Jan 30, 2011

fun pkg from Mom

Look at what arrived yesterday from my mom. I knew she would be putting it in the mail at some point but from our phone conversations she was still loading it, LOL. Can she stuff a priority box or what?

The fun cat print is "just for me". Then there is a big pile of novelty fabrics---some will go for my "I Spy" project and others to the bug jars I have started. Another rolled up band of the same---I spied some superman and Harry Potter fabric in that bunch. Too fun!

She also packed in what she had left from a Lyn Brown Cypress quilt using two different jungle prints. She drafted it out to fit the 40 x 60 range that we shoot for with Wrap Them In Love quilts. I just need to add some of the go-with's and I will have another top kitted up. I am going to try using her Quilt calculator. Normally I do well figuring that sort of thing out on paper but I like quilt toys too, LOL. Also some floss bobbins that I definitely can put immediately to use. THX Mom! Isn't it cool that we can share this passion for sewing and sewing donation quilts?

More inspiration for me, I would say. Yesterday I was having one of those klutzy ones where nothing was going right so I just looked thru my inspiration picture file and some sites online for pattern ideas--those challenge fabrics and all to turn into something wonderful for the kids. Rather than risk slicing open my finger with the rotary cutter, it seemed like a safer way to go. Same thing with sewing, why risk sewing thru my finger when that black cloud was overhead?

I think it might be safe to try working on my February QOM base today. Both mine and the gift have the applique pieces prepped so other than cutting out something for a WTIL sewing date this coming Saturday, I hope to get those both moved along this week.

That's it for now------I hope you are having a good weekend in whatever you chose to do! THX for stopping by.


  1. That is an awesome box! Motherly love in the mail...wonderful!

  2. It is always great to get a fun infusion of fabric to compliment your own stash. Way to go Mom! You will have to let us know how you like the calculator. I have seen them in the stores, but I have hesitated to buy one.


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