May 27, 2008

A sort of tutorial for a tshirt quilt--EDITED

I should be sewing on that tshirt quilt left you see what I have to work with minus the first vertical row. I switched some blocks around after I took the picture though. Later I drew it all up in the computer-- and even that got revised. Actually I do have the 1st vertical row completed as of this writing and 60% of the 2nd row is done--does that count, LOL?

The woman who commissioned it is a Jacksonville State University (AL) graduate. I think she said she worked in the athletic department while in school so there are no sorority shirts but a lot of sports programs at JSU are represented. She wanted that black and white gingham but I didn't think I could use it for plain sashing with cornerstones and have it look even. I suggested this "Picture Frame" set and have used it before for other tops. It does look striking with all the red in the shirts and the white that will go between the blocks to sort of float them.

ED. NOTE: A lack of a clear design had held this up for longer than it should have. I guess you can consider this a sort of tutorial on how I approach this kind of design. Not that I am an expert or anything but this is the third one I have made. Links to the other two are HERE and HERE if you want to go look.

Other sites or books will tell you how to interface and all that so I'll assume you don't need more than the following: roughly cut out the part of the design larger than you need. Leave a margin of shirt at first--at least 3 inches or more around the design if you can. Many designs are on the back of the shirt now so you can basically cut that from the neck on down and whack off the sleeves and then trim a good bit off the bottom. Use fusible interfacing to the back of the shirts--about 10-13 yards of it as that stuff is only about 22 inches wide if that. Trim them down to a workable size with enough shirt to frame them but not have a lot of varying widths if you can avoid it. Makes for more math and too easy to mess up which strip goes where. You may have to do a little more judicious trimming again to make the uniform sized blocks. ***Uniform blocks are important!*** Ordinarily you don't want to have a lot of width variances in one row as that just makes the rows and ultimately the quilt, wider in the end. I also like to use the little designs (from the "pocket" area of the shirt ) to make a 4 patch if I can. This quilt as two of them to make 2- 12 inch blocks. Kind of a fun element.

Then how much sashing and fillers?? When I do these t-shirt quilts, think linearly. I like to go with a vertical measurement and work in rows as it is easier for assembly than something set in. I figure out what the longest row will measure by totalling up the length of the blocks at this point. In this case it was various sizes 80, 81 etc. I figured that the smallest the sashing between the blocks could go was 2 inch so that made my longest row 91 inches. Since all the rows have 5 blocks and I need 4 sashing strips between the block, I subtracted 80 from 91 for the difference in the two lengths and divided that resultant 11 inches by 4 to equal 2.75 inch width finished. My sashing strips finish at 2.75, 2.5 and 2 inch on this quilt. That set the length of the row. This gets all the blocks evenly spaced at the top and bottom of the quilt. Even better, you can go ahead and attach the left hand border to the row after you sew it. T-shirts quilts are heavy and trust me, it is easier to "pre-border" than lug the thing around to do it later. On your last row it would go on the right hand edge for the side border. Apply the top and bottom ones by standard methodology.

For the width of the each vertical rows I calculated the widest measurement of the blocks as I had them laid out. If it was an interior row, I added two inches to that for floating the block purposes . The 4th row will get an outside border over the whole length of the quilt so no worries on that one. SO to center the block I subtract the width of the block from the width I am shooting for ( in this case 20, 21, 22, 23 inches) and then divide that number by two for both vertical sides of the block adding in the seam allowance. I didn't color the blocks when I drew it up in EQ but this is sort of how it will look but with black and white gingham and much smaller shadowing.

What about the shadow thing, you might ask? I usually cut the frames 2 inches wide--apply it top, bottom and then side, side. No biggie there. You can strip piece that shadow stuff and sew whatever width you want the background color drop to be by the longest section you need the shadow fabric. Then subcut the whole deal into however wide you need it to be--2.5, 3?? Then sew it to the right side of the block first and then the bottom of the block.

One word on background---something tone on tone is probably best as you are going to be floating the blocks and want to hide the seams a bit. The quilting will help with that too. A loose stipple works well. These quilts are very heavy and I doubt anyone will actually want to sleep under it. It is more for a spread and of course to preserve those memories for the shirt owner.

I don't really know which is worse though in sewing this thing. The gingham is slippery and ravel-y fabric--ugh. I was constantly clipping strings on the back of the quilt and the front too for that matter. Second, the interfaced shirts don't want to slide on the machine sewing table all that well. (ed. note: 5/28 I tried something this morning that seems to be working. Works for free motioning too I am told. Put a garbage bag on the machine table under the piece I am sewing and then stitch as usual. It is moving more easily and I don't have to sew from the wrong side)

I will have this done by week's end. A change in the original plan for the backing will mean a delay in dealing with that part. She wanted solid black and not only did I not have enough on hand but I nixed that in favor of a print with white background and black swirly stuff all over it. My reasoning was that you would not want to see little black dots from the thread in back to be all over the white background in the front. I hope to run it up to the longarmer some time next week. When I go, a couple of the Belles wanted to ride along so we can go to a new quilt shop along the way though my stop is a few miles north of our destination---close enough!

We spent a quiet Memorial Day as I knew we would. I got my walking in, sewed and chatted with the FABS who were in and out during the day. I changed my mind about supper plans when it hit 82 in the house and no a/c on. We had cloud cover but it was still a bit sticky. UGH!

Here was the view of Skyler yesterday afternoon. What you don't see is DJ stretched out in his recliner right next to him. Below you see my two guys earlier in the week watching TV. Nice of Skyler to let DJ have a seat on "HIS" loveseat, huh? Today, his favored spot is by the front door hiding behind the plant stand---Pippi liked that spot too actually.

DJ wanted me to call to set up a time to get those front claws dealt with. We have been back and forth on this for the last few weeks. I am a little ambivalent about this but the vet said they do it with a laser now which sounds more humane than incisions. Skyler is not scratching the furniture though an occasional claw does get dug in if he is chasing a toy. He knows what his scratching box is for and wore out the cardboard in a month's time. The replacement one is not looking too hot either. lately he has discovered that digging a claw into the rug and then dragging his body on the carpeting is great fun. DJ is mainly concerned about his snagging up the carpet though I didn't think he was hurting anything. I have gotten my feet attacked under the sheets a couple of times, once drawing blood. DJ is on blood thinners and we cannot have that.

We either had to wait till we return from our short trip to IL next month or do it tomorrow. Yikes, tomorrow it is then. Poor kitty baby with a mean kitty mama--or kitty daddy. He will have to stay over night for two nights, I was told. I assume antibiotics for a few days after---oh, he loves that! NOT.

What has distracted me from sewing this afternoon other than posting this "check in" note is two boxes of quilty stuff from my pal Pam. She had six quilt tops that she knows I will re-size stuffed in a small flat rate box. The other larger box had some challenge fabric she and Norma are planning for we FABS to do something with--"rules" not stated yet but cool purples. It even sorta goes with a piece that Cher sent recently! The old challenge fabric she sent that I need for binding was in there along with a Charm pack--we are doing a tote with those. A pile of homespuns and plaids too---I know two quilts that those can be used in along with some my mom sent back with me last year. A row quilt UFO and a few other items I am probably forgetting as I write this. What fun! Judging from my history, it is amazing how much better I do at completing someone else's work but not my own, LOL.

Well, just talking about sewing is NOT getting any of it done. All too soon it will be time to start supper so best get cracking at at least get that 2nd row done before then. Hope you all had a good and safe weekend.

May 21, 2008

this and that

Boy, if that isn't the truth! I do love the "Pickles" comic strip! We do tend to spoil our furry babies. And just like a child, they would rather play with things that are not necessarily YOUR idea of a toy. This morning, Skyler was treating a rolled up, smelly walking sock that I had just removed like it was his prized toy mouse.

And speaking of mice, here we are on mouse patrol yesterday morning. He loves it when I have to get the yardstick out to try to find the ones that he has shoved under the couch and loveseat. Or the kitchen bookcase for that matter, LOL. The yardstick becomes the toy in that case. He is fun to watch!

Last week was not a good week for sewing or for walking. Two meetings and Saturday was also booked up. I went over to Trussville to the quilt shop with some quilting friends. The others were going for their monthly Block of Month pickup and I had a gift certificate to spend. There was a space in the van so I went along.

I ended up getting a book entitled Fun with One Block Quilts by Cheryl Malkowski (from Roseburg, OR, BTW--I know a pal and the Traveling Trio met up there recently!) I thought it looked interesting--quarter square triangle units basically but combined in some unusual ways. I also got one pattern for Hunter Star that was made by one of the employees/teachers of the quilt shop. Looks like an easy way to do the pattern--done oversized and then trimmed down to a 6 1/2 inch block.

One of the girls was going to make reservations for us to go to the Chocolate Biscuit Tearoom for lunch but apparently hit a snag in calling ahead. A call to the shop once we got to Trussville found them booked with bridal events and such but that was okay. We ran over to the nearby Cracker Barrel as you can get breakfast all day long and the menu is varied enough to suit about any taste.

When we go on treks like this, we normally meet in a grocery store lot just north of where I live about 5-6 miles. I ran into the store when we got back and did not notice that there was anything "wrong" with my car. I thought it sounded as though it was running a little rough but it was running. By the time I got within a half mile of home it was obvious that I had a flat tire but this is winding, two lane road with no shoulder at all. It was all I could do it get up the incline up to our house but I got in my parking spot. The neighbor was having a garage sale and saw the problem and came over to help put on the temporary tire--I appreciate the gesture. We have roadside assistance with our car insurance and DJ called them to take care of it.

I have listed some of my quilting books on Amazon as I need to pay for that new computer and I need the shelf space. I mentioned the books in passing to the three Belles who were in the seat behind me on Saturday . One of them asked if I had a particular title listed so she put her name in for two of them. Another wondered what else I might have--when we got home I posted a note with the link for my local group to go look if they wanted. The other girl wondered if I was selling my Lauder bargello book---I tell you, she has used that book far more than me! I got an email for one of the others in the group that she wanted three other titles. Save me some packing supplies and worked out well all around. Sunday I delivered those---another day that got away from me.

Yesterday it was quilt batting, LOL, that was the deterrent to sewing. I had told DJ that I would give him a haircut after lunch but just then the the UPS driver arrived with the Belles batting order. I knew it was coming sometime this week but just not that quickly--I just called on Friday, after all. The driver said he was supposed to have come much later in the day but these were taking up too much space on his truck so he delivered early. 5 huge boxes of quilt batting from Nustyle Quilting--I was expecting rolls but that was okay. I made some space in the shed for two of them and stuck one temporarily in the utility room atop the chest freezer and crammed the other two in the car. Meanwhile Mr. Wet Head wondered where/what I was doing. We were due for some thunderstorms yesterday and it could not just sit on the carport! Cut the hair and then delivered Marilyn's roll to her and later two of the boxes to Judy for storage. Chat a bit at both stops.

Not long after I got home I needed to unplug the computer and the sewing machine due to the tstorms rolling in---no sewing yesterday. I DID get all the foundation piecing components sewed and trimmed on Monday afternoon though. Just a matter of joining the sections. I can't show it anyway as the owner may read my blog.

So far today it has been walking, errands, mopping the kitchen floor, retrieving some more missing mice, messing with the camera and trying to figure out where the file went (wrong folder) and writing this post. Soon a pizza pickup run is in the works unless DJ decides he is going to do it. Sorta doubt it as that is his pre-lunch relaxing time as a rule. And so it goes living the retired life................

Happy Birthday, Allison--see you soon!

May 15, 2008

meeting wrap up

The Belles met on Tuesday and here are a couple of the lovely finished quilts we saw. Aline had completed her Janet Jones Worley quilt from I believe, "Quilts for Chocolate Lovers "or another of her books. I think this is one called "Red Velvet Cake" Aline duplicated similar fabrics. This was from a workshop that was given at the Jacksonville (AL) guild and Lois has a top made but in lovely teals. Beading, applique and all sorts of pretty things!

Lois had completed this quilt for donation. I call this one "Whatever" because I know of 4 ways to piece it and came up with my own variation concerning those HSTs at the top so in that case, who do you credit?? Lois has made several of these--another is in progress. Somehow those scraps just keep reproducing! I love the wavy quilting lines that she used for this as well as the fun fabric she used for the borders and backing. I had a suggestion for another pattern that she might want to explore---not sure what it is called but something I saw on the stashbuster list some time back. Diagonal Irish Chain perhaps??? I know it is one that I want to do as a "leaders-enders" thing and she might too.

I did get the heart quilt backing that I mentioned in my last quilt done on Monday. I had put phone calls in to the two people who had made the blocks to see if it would be okay to include them but piece them into the backing. Both were gracious enough to allow that. The group pinned the 3 tops that I had ready--I have to say that I didn't do my fair share of pinning but I did get the crosshatching marked for the heart quilt and seamed the batting for it. Does that count, LOL? I really should have gotten a photo of Lois' butterfly top that was also pinned. Definitely when it is minus the pins! She even used a pretty butterfly print for the backing.

The fabric you see is what I passed out for this years challenge quilt. I was trying to describe this to my mom and the FABS. I figured that a picture would be worth a thousand words, in this case. The fabric was given to us by a fellow WTIL list mate with the stipulation that it be made for kids and donated to Wrap 'Em when done. I had enough yardage to pass out a yard or near yard this time though some will use a companion print that is less packed with motifs. Already the minds are whirling with some pattern ideas---Just Can't Cut It, BQ 2 or perhaps any of the links that have been flying back and forth between Pat, Norma and I lately as we try to decide on a project involving Halloween fabrics. HERE was the latest one--does anyone know the pattern source on this one?? Pat thought that it could be easily strip pieced and I believe she is right.

So what exactly did I do at the meeting? I mentioned to one of the girls about a quick method I had just watched on video on the computer. Norma had sent the LINK on to the FABS. It seems that Ricky Timms had showed a flying geese that used just one seam that he had been taught by a quilter(s?) in England. Intriguing, huh? I had Linda cut up some of the scrap fabric she was working with on a crazy patch border she was doing for a quilt and we tried it. He said to cut 2- 3 inch squares for the sky fabric and a rectangle 3 x 5 1/2 for the geese fabric. Well, my "notes got cold" in between times and I really should have sat down and stitched one up right then so I would remember how to demonstrate it to the group. I could remember the sizes to cut but not exactly where to the folded was to be placed. The first one I had her stitch was wrong sides out and the second or third time it landed too close to the top but finally we had it figured out. You make the fold with the WRONG sides together and put the raw edges together at the top of the 3 inch square on the bottom. Overlay the 2nd part of the sandwich and stitch a 1/4 inch seam on the right hand side. It's dimensional! Not unlike the beginning steps you take in making a 3D bowtie. I am a whiz at those!

I ended up making 8 or 9 of these things in no time so they would have something to play with and see how it went together, LOL Linda C said she wished she would have had this trick after she made 200 some of them for a recent quilt project! We had a visitor from one of the other quilt groups who said she missed seeing me at that group as I always had a pattern idea that she enjoyed to share---3D bowties was one of them. Linda M said she had shared it with her MIL and the MIL had made like 5 or 6 bowtie quilts since that time. I bet she shows her this geese thing too and this will spread like wildfire in the Calhoun County quilt groups. Now other sizes will take some calculating but right now my piece measures 3 1/4 by 5 1/2 sewing on someone else's machine.

What fun! Well, I best hit the shower as I have to make my "command appearance" at the Home Extension meeting in an hour. I spent a big chunk of the day making sure that the files were in order--tossed a bunch of papers that I knew for a fact were not even looked at in my tenure. I thought I had held this office for maybe 4-5 years but you know how time gets away from you---I started in November of 01. Sheesh, no wonder I need out from under this obligation. So there goes my morning when I need to be home sewing on that row robin. Keep "nagging", Pat, as I need a giant push, girlfriend.

Carolyn at Ohio Quilter Journey is having a fabric giveaway. Stop by and answer a question and link back from your blog to enter!

May 12, 2008

Monday check-in

I am in a bit of a holding pattern with Sarah's Memorial Heart quilt. For those of you who don't know what the heck I am talking about, Sarah was a member of my local quilt group and passed away in February. Her daughter Jane is also a member of our group and a few others in the area--you rarely saw one without the other. We make a heart memorial quilt in red and white using a heart block pattern from WWQP when someone passes away, a family member of the group or unfortunately, a member of the group. Actually there is a prepared top in the closet already but we decided to change things up a bit.

Sarah liked pink fabric so we went with that. I told the group to make any sized heart block that they wanted and suggested a white backgroud so it would float the designs. I was just flying by the seat of my pants on this one as it is hard to draw something like this up on the computer software when you don't know what size the finished top will be at the start. Once I knew that center medallion area measured 24 inches I knew what I wanted to do with all the 6 inch blocks---go all away around it with the available blocks. With the maker's permission ahead of time, I took apart a 12 inch block of the same colored and sized heart to act as cornerstones. That got me up to 48 inches square. Now what?

The next similiarly sized blocks were 8 inches or near 8 inches where I could trim them down slightly or add frames to get them up to 8 inches. I also realized that there needed to be some separation between the rows and to be honest, I am not fond of square quilts. I had to make three more 8 inch blocks. Delaware Quilts' scrappy heart to the rescue for a pair. Then I decided on a heart in spool block that I had drawn up in EQ some time back. That seemed appropriate since we are all quilters and sewers--even used one of my 30's repro pieces with a sewing theme for the "thread" fabric.

The top now measures 51 x 77 and it is plenty big for our needs. The problem? I have three blocks leftover, 12 inch or near 12, and no room for them. If I add them to one side of the quilt, it will add another 15 inches to the width-- might look a bit unbalanced plus I am back to a squarish quilt.

Other option--add them to the back? I have calls out to the girls that made them to ask if it is okay. They donated them expecting them to be used for this project but surely on the front where they would be displayed more easily. I would like to pin it tomorrow if I can get this ironed out.

The rose above is a monster that DJ cut from a bush outside. The head of it is easily 6 inches in diameter but outside you could hardly see it as there is different bush variety right next to it. I think when they planted the rose bush they didn't allow for how the other bush would spread as it grew. So he cut it and brought it in saying "Happy Mother's Day, Kitty Mama" I married late enough in life that I have no humanoid children so it fits. I DID spend a bit of time down on my belly on the kitchen floor fishing out his toy mice from under the book case, stove and then later, the washing machine. Maybe I earned the name?

The only other "celebration" we had was that I had a free platter or dinner coming from the Captain D's Club for Mother's Day. Turns out it was also Senior Sunday so we only had to pay a nominal amount for our noon meal yesterday since he got a deep discount on his meal as well.

I snapped the above picture of Skyler as he rested on the sewing room perch on Saturday. All together now, AWWWWWWW isn't he cute? Almost looks like he was posing for the shot but I am pretty sure he was sound asleep at the time. Here is the view from this morning as he enjoys the morning sun. About 15 minutes later, that big old rose had petals fall off all over the table---DJ seems to think that Skyler had something to do with it but I'm not so sure he deserves the blame. He has a decided red or brown cast to his coat making me wonder what type of cat his parent's might be. A little Siamese in there?? He meows like one and has that squared off profile.

Saturday night about 2 a.m. that storm system that has swept through the plains and Southeast came through. A lot of cloud to ground lightning, wind and rain. We had about 2.75 inches in our rain gauge, DJ reported. The paper reported a lot of downed trees but no injuries in the county next to us so it sounds like they got the brunt of it in our area. Skyler joined me for some snuggling time during the storm. I don't know if he was scared or just in the mood from some companionship--lately he prefers under the quilt rack or the loveseat for night time sleeping.

So what does the day hold for me? Not sure yet. I would finish the backing for the heart quilt if I can but could do that at the meeting tomorrow. I finally get to hand off the treasurer's job for Home Extension this week. After holding the non-elected position for 4 or 5 years I am ready but there are a few odds and ends that need tending. Actually I am a little torqued at the president for forcing me to go to the board meeting and the meeting right after to present a final report that will take me less than one minute. It will screw up my whole morning on Thursday and for what? The whole command appearance is was I am not happy about and makes my decision to finally tell them to find someone else, the right one.

I should also work on the row robin this week--some of the girls worked ahead so I am not entirely sure which one I am supposed to working on at this point. Basically I means that I got the time that the person I pass to had along with my own. I am holding three of them so it probably doesn't matter which one is passed just as long as it IS passed. What to do, what to do..............

May 9, 2008


A little sewing going on around here in recent days. I mentioned that a friend had donated some blocks but I needed to make 7 more to complete the top. She had more muslin bases cut out but I cut those up for the sashing on the block bases.

I only used some of my cut strips and about 20 inches off my muslin bolt for this top but I did use donation fabric for the cornerstones, backing and binding. Does that count, LOL? I am not formally keeping a tally of the stash in/stash out though I know some are.

Yesterday I started assembly on Sarah's memorial heart quilt. I have been thinking about how I was going to assemble the block that the Bama Belles donated for this project for a bit now and ultimately, just dove in. Many of the blocks were 6 inches in size so I ended up doing like a medallion type center. I only needed to make one more block that size and did that this afternoon. I have 12 more blocks to add into the scheme of things but I'll mull that over tomorrow. Maybe by Sunday I'll have something to share again.

It has really warmed up around here. There were storm threats out yesterday but we only got about a 1/2 inch of much needed rain. DJ is trying to grow some grass seed to patch up a few spots in the yard so it is good if Mother Nature will lend a hand. Last year we spent a good part of the year under watering restrictions and we are currently about 4 inches behind on rainfull totals for the year.

This was not the picture I had hoped to take of Skyler this afternoon. When I went to get the camera he had his head laying on the little pillow and was curled up in the recliner. He hears the camera power up and gets up and heads to where he heard the sound.

I did get one of him on the kitchen rafters the other night though. DJ is bothered by this when he runs up there at breakneck speed. It does me too but actually it bothers me more when he starts peering down like he might try to jump down from there---where I don't know. When he sees me, he normally comes down but DJ scolds him first. Not sure where exactly this stuff is going to land as I am using a different browser and the edit tab does not look the same. Whatever...............

We have recently switched back to cable TV from satellite dish. Both of us were spoiled by having a DVR though I used the recording part more than he did. He liked the pausing and rewinding live TV more. My DVD player quit working recently and the VCR died earlier in the week so he got me a DVR this morning---not one with a hard drive but that's okay. That is a bit too pricey for us and we may well go back to satellite when our contract is up. Anyway, I had a little snafu in hooking it up but that was fairly easily solved when I worked back through the process. That all took a chunk out of my morning. I spent some time this afternoon working on programming it and then watching "Juno" while I sewed.

Other than that--walking this morning, laundry detail---that home stuff that needs done.

Happy Mother's Day to all but especially my own.

May 3, 2008

check in time

The picture shows Skyler taking his morning nap. He is quite long when he stretches out like this but a bit of a couch (and bed) hog. We have some cardinals nesting in the front bushes and had some rain this morning so the birds are out in full force this afternoon. He seems to enjoy watching them, chittering and chattering back at them. I guess he was worn out from all that "hunting" when I took his picture.

It has been a pretty quiet week. A little of this and that--DJ had a birthday earlier in the week so I had a cake to bake. I tried two new recipes for both the white cake with chocolate icing he requested though. The cake was perhaps a little more successful than the frosting. The directions were vague so I am not at all sure that I beat it as long as I was supposed to or that the cocoa and milk mixture got hot enough to dissolve the granulated sugar---it remained a bit gritty. We celebrated by lunch out and I fixed steak and the usual sides for our supper. The weather was perfect for grilling out.

Wednesday I had a nursing seminar to attend to get some of the needed ed units for license renewal. I keep an active license though I have not practiced since we moved to Alabama. You never know. I kept myself busy by knitting on my cardigan--easy stockinette stitch so I didn't have to think too much about what my hands were doing. DJ came into town and joined me for lunch.

Sewing though has remained in a short supply most of the week. Yesterday I finally got off my duff and sewed some binding together. I followed that up by cutting out this quilt top and then started sewing up the strip sets. The fabric had been stacked up and sitting out long enough!

Actually the painting bears print was ALREADY cut in exactly the number that I needed. I found the strips at our meeting place and someone had donated the blue star yardage. I did not realize that they were already cut into big squares at the time. I cut them into 6 1/2 inch strips and joined them in three pieces to get the WOF strip I needed. The yellow print is the leftovers from the 9 Patch Pizzazz challenge fabric that Pam sent but I cut them just a bit wider. The backing I chose was some that my mom sent from a good Hancock's sale last year. I wish that I had a nice clear red fabric that I could use for the binding---like red tone on tone WTIL fabric would work great but I only have a small square of that left, LOL. I am busting stash though not necessarily my own, LOL. The pattern is, of course, Mary's quick strippie pdf pattern and is wonderful for pro bono work as it makes up quickly and easily.

What to do next? I had a couple of mystery bags stuck in the closet. AHHH, another donation bag of scraps and project bag that one of the Belles had me pick up last month. There were 13 string blocks pieced to muslin with more bases cut out. 7 more blocks with sashing would make a decent sized top. I cut up the bags in the scrap, tossed the stuff we can't use and pulled down the 2 inch strip basket from my latest cutting binge. That's where I left off before fixing supper. Simple sewing is about all I feel up to at the moment but at least I'm sewing!

I need to go on a block idea search for one of the row quilts though----this one has a Mardi Gras/St. Pat's theme. Different color range for those. Purples, gold, green? I don't know that there are any blocks with Mardi Gras in the name necessarily and the one idea that I have might have already been used. Sarah's memorial heart quilt is still waiting for assembly too.

Guess that's it for this posting---I'll check in with y'all in bloggerland when I can even if I don't always let you know I was there.