May 21, 2008

this and that

Boy, if that isn't the truth! I do love the "Pickles" comic strip! We do tend to spoil our furry babies. And just like a child, they would rather play with things that are not necessarily YOUR idea of a toy. This morning, Skyler was treating a rolled up, smelly walking sock that I had just removed like it was his prized toy mouse.

And speaking of mice, here we are on mouse patrol yesterday morning. He loves it when I have to get the yardstick out to try to find the ones that he has shoved under the couch and loveseat. Or the kitchen bookcase for that matter, LOL. The yardstick becomes the toy in that case. He is fun to watch!

Last week was not a good week for sewing or for walking. Two meetings and Saturday was also booked up. I went over to Trussville to the quilt shop with some quilting friends. The others were going for their monthly Block of Month pickup and I had a gift certificate to spend. There was a space in the van so I went along.

I ended up getting a book entitled Fun with One Block Quilts by Cheryl Malkowski (from Roseburg, OR, BTW--I know a pal and the Traveling Trio met up there recently!) I thought it looked interesting--quarter square triangle units basically but combined in some unusual ways. I also got one pattern for Hunter Star that was made by one of the employees/teachers of the quilt shop. Looks like an easy way to do the pattern--done oversized and then trimmed down to a 6 1/2 inch block.

One of the girls was going to make reservations for us to go to the Chocolate Biscuit Tearoom for lunch but apparently hit a snag in calling ahead. A call to the shop once we got to Trussville found them booked with bridal events and such but that was okay. We ran over to the nearby Cracker Barrel as you can get breakfast all day long and the menu is varied enough to suit about any taste.

When we go on treks like this, we normally meet in a grocery store lot just north of where I live about 5-6 miles. I ran into the store when we got back and did not notice that there was anything "wrong" with my car. I thought it sounded as though it was running a little rough but it was running. By the time I got within a half mile of home it was obvious that I had a flat tire but this is winding, two lane road with no shoulder at all. It was all I could do it get up the incline up to our house but I got in my parking spot. The neighbor was having a garage sale and saw the problem and came over to help put on the temporary tire--I appreciate the gesture. We have roadside assistance with our car insurance and DJ called them to take care of it.

I have listed some of my quilting books on Amazon as I need to pay for that new computer and I need the shelf space. I mentioned the books in passing to the three Belles who were in the seat behind me on Saturday . One of them asked if I had a particular title listed so she put her name in for two of them. Another wondered what else I might have--when we got home I posted a note with the link for my local group to go look if they wanted. The other girl wondered if I was selling my Lauder bargello book---I tell you, she has used that book far more than me! I got an email for one of the others in the group that she wanted three other titles. Save me some packing supplies and worked out well all around. Sunday I delivered those---another day that got away from me.

Yesterday it was quilt batting, LOL, that was the deterrent to sewing. I had told DJ that I would give him a haircut after lunch but just then the the UPS driver arrived with the Belles batting order. I knew it was coming sometime this week but just not that quickly--I just called on Friday, after all. The driver said he was supposed to have come much later in the day but these were taking up too much space on his truck so he delivered early. 5 huge boxes of quilt batting from Nustyle Quilting--I was expecting rolls but that was okay. I made some space in the shed for two of them and stuck one temporarily in the utility room atop the chest freezer and crammed the other two in the car. Meanwhile Mr. Wet Head wondered where/what I was doing. We were due for some thunderstorms yesterday and it could not just sit on the carport! Cut the hair and then delivered Marilyn's roll to her and later two of the boxes to Judy for storage. Chat a bit at both stops.

Not long after I got home I needed to unplug the computer and the sewing machine due to the tstorms rolling in---no sewing yesterday. I DID get all the foundation piecing components sewed and trimmed on Monday afternoon though. Just a matter of joining the sections. I can't show it anyway as the owner may read my blog.

So far today it has been walking, errands, mopping the kitchen floor, retrieving some more missing mice, messing with the camera and trying to figure out where the file went (wrong folder) and writing this post. Soon a pizza pickup run is in the works unless DJ decides he is going to do it. Sorta doubt it as that is his pre-lunch relaxing time as a rule. And so it goes living the retired life................

Happy Birthday, Allison--see you soon!


  1. Sometimes life gets busy and 'things' need to be done...not to worry...soon you will back it back to the sewing room with a renewed freshness! :)

  2. that Skyler is so cute -- you're making me wish I had a kitten again!

    I saw the woman who did "One Block Quilts" on a show a while back; very interesting designs from a simple block. Can't wait to see what you make...

  3. Skyler's a beautiful boy - thanks for the cute pictures, especially mouse patrol. Does he really play with his toys or just give them an errant swat now and then? Molly never has been a toy girl - two or three pounces, and then just walks away, like it's too juvenile for her!

  4. love Skyler adventures/photos-seems you have been just as busy as me.
    hope to chat today!

  5. A quilt book author from Roseburg--isn't that a coincidence--especially since the travelling trio was there recently!!! LOL It sounds like you are doing well with the book sales! Way to go!


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