and Blake wanted traditional colors instead of the blues in the kit.  I shared it for the HO HO HO Christmas in  July blog hop post last year).  

I had the blocks pieced before I left on my week long trip.  I was able to share a picture of it on the design wall with the bride.   It took two days to complete the top to flimsy and border it.  It took  another day to prep the back, make the bias binding and pin it.  Three days went into machine quilting it.  The picture may not show the cross hatching in the Puss in the Corner squares.  It took two more days to hand finish the binding.   There went another week to 10 days of the summer!

Excuse the indoor picture but it was sprinkling rain this morning.

#2 Project  Car Seat Hammock for my dog from Ex-Scapes

I bought the pattern and proceeded not to follow it, LOL.  It calls for a twill, duck or canvas for the backing and fleece for the top and folding the backing to the front for binding it.  No thanks!   I used this heavy, almost drapery like stuff on the front and back.  I also put the right sides together, stitched and turned it.  This allowed me to sew-in the webbing,  rather than sewing it on externally later.  Now I would have liked something snazzy like chevron stuff but it was too pricey.  This was not cheap either but the lady let me have what was left on the roll and that was another 2 yards of this stuff.  I may use it to make a dog bed for him, not sure yet.

While I don't think he will claw it up, it is a bit slippery and won't stay put very well.  The piece fastens around the front and back headrests with webbing and buckles.  The jury is still out on its effectiveness in keeping the car clean and him safe. It DOES keep him from climbing over it to get up into the front seat BUT (and you knew there was a but!),  he is a small dog and can burrow under it. For example, I dashed into the dollar store on the way back from walking in the park with him the other day and left him strapped in through his leash handle for about 5 minutes.  By the time I came out he was under the hammock, sitting on the console between the front seats and looking at the back seat!!   I strap his leash handle into the passenger front seat belt and roll down the back window so he can see out while in the car.  He whines if you don't roll it down but at least that is better than putting him in the carrier and having him both whine and try to dig his way to China!

And why didn't I take a picture of Oscar in the car??  Well, if the door is open, he is trying to get out, whether he is strapped in or not.  That idea does not work if I am not there to un-do him or guide his descent.  You will have to settle for this one, wanting on the side of the fence where I am on, always.  Where Skyler the mean old cat is?  Not so much.

#3 Several Gingham Goodness items AKA Sewing Room Makeover

Back in January I had laminate flooring put down in the sewing room.  DJ did some painting to freshen things up.  I reluctantly re-hung my ancient green Priscilla curtains which had been in place for 17 years, when we moved in.  It blocks the light but oh, so dated.



McCalls Home Dec In-A Sec #8217---touted as a 1 hour project for both the mock cornice board and the roll up shade.  HA! says I.  I used the Riley Blake "Farm Fresh" line by October Afternoon for the fabrics.  I barely knew what I was doing and consulted with Glynda for help in understanding the pattern and Robert, for the board and drilling.  I was supposed to use angle brackets but I think he misunderstood how I was to mount it and drilled down from the top.  It is screwed into the top of the molding.  While that worked, it also would have gotten in the way of how I was to mount the roll up shade on the back of the 1 x 3 board.  I took Glynda's suggestion of  mounting the shade up with Velcro applied to the window molding.  Now I can at least launder it. Unstaple the scallop thing and it can be laundered too.

Oh, one other thing---I took those dust catcher window pseudo pane things off of the window and then used Valspar frosting spray to obscure the vision through the window.  I got the weirdest cramp in my index finger for all the spraying out of the deal but it was so worth it, LOL as I have the light I need but some degree of privacy.   I can tell you right now I will NOT want to tie and untie that roll up thing every blessed day.  Skyler is not using his perch in here anymore and it is still too hot to want to open up windows so it does not matter to me if neither of us can see out.  I'm getting used to the change, LOL.  I lost some sewing time to waiting for glued on and pressed on Velcro to set up as well as that spray smell to dissipate.

My next coordinate was my Friday (the 12th) project---re-skirting the cutting/pressing table

My Saturday, Sunday projects.  I was re-doing the embellishments first thing this morning  No, amend that. First thing I was stitching up holes in Oscar's duck which was leaking fiberfil and I took the wing that was hanging on by a thread off.  Poor duck is down to one leg, one wing and half his face is gone.  Anyway my first two attempts at making a Kanzashi flower met with broken thread and an accidentally cut thread, respectively.  It was late and I was tired.  My first yo yo used a different fabric that had to be seamed---not a good idea.  I like this result better.

Rotary cutter holder, no pattern but I have one from the guild past president and followed hers, more or less.  The Dreamy Dresden Thread Catcher  is from Curry Bungalow's etsy shop.  I modified one of these before for the Hexie Queen Blog Hop in 30's prints.

I had the bag part of this all pieced yesterday afternoon and then decided I hated the boning look of the cuff plus I wanted the cuff to be much longer.   I re-cut the sections and modified it as I had the first time around by adding several inches to the lining cut heighth and backing it with heavy weight interfacing that I fused in place with stitch witchery.  It is stiff enough.  My contrasting strip is not near as narrow either.

Another view

I still have a good bit of fabric left and have plans for more gingham and coordinates goodness----

The old stuff I want to replace will not go to waste as I plan on packing up a bag of sewing dupes and having it ready to go when I sew away from home, rather than stripping my room every time I go to a sew-in or quilt meeting.    BUT most of that can wait,  for now.  After all, The Rush Hour Hop is coming up next with my featured day of September 29th.  I have not even started, of course, other than buying fabric, etc for what I plan to make.  I am determined NOT to be working right up to the last minute.

Meanwhile, I thank you for hanging out with me for a little while today.  I hope you have enjoyed the hop and will come around for the next one!