Jan 28, 2011

distracted..........good or bad?

I often have nights where I wake up around 2 in the morning and stay awake for hours. Last night was one of them. Somehow I had fabric on the brain and in spite of my efforts to settle back down, the thoughts kept coming. After I was awake for well over an hour, a particular fabric and project came to mind and I pulled out the bins stored in the bedroom closet to out to take a look.

It is about 1:30 in the afternoon and I am still pulling out bins and auditioning fabrics when I should be back to prepping applique pieces on something I cannot even show you yet. But my playing has come up with some possible options for the PIF stuff. The large figured sports piece goes very well with some Garden Gals KP kids stuff in my stash but I had to hunt for some blues that would work. SCORE! I think this will be my project for the WTIL sewing weekend on the 5th. I'm thinking Quiltwoman's Craftsman or Right Angles for this.

In the foreground, the lipstick on the color fabric showed up in the red/black/blue bin. Perfect for backing on my February button up even if I might be the only one who knows it is there. BUT I still need to prep the hearts, LOL.

That other stack to the left is some of the leftovers from the lunch box BB challenge in 09. Imagine my surprise when it goes with THAT cobblestone kit fabric from WTIL. I am thinking Snuggle Up for that stuff. I found a good stack of fabric for a "Prairie Stroll" ( google that one for images) though I might need a 5th color to accomplish that one. I even found a nice go-with stripe for a chunk of yardage from the BB scrap challenge and some yardage that might work for a Gordian Knot class I plan on taking in late February. Another grouping may turn into a Double Attic Window or that old favorite Warm Wishes.

Well, DJ says we can go pick up my car. Apparently the auto repair place cannot replicate the same conditions that were troubling it yesterday. It would start but not continue to run and then quit doing it once they towed it in to look at it. Odd, huh? Let's hope I don't get stranded along side the road somewhere if it decides to start that again.

I'll get back to what I was supposed to be doing today once we return---not that I thought my detour was such a bad thing. I often think (falsely, LOL) that my pal Norma is responsible in part for leading me astray but obviously I can do a pretty good job of it all by myself! At least I have some ideas for the next bunch of donation quilts which is more than I DID have this time yesterday.

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  1. I have those middle of the night, cant get back to sleep problems too. Sometimes i get great ideas then!!

  2. Those side trips to play with fabric and dream about what patterns to use are all inspiration! If I can be connected to inspiring someone to quilt, I will accept that "credit". LOL I LOVE that shirt fabric with the lipstick prints on the collar! WAAAAAY too cute! Here's to continued inspiration!

  3. It is fun to dream and play with fabric!!


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