Jan 10, 2011

pay it forward

A local area friend mentioned something about an online quilt shop called Over The Rainbow that was sending out "pay it forward" fabric for one cent plus 5 dollars in shipping. They pick the fabric and it helps clear out the stuff they are tired of but that fabric will go for a good use as you are promising to use it in pro bono quilts. Okay, I can do that---and have been doing that since 1999.

The shop as apparently sold out of this promotion----TWICE! Laura mentioned just how many PIF kits they had packaged up 200 at one point and maybe that amount before?? Think of just how many people or children will be served by this!

This is what arrived on Friday---8 yard cuts of fabric in one of those " if it fits we ship" priority flat rate envelopes. Obviously none of it is really coordinated fabric so that might explain the note "good luck" on the shipping slip, LOL. This might be my own personal WTIL challenge for the year!

I do have ideas of how some of it could be used in separate quilts though by adding in my own stuff. That large sports print would work wonderfully in something like Prairie Windows or Right Angles where the fabric would not need to be cut up. The stripe, maybe a simplified Railroad Crossing where you don't have to piece the bands. Something two color for that large pink paisley? I am sure that I can come up with something cool with that lively yellow print---Mahjongg but re-sized perhaps since I don't have a lot of fabric to work with and that sweet blue and red might work with it but I have a lot of fabrics that will work with it anyway. Nothing immediate springs to mind with the two on the left end. The blue piece, I think, is like a cheater panel lightly marked with motifs in white---maybe meant to be embroidered over but one can always use the back side and it would go with the country feel of the fabric next to it.

Lastly, the wild bright print is a heavier, decorator print. Might work for cancer tote bags or something for the animal shelter or walker bags. HMMMM. Any other suggestions out there??

As a checking in note---I got my Winter piece bound on Saturday while sitting at the quilt guild meeting. But I still need to go back and do the embellishments on it---some buttons, beading and embroidery.

It was a fun day out with the group with lunch before we headed back to Calhoun County. The catfish/BBQ restaurant that DJ and I would stop at over in Pell City once or twice a year had undergone a total restoration including the name of the place, appearance inside and out and the menu. LOL, the prices reflected it.

Yesterday was laying in some groceries ahead of the anticipated winter storm and some other desk clearing tasks. Truthfully, it looks like less snow than we had on Christmas day though this time the driveway and lane was covered. Either the stuff blew off or we had a wintery mix. It looks like there was either ice under that snow or icing from the sleet that fell first. We don't have snow covering the bushes and shrubs either so maybe it was the more powdery, non-packing kind?? The roads are closed. I had to laugh when they were doing the closings on the radio a bit ago----"why don't you just say what is OPEN?"

Apparently we are not out the woods yet as freezing rain is in the forecast for today. Not good---ice means loss of power and a worse mess to wait to melt off. That is not apt to happen anytime soon with the temps we will be having. Hide and watch, I guess.

Of course, many in the state of Alabama want to be able to see the BCS bowl tonight since the national championship for football is finally on tonight. WAR EAGLE! (sorry, Pam---just want to see a good game without player injuries.) It would be nice to say that Alabama had two national champions back to back and the SEC well represented. We'll see.

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