Jan 30, 2011

fun pkg from Mom

Look at what arrived yesterday from my mom. I knew she would be putting it in the mail at some point but from our phone conversations she was still loading it, LOL. Can she stuff a priority box or what?

The fun cat print is "just for me". Then there is a big pile of novelty fabrics---some will go for my "I Spy" project and others to the bug jars I have started. Another rolled up band of the same---I spied some superman and Harry Potter fabric in that bunch. Too fun!

She also packed in what she had left from a Lyn Brown Cypress quilt using two different jungle prints. She drafted it out to fit the 40 x 60 range that we shoot for with Wrap Them In Love quilts. I just need to add some of the go-with's and I will have another top kitted up. I am going to try using her Quilt calculator. Normally I do well figuring that sort of thing out on paper but I like quilt toys too, LOL. Also some floss bobbins that I definitely can put immediately to use. THX Mom! Isn't it cool that we can share this passion for sewing and sewing donation quilts?

More inspiration for me, I would say. Yesterday I was having one of those klutzy ones where nothing was going right so I just looked thru my inspiration picture file and some sites online for pattern ideas--those challenge fabrics and all to turn into something wonderful for the kids. Rather than risk slicing open my finger with the rotary cutter, it seemed like a safer way to go. Same thing with sewing, why risk sewing thru my finger when that black cloud was overhead?

I think it might be safe to try working on my February QOM base today. Both mine and the gift have the applique pieces prepped so other than cutting out something for a WTIL sewing date this coming Saturday, I hope to get those both moved along this week.

That's it for now------I hope you are having a good weekend in whatever you chose to do! THX for stopping by.

Jan 28, 2011

distracted..........good or bad?

I often have nights where I wake up around 2 in the morning and stay awake for hours. Last night was one of them. Somehow I had fabric on the brain and in spite of my efforts to settle back down, the thoughts kept coming. After I was awake for well over an hour, a particular fabric and project came to mind and I pulled out the bins stored in the bedroom closet to out to take a look.

It is about 1:30 in the afternoon and I am still pulling out bins and auditioning fabrics when I should be back to prepping applique pieces on something I cannot even show you yet. But my playing has come up with some possible options for the PIF stuff. The large figured sports piece goes very well with some Garden Gals KP kids stuff in my stash but I had to hunt for some blues that would work. SCORE! I think this will be my project for the WTIL sewing weekend on the 5th. I'm thinking Quiltwoman's Craftsman or Right Angles for this.

In the foreground, the lipstick on the color fabric showed up in the red/black/blue bin. Perfect for backing on my February button up even if I might be the only one who knows it is there. BUT I still need to prep the hearts, LOL.

That other stack to the left is some of the leftovers from the lunch box BB challenge in 09. Imagine my surprise when it goes with THAT cobblestone kit fabric from WTIL. I am thinking Snuggle Up for that stuff. I found a good stack of fabric for a "Prairie Stroll" ( google that one for images) though I might need a 5th color to accomplish that one. I even found a nice go-with stripe for a chunk of yardage from the BB scrap challenge and some yardage that might work for a Gordian Knot class I plan on taking in late February. Another grouping may turn into a Double Attic Window or that old favorite Warm Wishes.

Well, DJ says we can go pick up my car. Apparently the auto repair place cannot replicate the same conditions that were troubling it yesterday. It would start but not continue to run and then quit doing it once they towed it in to look at it. Odd, huh? Let's hope I don't get stranded along side the road somewhere if it decides to start that again.

I'll get back to what I was supposed to be doing today once we return---not that I thought my detour was such a bad thing. I often think (falsely, LOL) that my pal Norma is responsible in part for leading me astray but obviously I can do a pretty good job of it all by myself! At least I have some ideas for the next bunch of donation quilts which is more than I DID have this time yesterday.

THX for stopping by!

Jan 26, 2011

WIP Weds, wk #4

My focus today---cutting and specifically, cutting for the February Joined at the Hip QOM. If you try the link, ctrl+F "BU2" and click on the image.

I started cutting and then a little kitty inspector popped up to see what he could do to "help". The measuring tape whipping around may have attracted him since it looks like one giant string to him. Cutting instructions hanging at eye level to guide me along.

The stripe is some I over-dyed along with the jumbo rick-rack and a red the pattern calls for. The stripe is part of the sashing between heart blocks. I drew it up in EQ to foundation piece since the red piece that goes between the stripe pieces finishes at 1/2 inch. I decided to cut up what remains to use for bias binding and the hanging loops.

The rest of the fabric to be used, waiting. If I had to iron it, I don't want it all "kitty tested" before I am ready to cut! Pull from the stash where possible though I did purchase the soft green background and one fat quarter of a red that may work in the mix.

And pictured is what it should sorta look like. I have put the patterns in their own notebook for quick referral. See the cute rabbit for March?

Once I am done cutting this I will prep the FAB challenge bday project as well. The plan is to sew/applique both this week and then switch over to quilting mode next week. Hopefully I will be able to continue on to the 2 1/2personal projects that remain atop my dresser after that.

Also the WTIL list bunch is planning on having a sewing weekend Feb 5th and 6th. I will need to cut and kit a project for that if I don't pull something from the shelf or UFO drawers. I am leaning towards a Jewel Box top from fabrics I have had pulled for some time. I've made a couple before but not since I have been blogging. Thangles or triangles on a roll will help there.

That should be enough cutting for one day, don't you think??

Of course I am itching to cut that stuff in my challenge bags but it will have to wait. I sorted thru the bags last night and now have a handle on what is in there and what needs to be done to prep it. Right now I am leaning towards a couple of Miss Rosie Quilt Company patterns---Grandma's Scrap Bag or version two of Ashcombe for some of the strips I found in the bag(s). Click on the link; ctrl+F and type in the pattern name and it will take you to link and then a picture or you may have to use the view pattern link once you are in the right year and season the pattern was released. I already have some of the components for a GSB cut and waiting. HERE is a nice scrappy, donation sized one that my mom made a few years back.

BUT there is a good bit of yardage in there that would work up nicely into some of the Quiltwoman.com panel type designs---right angles, prairie window, craftsman maybe?? It will be interesting to see just how many quilts I can find hiding in those bags when you add in my stash! Other stuff is more suited to blocks--some nice purples for butterflies maybe. Fun, challenging and get those creative juices working! Visions of quilts dancing in my head..............

Thanks for stopping by------

Jan 25, 2011

Next challenge

The Bama Belles got to meet today though last week I was beginning to wonder if we might be in for another snowed out/iced up meeting day. It has poured rain all day but the temps stayed up so far. They were calling for 1/2 to 2 inches of snow later tonight unless that is upgraded on the news tonight.

With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years we don't have a work type meeting for almost two months time. We had a good turn out today in spite of the weather and were thrilled to have 3 of our friends who cannot come very often, join us "regulars". It is always fun to see what others are working on and catch up. I had quilt pictures to take, patterns to file, pictures to file but that often happens. Janet and Ada helped me un-box our batting and get it rolled up on the cardboard tube which needed to be done. Oh, the quilts turned in today have already been featured here so I won't post them this time.

Because I am trying to get caught up at home, I left all of my 6 donation tops at home along with the 3 personal projects that will need pinned at some point. They had plenty of hands on deck to pin the ones that did get done but they were not coming home with me!

So what is with those bags?? Well, after we had our last challenge reveal featuring the "Romance" fabric I told the group that I no longer had any more donated yardage to use for the challenge. Did they want me to purchase something for the next one or did they want to go another route? After some discussion, it kind of evolved that we should do a scrap bag challenge. Bring a grocery bag of scraps, fats, strips, yardage, whatever to share. Lois, our scrap queen is about up to her eyeballs in scraps, so she would start out the bags and we would each add stuff to it. Then we all grab a bag BUT no going thru them before you pick or swapping out pieces with another bag either! Taking what you get and finding a use for it IS the challenge. One of the girls said that was okay but I wouldn't know what they would do once they got out to the car----point taken, LOL. See how they listen to me??

Other than what is right on top I don't have a clue what is my bags. Yeah, I have two of them. There are two left in case someone who was not present wants to get in on the fun. The only rule was make a donation quilt from the contents, more if you want. There are no rules about having to use a bit of each and every piece. Add as much as you want from your own stash. Go for it! We decided if you absolutely cannot use a piece, don't toss it. We can either re-circulate it down the line or donate to another group that does donation quilt work. Should be interesting and we will all be looking for scrappy quilt patterns. I hope to combine some of this stuff with my PIF challenge fabric and meet more than one objective.

Tomorrow is DJ's and my 12th anniversary. See what he had waiting for me when I came home? Atta boy points for the hubby! We will go out to eat tomorrow night at a local catfish restaurant for their January "riverboat" special. I just hope we don't get any of that snow or freezing temps!

Thanks for stopping by-------------

Jan 24, 2011

finished to flimsy #5

Done with this yesterday/today's sewing project. #5 of 11n11 challenge

Next up: February Joined at the Hip quilt of the month and a FAB bday challenge piece.

Design wall Monday, wk. 4---amended

Not much on the "wall"---the next donation quilt top from the fabric that keeps on giving. This is the last of the green habitat fabric, it and its companion print that some of the group got when we did the challenge. I don't have enough fabric to make another BQ 2 from this same stuff so I came up with this instead. The Patience Corner top will be the 4th one I made using this particular challenge fabric. Apparently the challenges continue long after they are officially completed, LOL. I stumbled upon some of the paint splash stuff from the 1st one the other day!! And there is still some of the most recent Romance stuff left. Some point down the line, I will come up with a plan.

No, I am not crazy about this combo but I am busting stash. I found the tan print the other day when I was hunting for backing yardage. It had been used for backing and/or some long ago quilt. Nice Moda Marble left from a previous project too---a past t-shirt quilt if I recall. It is only 12 blocks and maybe it will be okay.

I told Norma yesterday that I may be in the process of making the world's ugliest quilt. I thought that there should be a name for committing this "crime"----quilticide or fabric abuse, maybe? Yeah, I am stash busting but at what cost to the eyes for this combo?? I like the EQ printout, LOL...... and if I were not whining, I would have to admit to having made or quilted worse in the last 11 years, I guess.

The previous shot shows the pile that I had chained thru Sunday evening,adding the short strips to each square. At right is another trick I picked up from my friend Joy. Hiding under the block components is a flannel (actually this one has heavy dressmaker weight felt on it) covered piece of cardboard/foamboard. She suggested that you lay the block out as it should be pieced---always a good idea. It is easy to get confused about what goes at the top and sides on this pattern. Ask me how I know! The board is big enough to cover the bottom of a pizza box for transporting and light weight enough to carry it to your machine. In my case I will pull out the desk flat surface so it is right at my workspace and ready to nab a section.

Hopefully the weather will hold off on the precip and freezing temp combo so we can have our quilt meeting. I have already started making the strawberry pretzel salad/dessert that I was taking for the potluck part. Just waiting for the crust to cool down a bit and then the strawberry jello/frozen strawberry part can happen. I'll prep our supper taco toppings while I am out there. Because I shared our Sunday supper with our recently hospitalized friend, I'll have to fix lunch today too. I am beginning to feel like I am taking up residence in the kitchen but some days are like that. I really don't mind as it is just another way of being creative, right?

Better get going or I will be chopping tomatoes at noon!

Jan 22, 2011

#4 of 11n11

Truly Twisted set for Twisted Sister pattern from Ami Simms. Fabrics, thanks to my mom.

Our guest was here about lunch time on Friday so last evening while the guys watched TV and talked golf I fired up the sewing machine getting the lower half assembled. Today was just joining top and bottom halves and putting on the borders.

Yesterday Jane and Aline had invited me to ride along to the Ashville House Quilt Shop over in St. Clair County, Alabama. Aline had a quilt to drop off and pickup from the long armer at the shop as well. It is located in a restored Victorian house that at one point had been a tea room and a private residence. When you take the north county roads from the northern end of Calhoun Co. to get over to I-59 (and the Trussville quilt shop) we would go right by there and admire the home.

Anyway I found the green border fabric (with a gold metallic star on it) at the shop who happened to be having a 40% off the bolt sale and another pretty 30's piece that may be used for FAB birthday challenge project. It might be a Christmas fabric, but I don't really care. It picks up the yellow of the block centers....and more importantly something fun for a kid's donation quilt.

In between I have been messing in the kitchen. A dear friend has just been released from the hospital and I took something over for their lunch today. Our houseguest left me a big bag of apples that I made up into apple sauce in the crockpot. No sooner was the pot emptied out and I am poaching chicken to make some chicken noodle soup for their/our supper tomorrow.

What is next sewing? I am due a reward project, actually past due. I am thinking I will cut out my February Joined at the Hip QOM and/or the aforementioned FAB birthday gift. One I can share, one I can't LOL.

About time for supper so will sign off------thanks for stopping by!

Jan 19, 2011

WIP Weds.

Well, to be honest it is NOT quite in progress yet but it IS what I will be stitching on as soon as I am done cleaning the bathroom, LOL. Nosy kitty climbed into the folds of the quilt last night to check it out.

I was busy with kitchen chores this morning. A pot of pinto beans are simmering in the crockpot. I also made some cranberry sauce and a no-bake pumpkin pie for our turkey meal tomorrow. After making a store run and a few other errands, it was time for lunch. Where has the morning gone?

Pictured at right, DJ and Skyler testing out the new to them recliner "throne". DJ's beloved recliner that he had for 25 yrs and babied thru dropped hardware, etc finally gave up the ghost Monday night. He called someone in a classified ad about on they had listed. They had a used burgundy Lane recliner in stock and he had just knocked it down half price to 75 bucks. DJ insisted that I go look at with him or risk me complaining about a "monstrosity" in my living room till the end of time, LOL. We did look at some new ones as well but the delivery rate was as much as the used chair! If it doesn't work out for him, we are not out much money and have an idea of what a new one would cost.

Skyler gave it, and the new kitchen throw rug I had gotten, the old sniff and circle test. New stuff to scout out that wasn't here before, you know. DJ thought that Skyler would not get in the chair with him that readily but it only took a hour or so. It looks like these two will be sitting there in their customary positions come TV viewing time tonight.

That bathroom is not going to clean itself. DJ received confirmation that the golfing friend will not be here till late Thursday night-early Friday morning. The forecast is not good for getting a round so I doubt he is here long. We'll see. Meanwhile, I have a clean house to enjoy and some hand work to keep me busy.

Jan 17, 2011

Design Wall Monday

"Winter" officially finished when I sewed on the beads this morning. Glamour shot, LOL.

Now moving on to the design wall part----Twisted Sister blocks below. I decided on the "truly twisted" version for the blocks. Half twist clockwise and the other half, counterclockwise just by flipping the strip set over and cutting from the wrong side.

The other blocks are orphan blocks from my mom but the primrose star thing is one of mine. One of these days I will assemble all of them, plus more, into a donation top.

I have 13 of the required 24 for the top done. I'll get back to piecing in a few minutes though I doubt it will get the top assembled for a few days anyway.

Tomorrow I clean up in here since company is coming soon. I doubt that the pile of binding will still be sitting there for much longer. Of course, cleaning up gets me a few days of handwork as I don't want to make a big mess and track strings all over the place----again, LOL.

And so it goes-----------

Jan 15, 2011

sewing plans

I grabbed a kit out of the stacking drawer unit this morning that will be #4 of 11n11 donation challenge. It is the Ami Simms' Twisted Sister that my mom cut and kitted up for me. She had one strip set sewn and sub-cut to remind me where I am headed---green backgrounds and white arms on this one with a stack of yellow centers.

What you probably can't tell is that she has the green and white strips layered right sides together for each of the strip sets! They are all ready to feed into the machine. And I thought I was organized! WTG, Mom!

She also cut me a big pile of 5 1/2 inch green strips that I will need to provide a background and center square for, not a problem there. I have made two of these in the past--maybe two years ago?? (yep, May 2009 there is a picture of one I finished) I will need to review the directions first or look at Ami's good tutorial online. Partial seaming, not a problem there either.

Mom may need to remind me if we were doing some of the variation ideas for it though. Ami shows one that you cut half one way and half reversed for "Truly Twisted" I can see how one could accidentally cut some of them wrong if you folded the strip. I have no doubt that someone discovered this set in a happy accident, LOL. You can see what I mean by clicking HERE for one in the gallery pages of Twisted Sister quilts. Or review other sets in the gallery HERE.

Maybe I will finally try the Eleanor Burns similarly sounding named pattern "Twin Sisters" but bump up the strip size it calls for with the rest of the greens?? Now there is an idea! I have been wanting to try that since Lois has been making them--you can see one of hers HERE. It is from Burns' book Quilts Through the Seasons but I found a pdf file of instructions when I googled it. It states that the block was originally published by the Ladies Art Company under the name of Twin Sisters. Other published names according to EQ's BlockBase (Barbara Brackman) are Water Wheel, Whirlwind, Windmill and Pinwheel. Eleanor probably has streamlined the piecing but it is an old pattern. I'll mull this over, LOL and save it for a "down the line" idea.

I should be starting to clean house but it can wait another day. I don't intend to do it all in one day anyway and wear myself out. DJ's golfing buddy from IL is supposed to be here either Thursday or Friday. Whether or not the weather will cooperate to play a round or two is another story. If we are as cold as it has been lately, he will move on further South. Either way. the house will be neat and tidy even if all he does is walk into my kitchen and leave for breakfast with DJ.

Off to hit the strip sets................see how far I get today.

Jan 14, 2011

#3 of 11

Just finished my #3 top in the 11n11 challenge plus fulfilled one of my PIF challenge quilts. Makes me wonder how many other quilts are hiding in my stash but I know the impetus was that yard of stripe that I didn't have available to me before.

Not sure what I will do tomorrow in the creative department. I would really like to work on the February Joined at the Hip Button Up (look for BU 2) but I am waiting on some background fabric. I over-dyed some of the fabrics and jumbo rick rack that I DO have here this morning. I will pull the rosy pinky reds for the hearts in anticipation of a start anyway.

Maybe some hand work rather than be hunched up over the machine? That might be a good break.

I couldn't resist snapping Skyler's picture this afternoon as he slept in his window seat here in the sewing room with me. Little cutie patootie enjoying the sun, paw thrown over his face.

You might be able to see from the pic that the snow is basically gone in the front yard. If we hit the 50's as they are predicting this weekend, the remaining bits of icy stuff and piled up snow will probably be gone as well.

Till next time---------

Jan 13, 2011

next up

After I posted last night about what I might do next my eye kept wondering to a piece of the "Pay It Forward" (PIF) challenge fabric. What did I have that might work with that stripe? LOL, it sort of reminds me a pair of bell bottom pants I had back in the late 60's.

I only have a yard of it so I needed to do a little math to see if could squeeze what I needed out of it. That plan started with what size background squares I needed to cut. EQ to the rescue! You can probably see my scribble notes on the printout to aid in cutting.

I could not match the yellow but what worked was the leftover border fabric from my big bargello bed quilt. It is a creamy yellow background with brighter yellow flower and the same colored green leaf. Not ideal maybe but it would work plus I had enough of it---31 x 108 long piece.

The green in the stripe is pretty subtle esp from a few feet away. Too bad I goofed up and cut up most of that green into binding for Bridge Creek Blossom. I haven't decided for sure if I want that blue border or the green border fabric for binding yet but leaning toward blue. See how I wind up with lots of binding on storage?? Anyway, that left the denim blue or the pink-y red.

A huntin' I went. Amazingly I found the perfect red mixed in the mid to darker blue basket, not where it really belongs. It almost looks like someone tried to dye it and is only 36 wide. It should be fine for those cornerstones and little quarter square triangles that will be needed. My printout page copied from my quilt bible Fon's and Porter's Quilter's Complete Guide to the rescue. That and another cheat sheet on how many squares in a strip and strips in a yard hang off the pegboard for quick consultation, always!

This might not be the world's most attractive quilt but it should work. Two challenges met: to use the PIF fabric for a donation quilt and a personal challenge to use the stash when possible. As you can see, I cut it out this morning after living with my decisions over night. The photo at right shows you were I am headed. Stripe fabrics work great for these though the ideal would be to use strings or piece it in some manner. I was stash busting on that long ago donated one too. I have done it both ways in the past. Once I even cut the stripes the "wrong" directions and it made it look totally different! It is doubtful that I will border the present one as all that is left is that pink-y red that I may be able to use up on the back. As printed, it will be in the WTIL size range.

So after lunch, I'll piece the backing and binding(s) for Bridge Creek Blossom and start on the RR Crossing. So far it has been a jammie day with the morning sneaking away in pursuit of my hobby and obsession. Shower time and get dressed by lunch!

Jan 12, 2011

finished to flimsy #2 of 11n11

Not the best picture but quilt holder was NOT going to be able to hold the width and length for very long without complaint. The top finishes about 58 x 73. Skyler wandered over to inspect as you can see.

Still need to round up backing, seam the binding and mark the quilting lines but in essence, I am done.

So reward time or pick #3 of 11? I am itching to get at the February Joined at the Hip QOM but have a piece of fabric ordered for background that won't be here for a few days.

Another option would be to start working on a few of my revised Oxmoor Christmas Sampler last seen in the sketch HERE. Looking at the screenshot I know I made a few more tweaks after that. I already have scraps pulled to do some of the log cabin and ornament blocks.

See what sounds good in the morning! I will be happy to get out of the house a bit tomorrow now that the roads are officially open.

WIP Weds. wk #2

Bridge Creek Blossom assembly, it is for #2 of 11 in the 11n11 challenge. I had made enough blocks in a bright colorway for donation in mid 2010 so this is the 2nd set of blocks. Yeah, I cut even though I was not really in the mood to do so mostly because it meant ironing first.

HERE is the shot of the first one as a flimsy. I quilted that version in late November and my friend Jane took it and a couple more for binding. Of course, with the holidays and the inclement weather it has not been turned in yet for its "beauty" shot.

I am using that nice blue with itty bitty cherries on it for borders instead of more jig saw fabric as the first one used. While that jig saw was a fun print, it was also directional and I am not in the mood for more fabric matching, LOL. Did that once! The bright green will be the narrow inner border or a flap just to add a spark between the floating white setting triangles.

I left off last night with the top half done---today, the bottom half. You know where to find me.

Jan 11, 2011

almost finished

I set to work on finishing up my little Winter wall hanging today. Quilter's DO buttons when they are used as embellishments, LOL. This would be finished except for the fact that I need 10-4 mm glass beads to put on the area under the cardinal to dress up the twigs like berries. I had already decided I was NOT going to try to do the embroidered "welcome" on the top and bottom borders. I thought there would be no way to mark it where I could actually see it on that black print with those gray/white lines. SO I am going to count as the 3rd finish for the year anyway.

First I had to refresh my memory as to were I had put the beads in the first place. Then I had only 7 of the perfect color but a little too big. The others I had were too small and orange. It will wait till I can see if there are any available or give up and order some.

I think that the roads will be passable tomorrow. Already I hear more traffic on the main road and even a couple cars on the lane. The newspaper carrier delivered Monday and Tuesday's edition about 30 minutes ago but no mail person yet. The snow is melting off the ground enough to see the grass in places. But the sky really looks like we could have more precipitation---that dull gray sky but no clouds that I can see that makes you think rain. We did see some flurries for about 5 minutes this morning actually.

Yesterday afternoon I had gone out to knock the snow off my car's surfaces before it got anything more crusted to it. I measured an inch of snow and a layer of icy sleety stuff on top of that but it cleared off fairly easily. Then I used the snow shovel to clear off the mess I made on the drive so hopefully it will not be icy when I finally get to drive. The neighbor was out walking the dog, husband was inside and here I am wielding the shovel. I told Robbie that we had debated about bringing it with us when we moved and actually it was MY shovel. First time I think we have had to use it since we moved in 97.

Well, guess I better find something else to work on. Binding maybe or piece one of the donation projects from my pizza box or storage unit?? I don't feel like cutting out setting squares and triangles for what I thought would be next. HMMMM guess you will see when I do a WIP post.

Jan 10, 2011

pay it forward

A local area friend mentioned something about an online quilt shop called Over The Rainbow that was sending out "pay it forward" fabric for one cent plus 5 dollars in shipping. They pick the fabric and it helps clear out the stuff they are tired of but that fabric will go for a good use as you are promising to use it in pro bono quilts. Okay, I can do that---and have been doing that since 1999.

The shop as apparently sold out of this promotion----TWICE! Laura mentioned just how many PIF kits they had packaged up 200 at one point and maybe that amount before?? Think of just how many people or children will be served by this!

This is what arrived on Friday---8 yard cuts of fabric in one of those " if it fits we ship" priority flat rate envelopes. Obviously none of it is really coordinated fabric so that might explain the note "good luck" on the shipping slip, LOL. This might be my own personal WTIL challenge for the year!

I do have ideas of how some of it could be used in separate quilts though by adding in my own stuff. That large sports print would work wonderfully in something like Prairie Windows or Right Angles where the fabric would not need to be cut up. The stripe, maybe a simplified Railroad Crossing where you don't have to piece the bands. Something two color for that large pink paisley? I am sure that I can come up with something cool with that lively yellow print---Mahjongg but re-sized perhaps since I don't have a lot of fabric to work with and that sweet blue and red might work with it but I have a lot of fabrics that will work with it anyway. Nothing immediate springs to mind with the two on the left end. The blue piece, I think, is like a cheater panel lightly marked with motifs in white---maybe meant to be embroidered over but one can always use the back side and it would go with the country feel of the fabric next to it.

Lastly, the wild bright print is a heavier, decorator print. Might work for cancer tote bags or something for the animal shelter or walker bags. HMMMM. Any other suggestions out there??

As a checking in note---I got my Winter piece bound on Saturday while sitting at the quilt guild meeting. But I still need to go back and do the embellishments on it---some buttons, beading and embroidery.

It was a fun day out with the group with lunch before we headed back to Calhoun County. The catfish/BBQ restaurant that DJ and I would stop at over in Pell City once or twice a year had undergone a total restoration including the name of the place, appearance inside and out and the menu. LOL, the prices reflected it.

Yesterday was laying in some groceries ahead of the anticipated winter storm and some other desk clearing tasks. Truthfully, it looks like less snow than we had on Christmas day though this time the driveway and lane was covered. Either the stuff blew off or we had a wintery mix. It looks like there was either ice under that snow or icing from the sleet that fell first. We don't have snow covering the bushes and shrubs either so maybe it was the more powdery, non-packing kind?? The roads are closed. I had to laugh when they were doing the closings on the radio a bit ago----"why don't you just say what is OPEN?"

Apparently we are not out the woods yet as freezing rain is in the forecast for today. Not good---ice means loss of power and a worse mess to wait to melt off. That is not apt to happen anytime soon with the temps we will be having. Hide and watch, I guess.

Of course, many in the state of Alabama want to be able to see the BCS bowl tonight since the national championship for football is finally on tonight. WAR EAGLE! (sorry, Pam---just want to see a good game without player injuries.) It would be nice to say that Alabama had two national champions back to back and the SEC well represented. We'll see.

Jan 7, 2011

a finish......... or two

two finishes if you want to count the base----and I do!

Joined at the Hip Button Up #1

Looks like I better plan on replacing that cafe rod though---it looked a little bent before but now it has the weight of TWO quilts on it.

WOOHOO for me! Pam and I decided to call this a "quilt" of the month as those are BIG blocks.

Jan 6, 2011

all in a days work

Quilted and binding done yesterday---all 3 pieces. Last stitch taken in the sleeve and label application about 9 p.m. last night. Woohoo for setting and meeting the day's goals. I still will need to hand finish the binding which won't be easy on that black or dark fabric I used.

I just got home from a quilt group meeting so have not had a chance to start on the binding. While I was sitting for 2 plus hours, I got a couple of redwork cornerstone motifs done for my Bird Brain Santa quilt, shown HERE. May as well do something constructive, right?

At right is the block that I made for my friend who will be having surgery next week that was supposed to be included in a comfort quilt for her. Turns out another faction of the guild had something else in mind for her so the donated blocks will be used for other comfort quilts. Makes no difference to me as it will still go to good use. Block pattern: Friendship Quilt Brackman # 1648 and attributed to the KC Star 1934.

Jane invited me to go to Pell City with her on Saturday to another quilt guild meeting so I will probably go. Apparently that group is doing a BOM this year that is pretty much a "do your own thing" but they pick the pattern and you keep your own block. Should be fun and I know that the January block is Weathervane from the Quilter's Cache site. Just looking at it though I am NOT piecing it like she says! Too many un-necessary seams for me.

So you know where to find me---binding or stitching.

Jan 5, 2011

WIP Wednesday, wk #1

Ready to quilt today. Last night I ended up piecing batting for all three quiltlets. UGH but stash busting there too. Price of cotton is going up, up, up so those bits need to be used when possible. I have never been able to feed this stuff into the machine like Joy used to do. I think she used zigzag to bridge the two units or something but she had a Pfaff with a built in walking foot so that may have been the secret. Or I just need more practice.

I didn't get as early a start as I planned on that task and was still piddling with this well after 9 p.m. DJ had done the prep cleaning on the kitchen floor and then I had to mop. Then when I was out on errands I ran into a friend at the store who said there was a quilt in the works for a pal of ours. I made a block for that project. Can't show it though.

The leftover bits of fabric from the JATH BOM base unit were pieced to make the backing for "Winter". There was some unplanned back piecing on the January quiltlet too. I shorted myself fabric on both the top and bottom end, just a hair. Of course, I did not discover this til I had already spray basted it. No matter, it is fixed now and ready to go.

I am not sure about spray basting these long projects. It works fine for me on the smaller pieces ---like Winter, last years Calendar blocks, Be Attitude quilts. I loves me some 505 there. Longer and wider, Color me "unconvinced". I found I really didn't have a spot to spread it out properly, on the base unit anyway. The thing is I had debated for a day or two about making a run over to the church were we meet to just pin them traditionally. I still wonder if that was not the best decision. For subsequent ones, I will see how January quilts up.

The base unit will be easy quilting---just zoom lines, horizontal and vertical. January, SID though I ended up marking a grid 2 3/4 wide on the snowman base using the vest points to strike my angles. That 14 x 16 inch square was just too big not to do something in there. The vest will have buttons added but I may do a vertical line to make it look more vest-like. I don't plan on getting too carried away on 'Winter" as there are some anchoring beads and buttons to be added but will see, LOL.

As soon as I swap out machines, it will be "pedal to the metal" and on to meeting today's goals. Who knows, I may get carried away and quilt two of the pieces atop the armoire that greet me every morning! We'll see.

Jan 4, 2011


As I was pressing the miles of binding I had piled up on the table and winding it on the cardboards it made me wonder how others might store theirs.

I picked this habit of rolling it up over cardboard flats from my friend Joy. She had to have been one of the most organized people I know/knew. It will tuck right into the folds of a top or pinned top making it easy to find it when you are ready for it. Many times she would ask "where is the binding for this one?" if she was going to quilt it for you. Eventually I got over my phobia about machine quilting and could do my own relieving her of a lot of extra work on behalf of Wrap Them In Love.

Most of the binding you see in the box is from times when I over-cut. Sometimes I cut it out, sewed it up or not and then changed my mind about the colors. Often there is enough in there for a donation quilt and definitely plenty for scrappy binding on scrappy quilts. This bag holds the "binding bows". The little bits and bobs that is not enough wind up. Mostly these get shared with my pals that do scrappy binding but I have been known to dig back in there myself on occasion.

A few errands to run and basting after lunch or I may not have anything to share for WIP Weds, LOL.

#1 of 11

Tada! Finished the BQ2 top as the last seam was taken while waiting for supper to finish baking Monday evening. I call this one the "pinwheel" set as opposed to the diagonal configurations you might see. You may need to back up and squint to see it. It really stood out on the thumbnail in EQ that I drew up to re-size the blocks. I looked at some BQ 2's on webshots to see how others have worked with the pattern and liked this set the best. I guess it goes diagonally as well but not in the concentrated areas of color that you see on the pattern jacket.

LOL, I just noticed that Skyler managed to sneak in to the shot ( his scratch box is right near that spot)

Pile of binding to press, backing to dig up and back to JATH BOM is today's plan.

Jan 3, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Well, make that design "table" instead? And more like a WIP judging from the pile on the ironing surface ready to be pressed if you want to be more accurate. That and a pile of binding for three other projects soon to be joined with more for this one, LOL.

This is #1 towards my goal of 11 n 11 donation quilt projects. BQ2 from Debbie Bowles at Maple Island Quilts. I have a made a few plain BQ's in the past but never this pattern, till now. I see from the website that she has a BQ3 now in a wonky version---not sure that I will "bite" though. She shows two sizes of blocks---18 inch and 9 but I scaled mine down in EQ to an 8 inch finished block to accommodate a pile of cut 5 1/2 inch squares.

The green fabric is one that we used for the group's 2008 challenge quilts---shown
HERE. As the group's leader I ended up with the leftovers to come up with another use for them though I already made a Jungle Nine Patch and a Puss in the Corners with my own. I still have 25 more green squares left but used 35 in the BQ. I'll think of something--- Warm Wishes maybe?? The fabric that keeps on giving, LOL. I swear that it multiplies over night like gremlins.

Break time is over. If I want to get these blocks into a flimsy by day's end, I best be getting back to the machine. As planned I DID get all the machine button hole embroidery done on Winter and the January JATH BOM so either of those will be ready for basting and quilting. Make a donation top and back to the "rewards" project---that's the action plan for 2011, after all!