Jan 15, 2011

sewing plans

I grabbed a kit out of the stacking drawer unit this morning that will be #4 of 11n11 donation challenge. It is the Ami Simms' Twisted Sister that my mom cut and kitted up for me. She had one strip set sewn and sub-cut to remind me where I am headed---green backgrounds and white arms on this one with a stack of yellow centers.

What you probably can't tell is that she has the green and white strips layered right sides together for each of the strip sets! They are all ready to feed into the machine. And I thought I was organized! WTG, Mom!

She also cut me a big pile of 5 1/2 inch green strips that I will need to provide a background and center square for, not a problem there. I have made two of these in the past--maybe two years ago?? (yep, May 2009 there is a picture of one I finished) I will need to review the directions first or look at Ami's good tutorial online. Partial seaming, not a problem there either.

Mom may need to remind me if we were doing some of the variation ideas for it though. Ami shows one that you cut half one way and half reversed for "Truly Twisted" I can see how one could accidentally cut some of them wrong if you folded the strip. I have no doubt that someone discovered this set in a happy accident, LOL. You can see what I mean by clicking HERE for one in the gallery pages of Twisted Sister quilts. Or review other sets in the gallery HERE.

Maybe I will finally try the Eleanor Burns similarly sounding named pattern "Twin Sisters" but bump up the strip size it calls for with the rest of the greens?? Now there is an idea! I have been wanting to try that since Lois has been making them--you can see one of hers HERE. It is from Burns' book Quilts Through the Seasons but I found a pdf file of instructions when I googled it. It states that the block was originally published by the Ladies Art Company under the name of Twin Sisters. Other published names according to EQ's BlockBase (Barbara Brackman) are Water Wheel, Whirlwind, Windmill and Pinwheel. Eleanor probably has streamlined the piecing but it is an old pattern. I'll mull this over, LOL and save it for a "down the line" idea.

I should be starting to clean house but it can wait another day. I don't intend to do it all in one day anyway and wear myself out. DJ's golfing buddy from IL is supposed to be here either Thursday or Friday. Whether or not the weather will cooperate to play a round or two is another story. If we are as cold as it has been lately, he will move on further South. Either way. the house will be neat and tidy even if all he does is walk into my kitchen and leave for breakfast with DJ.

Off to hit the strip sets................see how far I get today.

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  1. What a wonderful way to start working on a project - all organized by your Mom! Does she hire out? LOL


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