Jan 22, 2011

#4 of 11n11

Truly Twisted set for Twisted Sister pattern from Ami Simms. Fabrics, thanks to my mom.

Our guest was here about lunch time on Friday so last evening while the guys watched TV and talked golf I fired up the sewing machine getting the lower half assembled. Today was just joining top and bottom halves and putting on the borders.

Yesterday Jane and Aline had invited me to ride along to the Ashville House Quilt Shop over in St. Clair County, Alabama. Aline had a quilt to drop off and pickup from the long armer at the shop as well. It is located in a restored Victorian house that at one point had been a tea room and a private residence. When you take the north county roads from the northern end of Calhoun Co. to get over to I-59 (and the Trussville quilt shop) we would go right by there and admire the home.

Anyway I found the green border fabric (with a gold metallic star on it) at the shop who happened to be having a 40% off the bolt sale and another pretty 30's piece that may be used for FAB birthday challenge project. It might be a Christmas fabric, but I don't really care. It picks up the yellow of the block centers....and more importantly something fun for a kid's donation quilt.

In between I have been messing in the kitchen. A dear friend has just been released from the hospital and I took something over for their lunch today. Our houseguest left me a big bag of apples that I made up into apple sauce in the crockpot. No sooner was the pot emptied out and I am poaching chicken to make some chicken noodle soup for their/our supper tomorrow.

What is next sewing? I am due a reward project, actually past due. I am thinking I will cut out my February Joined at the Hip QOM and/or the aforementioned FAB birthday gift. One I can share, one I can't LOL.

About time for supper so will sign off------thanks for stopping by!


  1. good job on the TTS top...turned out really cute...love the mirrored block look.

    I vote you work on a FAB bday challenge...just my vote...for what it is worth.


  2. What a fun quilt top!! It dances! And really fun that your mom shared the fabric!

  3. I love the Twisted Sister top! That sure went together fast!


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