Jan 25, 2011

Next challenge

The Bama Belles got to meet today though last week I was beginning to wonder if we might be in for another snowed out/iced up meeting day. It has poured rain all day but the temps stayed up so far. They were calling for 1/2 to 2 inches of snow later tonight unless that is upgraded on the news tonight.

With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years we don't have a work type meeting for almost two months time. We had a good turn out today in spite of the weather and were thrilled to have 3 of our friends who cannot come very often, join us "regulars". It is always fun to see what others are working on and catch up. I had quilt pictures to take, patterns to file, pictures to file but that often happens. Janet and Ada helped me un-box our batting and get it rolled up on the cardboard tube which needed to be done. Oh, the quilts turned in today have already been featured here so I won't post them this time.

Because I am trying to get caught up at home, I left all of my 6 donation tops at home along with the 3 personal projects that will need pinned at some point. They had plenty of hands on deck to pin the ones that did get done but they were not coming home with me!

So what is with those bags?? Well, after we had our last challenge reveal featuring the "Romance" fabric I told the group that I no longer had any more donated yardage to use for the challenge. Did they want me to purchase something for the next one or did they want to go another route? After some discussion, it kind of evolved that we should do a scrap bag challenge. Bring a grocery bag of scraps, fats, strips, yardage, whatever to share. Lois, our scrap queen is about up to her eyeballs in scraps, so she would start out the bags and we would each add stuff to it. Then we all grab a bag BUT no going thru them before you pick or swapping out pieces with another bag either! Taking what you get and finding a use for it IS the challenge. One of the girls said that was okay but I wouldn't know what they would do once they got out to the car----point taken, LOL. See how they listen to me??

Other than what is right on top I don't have a clue what is my bags. Yeah, I have two of them. There are two left in case someone who was not present wants to get in on the fun. The only rule was make a donation quilt from the contents, more if you want. There are no rules about having to use a bit of each and every piece. Add as much as you want from your own stash. Go for it! We decided if you absolutely cannot use a piece, don't toss it. We can either re-circulate it down the line or donate to another group that does donation quilt work. Should be interesting and we will all be looking for scrappy quilt patterns. I hope to combine some of this stuff with my PIF challenge fabric and meet more than one objective.

Tomorrow is DJ's and my 12th anniversary. See what he had waiting for me when I came home? Atta boy points for the hubby! We will go out to eat tomorrow night at a local catfish restaurant for their January "riverboat" special. I just hope we don't get any of that snow or freezing temps!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! And I love a scrappy challenge! Have fun with your challenge~waiting to see what pattern you use!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love a challenge! Even more fun is a scrappy challenge! There is nothing better than an infusion of someone else's stash to get you excited about your own stuff again. Have fun!


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