Sep 26, 2013

Gadsden Quilts "at the Falls" 2013

I met up with my friend Jane at about 8:30 yesterday morning to go set up her guild's show. They have a small membership and many older (yeah, I am just a kid compared to some of them) members that are not able to climb the ladders to set up. We friends from other quilt groups pitch in; yesterday there was 6 of us helping out and maybe 5 others that work for the City's Parks and Rec. Some of the shows proceeds will be going to the restoration fund at the Pitman Theatre and others to the Gadsden Museum of Art.

As I had done last year I checked in the quilts and then was assigned the task of pairing up the quilts in the order they would be called for as the racks went up.  Two per side normally.  Diane H was helping me out with the 100 (bed quilt hand quilted), 200 (bed quilt, two person), 300 (baby quilt), 400 (applique) and 600 (misc) groupings while Jane, Reba and Kathy were taking on the 500---the largest category of ever popular "small quilts--less than 70 x 80".   We had to get them out of the pillow case or bags that they were in, tag the quilt with the same number as the pillow case and as I said pair them up, check them against the lists we had been handed and the floor plan.   We had almost the whole first row of them ready when Gary changed the floor plan and had to sort through them again.

Then we re-ordered the pillowcases again from back to front for take down so they will be ready in order.  Diane and Kathy will be teaming up for that job so they have the floor plan copied and know how we stacked them in the tub.  I do not plan on going back up and Jane will bring my quilts home with her so I took pictures yesterday. I am afraid that the venue could use a little more lighting but I tried to lighten them up a bit. As usual some I know a little about and some I don't. These were a few that caught my eye.

I think that this is from one of the Eleanor Burns books but not one that I own.  A run through her website did not show it so it may be out of print.  I checked on Amazon and believe this is one of the Towne Square Sampler quilts so it is available on the secondary market.  They had to fold the bottom edge up so it would not drag on the floor.

Reba, one of the Gadsden Guild ladies made this wonderful spider web.  She was the same one that did the nine patch yo yo quilt that I admired last year.

One I do not know anything about but it is a striking quilt, don't you think?

This might be one of Sue Ann's quilts (from the Piecemaker group in Jacksonville)  To me it looks a bit like Atkinson Designs, Daisy Chain but without the sashing.  Again, I don't see it on her webpage but they do have it in secondary market.

I am not sure but this might be from a former Bama Belle/JOY group gal.  Very pretty!

This row quilt was made by my friend and fellow Friendship Quilter Terri.  It may have been from one of their "ugly" fabric exchanges, not sure.

This Christmas Sampler was made/assembled by my friend Aline from blocks made by the JOY group.  For several years the group was involved in swapping 12 inch completed Christmas blocks.  They may still be doing it for all I know, LOL.

This is my Christmas Patience Corner and I only post it here to tell you that Jane called late yesterday afternoon to tell me that it had received a ribbon in the 200 bed quilt, two person category.  Woohoo! My dear friend Norma quilted mine as well as her own version of this quilt but hers had borders and mine maybe more blocks.  Actually let's call them "fraternal twins" . Hers was recently awarded a blue ribbon in her town's fall fair, while mine had a third place ribbon, making it a winner on both sides of the US/Canadian border!

You know how I love redwork.  I do not know the maker 

This one was just cute, I thought.

This was made by one of the Bama Belles Donna for donation.  Only her 2nd quilt.  I quilted it for her and Jane bound it just so she would enter it.  We'll make sure she learns how to do those things herself down the line!

The next four log cabin quilts were a log cabin challenge project, I believe, with a quilt group just north of Gadsden.  I do not know much beyond that from looking at the entry forms.  The first may be a Flavin Glover row house pattern.  Flavin Glover is known for her log cabin quilts and just happens to be from the state of Alabama!

I love this one!

I thought at first that this might be a tree skirt but then there was no center cut and we located a sleeve on it.  It had to be tied to the quilt rack frame on the outer hexie edges.

This was taken right before lunch break, with just a few more quilts to be hung.  That is Sue Ann up on the ladder.

This one reminds me a bit of Pineapple Blossom but minus the sashing, more scrappy.  I do like it but know nothing more about it.

So there you have a preview.  Should you live around here, go on up and see them in person.  Show goes through Friday at 6, I believe.  It is also Quilt Walk time at Collinsville and the Fall Festival at McClellan.  Lots of quilty stuff going on this weekend!

Now enough goofing off from me!  With Norma's collaboration this morning I came to some decisions about my Wicked Hop entry so need to move that along.  Another day or so and I could be actually sewing, LOL.

Meeting day

A few pictures to share from Tuesday's Bama Belles meeting.   We were a little fewer in numbers this past time with a few out of town, another recuperating, another house hunting, another had outside appointments scheduled.  Still, it is always fun to get together with the quilting buds that are able to be with us.  Janet and I closed the place down as I was working on binding on my PopStix quilt and I knew I wouldn't do that at home right now!  Not with blog hop items to make--I'm on deadline!   Janet is perfecting her free motion quilting techniques and had recently taken a class.  She was applying her lessons to one of donation quilts that has been on top of my armoire for too long.  I'm happy that she wanted to use them as her canvas!

When I was pulling pictures from the "re-sized version" monthly folder I think I forgot to post this one that Bev had shared at the last meeting.  One of the groups that she belongs to, the Lick Skillet Quilt Guild based in Oxford (AL),  recently had Debby Kratovil  as a speaker.  I believe that this was the workshop she gave while here, from her book Paper Piecing Perfect Points.   Bev has a finish from that class!

This cutie is one of Bev's own designs that she turned in for donation.  Pretty adorable, huh?

Bev's recently finished fall themed purse.   It is a Lazy Girl Designs---the Margo I think??  Right in time for the season!

The next two are from a pumpkin challenge that the JOY Quilt Guild based in Jacksonville (AL) were doing.  This is Marilyn's version.  I know that there are like 6 or 8 of them at the Gadsden Quilt show when we set up yesterday as I was trying to pin numbers on them!!  LOL   I am not sure of the pattern source but I want to say Bunny Hill Designs maybe??  I don't see it listed on the site however so I may be off base here.  I'll check next meeting.  

As you can see it combined patchwork elements along with embroidery and applique.    The turkey I know was machine appliqued.  I know one of the others in the group planned to do hers by hand.

Julie was working on a kanzashi flower for the bag that she had started last meeting.  I love the fabric she chose for this.  I still have this on my list and Donna was verifying just where I need to do the seaming to form the pockets since I missed that part when the girls were sewing last time.  Bev had one done as well but she had given it to one of her granddaughters.  Trust me, it was cute!

I already told you that I was working on binding.  It is slow going but I did get one of the long sides of the quilt done while I was there.  3 more meetings and maybe we can call that one finished??   I did the sleeve part at an earlier meeting and should have appliqued down the label this time, LOL.   Had it been done then I would have put it on the bed for a summery quilt.

For now, when I swapped out summer for fall on several of the wall hangings I told DJ if he was not going to use the fall colored Strip Twist I had made, I was going to.  He has been having a problem with the covers pulling on his feet and it works out better for him to use what I normally would come fall.  It looks just as pretty on my bed, I think though I should probably ditch the pink dust ruffle in favor of something else, LOL.  Whatever! I used to have a cream colored eyelet one that would be perfect but I don't think that is still around.  Not worth swapping unless I am ready to flip/rotate the mattress along with it and can find a willing husband.

My Boston Commons "World Series" Quilt that my mom made me is what I normally would use come fall. You can catch a glimpse of it here though.

It is great for tweener weather as it is not too heavy and not too light.  Just enough to pull up when the house finally cools down enough and the window is cracked.  You may ask why we call it that??   As you can see, it has a lot of browns and golds in it along with the red for the Cardinals and the blue for the Royals of that long ago World Series opponents. (1985) The media nicknamed it the "Show Me Series" as it was two Missouri teams involved.  Mom may have started working on it though initially for my youngest brother then.  I got to go to Game 4 at Busch Stadium with DJ so I claimed it, LOL.  

Speaking of my Cardinals' their Magic Number to clinch the National League Central stands at 1 right now with three games to go.  What that means, that any combination of the Cards wins or the next teams loses and it is clinched.  I like their chances though you never know what might happen.  Never count your chickens before they are hatched.  The Cubs are the next opponent for the last three games of the regular season.  While they may be mired in last place for yet another year, they always get up for the games with their chief division rival and play the Cards tough.  The Cincinnati Reds are eliminated from winning the division but are still one of the two wild card teams.  The Pirates are three back and the other wild card team but those two have to duke it out for the last three games.  It could go down to the very last day---on Sunday.  I love baseball!  Can you tell?  LOL

I will write another post with the Gadsden Quilt show stuff----but after lunch.  I was lazy last night and we just ordered pizza so I may have to cook two meals today.  Hey, it happens.  My choice at the time.

Sep 23, 2013

Check in

My weekend was pretty laid back and I basically took the two days off from sewing, planning and all of that although two of my FAB pals were quilting and sewing cheering each other on.  I felt slightly guilty but got over that.  Instead I read, played and cuddled with my cat.  I cheered on the Cardinals, the Bears and Alabama football team.   Did my secretarial job for guild and typed up the meeting minutes.  That sort of thing, LOL.

Best of all, was the visit from my sister and brother-in-law Saturday morning.  They were passing within 35-40 miles of where I live on their way down to Destin, FL for a week's stay.  They had to stop!  DJ and I got to visit a bit and then we went out for lunch starting them back on their way a bit further south.  I'll be seeing her in again when I make the trip back to IL next month so no tears at the "see ya later" time--for a change.

Early this month I had made a serger cover to house the one that I had with my birthday gift money.  A week later I made another, similar to mine, for my Lefthanded quilter blogging friend.
She was instrumental in my getting the model I did, suggesting one that she had researched, the Brother 1034D.  She asked if I had a pattern that I could share.  I only had that graph paper shell that I had worked out really.  Pinterest sites give you a vague idea of how to measure them etc.   I told her if she talked nicely to me I would make her one and what colors did she like.   Red and yellow were her picks. I had that covered if she liked this print from Connecting Threads at all. (Home Front by Jenni Callo.)  Emails were flying back and forth during the creative process.  Yes, pockets would be nice.  At one point I posed a question on Facebook (when I couldn't get in touch with her) about which way the zipper pull should unzip for a left handed person.  Ultimately my thinking it should move right to left was her choice as a couple of internet pals said too.   This will allow access to the recessed carrying handle. but keep the dust out better than my overlapping flaps on mine.

She has nicknamed hers "Sergio" so I appliqued that lettering on it.  I tried to make pleated pockets on the front but it just doesn't show up in either picture but they are there, LOL.  There are side pockets on both sides to house the manual, accessories, whatever and one for the foot pedal.  I also made a small matching zip bag from the yellow, with a blue zipper that I did not take a picture of.  It is all lined with M & M fabric to match her mug---that sassy red M& M seen in this post.   I thought she would get a kick out of it and sent along some scraps if she wants to make a mug rug from the leftovers.  Actually the whole bottom of the box was loaded with scraps for her to play with, LOL.   She has projects to use them and I just want the basket emptied out--fair trade, don't you think?

I mailed it off early last week and her dear hubby picked it up at the post office on Saturday.  I knew I would post a couple of pictures here once I knew she had gotten it.  But really, you should go see her post as she has better ones than I took!

This will be a busy week as I have Bama Belles tomorrow and Wednesday, Jane and I will be off to help set up the Gadsden Quilt Show.  This time it is not up at the Kiwanis Pavilion at Noccalula Falls as in past years but rather downtown at the Pitman Theatre.   I do not plan on going back up for take down however.  So in between times I will work on my ideas for the Wicked Hop. It is evolving, LOL.

And sew it goes-----------

Upcoming Blog Hop Sept 25th-Oct. 4th

I'll be cheering on this one  (as I sat out two rounds)  While I grew up in the 60's and am well acquainted with that decade, after looking at the pinterest boards of 60's stuff I was not sure that I wanted anything chevron, dot, wild patterned or butterflied living in my house, LOL.  I have a batik project just barely started but it did not look much like the theme so I passed. It should be fun to see what the gang comes up with!  I know that some of the listed have a much better imagination that I do!

Mary of I Piece 2-Mary will be the head cheerleader and of course, we are led as always by the wonderful Mdm. Samm of sew we quilt.  Sponsor has not been named that I know of but here is the complete schedule.  

Wednesday, September 25

InGa    moved to Oct. 3rd

Thursday, September 26

Friday, September 27

Monday, September 30

Tuesday, October 1

Wednesday, October 2

Thursday, October 3

Friday, October 4

Sep 19, 2013

A little this and that

DJ called me into the living room with a "get your camera"  Skyler was trying to hide behind the lumbar pillow that he uses in his recliner and sometimes on the kitchen chair against his back.

He tries valiantly to keep the cat hair off of it but that is a little difficult when it either sits upright on the recliner or the love seat when not in use.  Both of those spots are Skyler's preferred night time sleep spots.  Or they will be till the weather turns cold and he bunks with one or the other of us.  I think that one shot  made it look like he was a baseball umpire.  I may have baseball on the brain though since they are down to like 10 games to go and the Cardinals are 2 up in the National League Central.

I can finally share a picture of something that I made for my pal Norma recently---right after I made my hexie hop version I made this one for her along with the accessory pieces.  I mailed it off to her in late August and it arrived yesterday to her home in BC, finally!!!!  She asked for lime green and I accommodated that but used some accent colors to go with it and striped fabric instead of piecing the detachable pin cushion..  The pattern is from Curry Bungalow  I just made the contrast cuff a bit longer and used wider boning.

The rotary cutter hold is something that she didn't know was coming and patterned after one I had received from our guild president at Christmas last year.  The thread holder was just something I was goofing around with.  It is a hexie on the ends so that made sewing it on a little harder than if I had used yo-yo's like the one I have.  LOL  In the end I got the flap just hair too long but I was NOT starting over.  Nor did I want to put it in the blog hop, as I would have ruined another surprise for her!  I hope it will live happily in her home.

I was not going to sign up for the upcoming "WICKED" hop mostly as I had hoped to get caught up with some other projects.  Also I will be going "home" soon to visit with my family in early October.   However, Mdm. Samm announced that there were still a few openings.  I think it will jump start a Halloween quilt idea that Norma and I collaborated on last year. Wendy, the head cheerleader, approved me so I am IN!

Since that time I have been thinking about and looking at all manner of Halloween elements in my computer files and notebooks.   This picture just happens to be part of it.   I have tweaked my design, have a rough print out of what I am doing and have begun cutting.   I am afraid that there will be another spell of blogging without many pictures of what I am up to. Well, so be it -- participating in the hops is so much fun!  I missed the pin cushion hop and elected not to do the batik one though I am anxious to see how the theme was interpreted.  Soon I will be able to cross something else off my list which is okay with me.  If I have time, there is one other craft type item that I may try but it will depend on what day I am assigned and how quickly my other plan comes together.

On a personal note:
I received a call from my sister in IL this afternoon.  Diane and Rick will be passing through Alabama on their way down to Destin, FL on Saturday morning.  She has never been to my home though my sister Janet and her daughters have.   It should time out that we will join them for lunch and then they will complete the 5 plus hour drive to their destination from here.  It is a little bit out of their way but as Diane says, 40 minutes away and not stopping to see us is not an option!   Had we not made connections, then I will be seeing her in a couple of weeks but it is not quite the same thing.  Woohoo!

And sew it goes---------

Sep 15, 2013

Sunday, It's a fun day...........

old radio commercial from Illinois and my salad days---the rest is "at beautiful US 30 drag strip", not that I ever went there but things get stuck in your head.

I was working on the serger cover for my friend the lefthanded quilter when Skyler decided to inspect the inside of mine.  I didn't realize that it had hit the floor and there he was!  That is the only picture I can or want to share right now till I know she has received her package.   The project is finished up, the box packed and I will take it to the post office tomorrow.  I finished up a little too late on Friday to make it in there before the 4 p.m. closing time on Friday.

Yesterday was guild day.  I was home by 1:30 or so but basically just blog hopped.  I was tired and was going to take a break from sewing anyway.   Skyler had an incident during the night and woke me up at about 0445, long before I was ready to get up but there was no going back to sleep after that.  Actually by 0530 I just bailed and powered up the computer and typed up minutes from the last executive board meeting ahead of the guild meeting.  One of the fellow officers had asked about them last week but I was too busy being creative to want to do that stuff at that time.

I had initially thought I might try to do that little purse that I wrote about in my last post-----here is Donna's version again.  It might still be a good idea to do it because Shelia's program was about binding and she had a little trick for doing the binding join that I thought I might try.  It would be too hard for me to explain verbally what she did.

What I ended up doing instead is trying to track down the information she had shared in an online tutorial or video or something so I could post it on the guild website  (I'm one of the co-webmistresses).  There was no handout and I knew that people would probably need something to refer to when they were ready to try what she had suggested.   I found about 6 links that might be helpful.  The one I liked best and that could be printed off as a pdf file was though ti was not exactly what Shelia shared with us.  If you just want the links over to the post, let me know in comments.

I had written two posts in two days there.  I had said I would share the links for the my Mock Trip Around the World that I was finally able to show my mandatory donation quilt for guild.  (I won the 1st time participants door prize by default, LOL)    The girls seemed interested in what sizes to cut the strips and I had mentioned the many ways the basic block could be laid out along with three that I came up with.  The basic site is this

Today was the grocery errands, tomorrow will be other errands and laundry.  I would like to get started on Kristine and Andy's tree skirt soon but maybe that purse thing first as I DO have to bind it before folding it into the shape required.  Kill two new tricks with one stone??  I had pulled some fabrics that I could use for it that were not promised to another project, after all..

The Pin-it Blog Hop starts up again for 3 more days.  I got caught up on days 4 and 5 this afternoon so I'll be ready!   There has been some amazing pin cushions but I think my favorite one yet has to be one from Linda W at Buzzing and Bumbling.  You owe it to yourself to go look!!  Amazing.

And sew it goes----or in my case, with a weekend off, doesn't go.  Think I'll go read a bit.

Sep 10, 2013

A whirlwind

I tell you, the last two days have gone by so quickly it has almost been a blur!  Yesterday I did some of the errands that I had originally planned to do today after the quilt group met and frankly, now I am happy that I did!

I had gotten an order of batting in from Nu Style Quilting for  our donation quilts.  They pull 66 yards of 48 yard batting off and cram into a box that measures 17 x 17 x 32 inches.  One of the girls had volunteered to help me roll it off on the cardboard tubing we have at the meeting place.  Knowing that, I had removed the cardboard boxing from around the large bag to get it to relax a bit.  Oh, it relaxed all right but I could barely see out the rear view window!  The cardboard part?  Pretty much filled up my trunk with all the other stuff in there including the used serger I had boxed up to UPS on to my pal in Tennessee.  First stop, the recycle bin at McClellan.  I have been so glad to know that there is one over on the former base as I have been wearing a path to that spot with the big purge and clean deal recently.

I also knew that I needed to take our wet-dry canister vacuum from home as we had unfortunately seen some evidence of rodents in our storage closet.  BIG GIANT UGH there.  I found just how bad it was today.  The cleaning lady and apparently the exterminator never do go in that closet and in our space.  Really the cleaning person should not have to, that is our job really.   We don't keep any food there to speak of but they were having a field day with anything paper, it looks like.  Anyway, DJ loaded up the vacuum on the front passenger seat strapping it in to keep that round thing from dumping--it is top heavy.  See above---no back seat, no trunk.

First stop was the church meeting spot to drop that stuff off for today.  2nd stop, mail the serger.  3rd, out to Hobby Lobby.  Nope they did not have that fabric that I had hoped to find but they did have McCalls patterns on sale for 99 cents.  I pulled some home dec ones and a couple of zippers and zoom, I was gone.  Then off to get some deli meat for our lunch and a quick swing by the library to drop off a book.  All done including drive time( 20 mins approximately one way)  in slightly less that 90 minutes.

So today was our meeting.  Bev and I made short work of rolling up the batting.  Then I started emptying out the closet.  THX to Judy J and Pat for helping me out, washing up the cups, the shelves, inspecting the bins, loading and unloading the room.  Nasty job but it is done.  I talked to the church secretary giving her heads up so she knows some more attention will be needed in that area.

Donna was showing a few of the girls how to make these cute little purses.    She made a braided cord for the handle and embellished it with a cute kanzashi flower.

Apparently someone at quilt guild had shared how to do this at a previous meeting.  You start with a square about 18 x 18 so two fat quarters will do it for the body of the piece.  You do bind that square first.  Oh, I need to ask her if there is batting in it.   From what I could see you turn it diagonally and the tips overlap and then you stitch it down in a diamond manner to form inner pockets.  Then the top corner makes the flap area.

I asked if they knew the pattern source but no one seemed to know if that woman had come up with it herself or whether is was one of those things that makes the rounds or shows up on pinterest etc.

Valera thought there might have been a pattern from Viking that was similar.  I tried to get a picture of the bag interior so you can see the pocket areas.  I AM going to try this though and probably soon before I forget how they did it.  Maybe a tutorial at that point would be good??  Some of the girls were going to try this for granddaughters and others for the guild bazaar at some upcoming quilt shows.  Lick Skillet Guild in Oxford is having their first ever quilt show ,not sure of the dates as I am not a member but Bev is. )  She said they were being asked to make 5 items each for that purpose for fund raising.  This may be one of her items in addition to those sewing rolls we had made a few months back.

I love the fabrics that Donna chose for this project.  Love stripes anyway but it looks so sweet with the print she chose.

When it came time for lunch, consensus was that we go to Olive Garden.  I was not at all sure about that since I had worn my grubby clothes and was really hot and sweaty from the closet cleaning.  I really just wanted to go home and get back in the shower.  Really this morning, I thought it was pretty ridiculous of me to take a shower BEFORE I went to the meeting---shower to go clean a closet?????   Sit me down wind of y'all if I go.   But I have to say, that I was happy that the girls talked me into it.    With me being so occupied with the labors I would not have had a chance to visit with them much today.  We were thrilled that one of our gals that has not been able to come for some time was with us today.  A few others were gone on vacation right now, a couple others must have had other plans and another is rehabbing after a recent fall.

Plans were made for the fall sew-in where we will try that 4 patch stack and whack.  Some of the girls had fabric selections  with them today and those choices should make some really cool quilts!   4th Tuesday in October from 9-5 if anyone in the area wants to come join us.

 Then once I got home, put the back up roll of batting in our shed, drug the vacuum stuff back in the is quilt show time in Gadsden later this month.  Jane needed entries.  At first I had not planned on entering especially since my PopStix binding has not been touched since the LAST meeting.  I do not feel like entering it and then making myself spend 3 days stitching on it.  I have other things on my list that need attention first.  BUT I forgot that I had not entered my Christmas Patience Corner anywhere yet.  Jane gave me an entry form before we left the meeting spot.

I am entering basically three of my blog hop pieces and this big old bed quilt.   When I pulled it off the quilt rack and was measuring it for the dimension info for the entry form (83 x 95, LOL) you can see who was making himself right at home!  Let me tell you, he was also a little miffed with me when I made him get OFF it.   The quilts are all in their labeled individual pillowcases and Jane will pick them up tomorrow.  They like to pin the longer bed quilts up ahead of time to save time on set up day.  The Patience Corner will need it!

This was the view yesterday.   Before I had left on my big errand, I had thrown the towels in the wash.  Actually since I was gone so long, DJ switched them over and they came out as we were having lunch.  He quickly folded up my towels, leaving them on the coffee table. Skyler climbed on.  Warm towels!!  Actually when I left the kitchen he was facing the other direction and sitting up looking at me, like a little prince on his thrown.  Prince and the Pea???  By the time I got the camera he changed directions.  He was on that stack for hours too!

I have the giftie serger cover cut out but I am in no mood to sew at this point.  I am changing things up a bit as I said I would do.  I want some of this to be a surprise for my friend so I may not share this till I know she has received it.  I'll be happy to sew tomorrow, maybe try that little sweet purse first, but not today.  I am heading for the shower, now that I finally cooled from unloading the car in the hot blazing afternoon sun and am sucking down a big cold glass of fresh brewed iced tea.  Thank heavens for leftover spaghetti and meatballs, although I am thinking my meatballs might end up as a sandwich.  A couple of the girls ordered that for lunch and it looked good, LOL.

And sew it goes---or doesn't go in this case.  THX for stopping by!

Day 1 Pin It Blog Hop--schedule

While I am not participating this round, I can still be one heck of a cheerleader for those that are!   I hope that you will do so as well.  In getting the graphic on sew we quilt to write this post, I accidentally spotted one of the top 2 selections----someone today made a kitchen aid mixer, in tangerine!  I say accidentally because I prefer to hop first, and then see who Mdm. Samm picked.   Head cheerleader this round is Kristin of meadowbrook who is first up today.  Bird Brain Designs (oh, one of my favs!) and pbtex are sponsors this round.  See Mdm. Samm or Kristen for details there.  I'll be off to quilt group soon so may need to check in with the hoppers later.

Here is the whole schedule though

September 10 (Tuesday)

September 11(Wednesday)

September 12 (Thursday)

September 13 (Friday)

September 16 (Monday)