Jan 4, 2011

#1 of 11

Tada! Finished the BQ2 top as the last seam was taken while waiting for supper to finish baking Monday evening. I call this one the "pinwheel" set as opposed to the diagonal configurations you might see. You may need to back up and squint to see it. It really stood out on the thumbnail in EQ that I drew up to re-size the blocks. I looked at some BQ 2's on webshots to see how others have worked with the pattern and liked this set the best. I guess it goes diagonally as well but not in the concentrated areas of color that you see on the pattern jacket.

LOL, I just noticed that Skyler managed to sneak in to the shot ( his scratch box is right near that spot)

Pile of binding to press, backing to dig up and back to JATH BOM is today's plan.


  1. What a nice quilt Linda :-)

  2. Congratulations on your first completion towards 11 n 11! I love the top! It turned out to be a nice size.

  3. Good job! nice to get 11 in 11 off to a great start!


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