May 29, 2007

not much going on

Here was Pippi last night---probably wondering how she was going to get out of the room with all that stuff in blocking her way. I was taking a picture to her right off the bookcases so things normally would not be sitting in that spot. Since it was the row quilt, I can't share that. You get the cat picture instead, LOL.

On Sunday I got the pieced blocks that I planned to do completed for the Halloween row without any troubles. Yesterday I thought I best get going on the appliqued one. Things were not going well. Applique is not my thing but I thought I had sorta made peace with that. Fabric was fraying on the edges leaving little hairs and the fusible was not adhering (heat and bond---I forgot how much I don't like that stuff and tossed the whole danged roll). I must have used a totally different product for the Dazzling Dogs as those edges were sealed down. Worst though, I was having machine problems. Here I whipped off the dog blocks in record time despite my initial nervousness about machine finishing them and did a passable job. That's what I get for getting too "big for my britches".

I had used my trusty Viking on that project but now the timing is off so bad on that at the moment, that I can barely get the fabric through with the feed dogs. It was not doing such a hot job quilting lately either so it is time to take it in for cleaning and adjustment. SO here I was with my new Brother---I either can't adjust the stitch I want to use or don't know how yet. (I'm taking some lessons when I go back to IL as that is where we bought it). I had already decided that I was going to have to start all over again for my friend's row so I went ahead and stitched down the motifs for practice. Practice is not a bad thing but I wanted to be done with this---whine, whine, whine.

The one thing that is throwing me is that the Viking starts from center needle position while the Brother starts from extreme left. I can mirror the stitch with the Viking to make the same buttonhole stitch go either direction but it always ends up at center. The Brother, I don't know where the thread is going and it looks like the mirrored stitch is a different numbered stitch-- or is it? I think it takes another straight stitch--3 on one stitch and 4 on another which did not seem to work as well for the small pieces I was working around. When I try to fill or backstitch with a straight stitch, I cannot seem to get the needle position back to center for stitching. Then I have these thread wobbles on the line and have to get the seam ripper out. I'm not saying it cannot be done---just that I don't know enough to do it. I can thread the machine, make bobbins, straight stitch and use one of the zigzags for too short a seam allowance on one side ---isn't that all I need to know to piece? LOL.

I have plenty of fabric for this appliqued block and rough cut those sections this morning. The Steam-a-Seam I should have been using arrived this afternoon. Not wanting to hold up the person I send to, I mailed off the project box and emailed her about my problem along with a picture of what I had done with my section. Tomorrow morning, after I get my walking in, I'll take the machine up (50 some miles one way) Hopefully by the time I get back from my trip to IL, it will be ready for pick up. From past experience, 3 weeks is about the wait time. It is entirely possible that the one that Joy brings me this weekend will be done before the Halloween one is. I'm told what is coming is a patriotic themed row.

As far as any other production went today, I wound up a bunch of bobbins and sewed a few bowties together. By afternoon, I had such a headache that I laid down and napped for 3 hours. ( Boy, aren't I just a little ray of sunshine today--NOT! ) We had a $5 coupon for a large Papa John's 1 topping carry out pizza for lunch and leftovers from last night so no cooking--good thing I didn't have to do anything but re-heat when I was sleeping till suppertime. DJ is a good guy to have around the house but a cook, he is not.

And so it goes at my house-----

May 25, 2007

another day...........

At left, a basketweave block on point. I finished piecing the lower half of the quilt and left off Wednesday night with just the two long side red borders to go. The top was half done when I received it from Pam via Nancy. Pam could not get to it and asked if the Bama Belles might like it for the kids. (Thank you both!!) Hurray, all the blocks were there! I re-sized it slightly by re-configuring the corner and moving the involved blocks and took it from there. This might be going to the girls though---floral fabric on the borders but some yardage I could spare plus I had a bright lime green with red flowers from my Hancock's run that could be used for the backing.

I think Nancy might have been headed for a much larger quilt as there are 45 rail section blocks leftover. I'm putting my thinking cap on for what to do with the leftovers---make a bunch more for another quilt which is not a bad idea since it uses 2 x 5 strip sections OR blocks to go in a sampler??? Bust that stash, after all, and it could be done as an ongoing project when I cut another kit out. Really I like the idea of scrappy nine patches in between too. Well, like this EQ sketch without the gray---I was being too lazy to want to colorize especially when the other sketch I made was to keep on track on the piecing of the actual top. Either way, make more blocks though it doesn't have to be today!

Not the best of pictures---nice shot of Quilt Holder spread eagled, I guess but there was a reason for that. See below, LOL. Pippi has some birds staked out in the front bush to her left. We think perhaps the squawky gray birds have a nest in there so it has been a beehive of activity. One bird sits on the edging board to the bed and just taunts her. She acts like she is sleeping one minute and the next is chattering and probably thinking "if there were not glass down here between you and me, you would be a goner" This has been her fav spot in the afternoons this past week.

Other than that, I started a pile of 3D bowtie blocks yesterday and left those with just the center seam to join. I didn't count how many and just used the loose squares I had on hand. I'm shooting for a total of 80 including the ones Lois and I had worked on earlier. Really that is another project that I could easily make a bowtie as I cut a kit. Eventually you have enough for a quilt top. I'll probably finish those up today and then start on the row robin. The fabric is pulled but I am waiting for some "steam a seam" to come in the mail first.

Got my morning walk in. DJ is not playing golf today so I came home to find him vacuuming up the floor under the fridge. Keep going, Darlin'--the whole floor needs mopping, LOL. I think I have cooled down enough to get in the shower and not need another one when I get out--till the hairblower starts. Have a safe Holiday weekend!

May 22, 2007

Meeting day rolls around again

The Bama Belles met today---missing a few folks but if we were to have everyone there in one spot, it would be amazing. Someone always out of town, has health issues or other family things going on. I would guess that is the case not matter what club or organization you belong to. We keep chugging along and getting closer to our goal for the Boys Ranch.

At left (or wherever it lands) is a little Snuggle up that Theramae put together. No matter what sized squares you use for this quilt, it still looks good and oh, so easy to quilt too. She made a 2nd quilt with just the strips across in rows with the same fabrics. I tell you, those racing flags would have made my eyes go wobbly! I'll give you a break and NOT show the other one.

Next up, Lois' "Whatever" block---my name for it as I can think of three or 4 ways to assemble this and each designer calls it something else so I say "whatever"

I should have flipped this one over to show you the back---a bright bluebird with musical staff at the center and then a bright blue solid on either side of it to increase the backing size. We all loved the way she quilted it. Actually it reminds me of a pattern Norma had suggested quilting on your domestic sewing machine. Click on her name and it will take you the excellent post she made on this subject.
Lois said that she did not mark it---wow, it looks so evenly spaced to me! She was not too enamored with how it turned it either at first---a couple of weeks later, it was starting grown on her, LOL.

This last one is probably not the most technically correct quilt--it has some puckers on top, etc and was made by some real novices. Literally. We had decided to run out for lunch today and just shut off the iron, machine, lights. By the time we got back (Mexican food in case you were wondering) our youngest member Ginny and her two young daughers were just about ready to hop into their vehicle. They had dropped off this quilt. Her oldest daughter's Sunday school class made the hand print blocks, picked out the fabric, decided where to place it during Lenten season. They were making something for someone else and sharing their time and talents as part of their lesson. One of the Mom's birthed the quilt and added some stitching for them. Ginny, of course, knew where it might find a home.

I am afraid that I don't know quite what I managed to get done today. The most workout my machine got today was when Judy sat down to stitch up a quilt back on it. Maybe, and I can't be entirely sure about this, I stitched up one bowtie block. Lois had brought her little Janome so I got her started on seaming the stack of blocks that I had stitched up at the last meeting---the center seam needed to be done. I got the pics taken so Quilt Holder didn't have to, told them about the BOM I had chosen inspired by one of Nancy's quilts and helped pin.

I had a little mishap though with the pole we suspend the quilts from. One of the quilts was hanging in the doorway but someone needed something from the closet. I have left them hanging and just slide them aside on the pool many times on the drapery rings. This time, I must have had it closer to the edge of the door for a larger quilt and down came the metal rod on my head. YOWWWW did that hurt---still does and I have a bit of a headache now. No knot or bleeding but the scalp is pretty tender.

Because the machine I quilt with may need to go to the shop, I didn't get any more of my quilt pile done the past 4 days. I had the stack down to 2---and that was only because half of one needed to be re-pinned. That puppy would have been dealt with. OHHH so close to be caught up, LOL. But I was having the most fun working with the box that Nancy had sent. I had disassembled 4 of the 5 tops and got backings readied for 7 quilts and cut binding out where needed. Most of the tops are HERE. It may make more sense of what I am about to tell you if you take a peek. Another is HERE but I can't remember what this one is called and thought maybe Nancy had said. (It might have been on King's X maybe? ) Ed note: found it---"Hidden Spools" according to Bonnie

I had gotten two tops each from the Fall Faux Log Cabin and Boot Scoot Boogie and took one of each to pin setting the other two aside for later in the year. The one Rising Star that I had reassembled yesterday will wait till we have the boys quilts done. Theramae took one of the "King's X" sections to re-attach the borders as well as the challenge of the Triple Irish Chain UFO, Nancy. She was already playing with the strips while I started on the pictures. I will take care of the other blocks on both the Star and X down the line--wrap up what we have started since we are really in the home stretch with this project. Get the bowtie top together---gotta have a bowtie quilt for boys!!

I came home and updated the quilt document, making sure they all had numbers and labels. Laundered the ones that needed it. I counted up 27 quilts here at home plus a few more that are slated for girls. Neither Linda or I could remember how many, exactly, she has at her house--31 or 37? She and her hubby will come by tomorrow afternoon to pick these up till we are ready to put them out on the church pews and deliver them to their new owners. Get my hamper back for a little while anyway, LOL.

Other than that---man, did it get hot today. Hazy with higher ozone levels. Really had I not known better I would have thought it was the middle of July or something. The weather guy said that some of the smoke from the GA-FL fires is responsible for some of that. No rain in sight either so we remain about 15 inches behind in our rainfall totals for the year. My goofy husband didn't have on the a/c either when I got home by mid afternoon---it didn't take long to change that, LOL.

Well, you know where to find me. I think one or two more days of WTIL sewing and I will need to work on the row section since it is due by month's end. The recepient may read my blog so no pics till after the retreat in early August. Off to see what you are up to--------

May 18, 2007

a treasure trove

DJ came in yesterday with a large box addressed to me from our blogging friend Nancy. What a treasure trove! I thought briefly about NOT opening it till I got to the quilt meeting on Tuesday but you KNOW that wasn't going to happen---too curious about the contents. Nancy had shared some pictures of a few of the completed tops in her April notes so I will refer you to her blog.

How lovely to see these tops "in the flesh". There are also a few UFO's that can be completed as well as a lovely piece of green circle fabric that can be for me personally or the kids. I think Shelina has some of this as well? Wow, it goes really well with the greens I brought home from Hancocks earlier in the week so for now it is stacked with them. Backing fabrics too which will really come in handy. I thank you again on behalf of the Bama Belles Quilting Club for your generosity, Nancy. These are going to make some really cool quilts for the boys and girls we serve.

I had to laugh a little bit ago. I was seated with ripper in hand taking apart this top (borrowing Nancy's pic so I don't have a picture-less post.) DJ stuck his head in the door and said "you are supposed to be putting those together not taking them apart!" True, but it is a large quilt that Nancy probably intended for a full to queen sized bed. Normally we shoot for tops in the 40x 60 to 50 x 70 range--so 4 x 6 with 10 inch blocks and the nice border she used will be perfect but I need to rearrange some of it slightly. And even better, get two quilts out of the one top. I can rummage up another fabric for the borders on the 2nd one to make it a little different, should they go to the same spot.

I have been quilting the past few days as planned. Wednesday I finished up the BQ I had been working on and got most of a staggered dropped squares top that Aline made with Thimbleberry fabrics that will be perfect for the boys that evening. Yesterday I finished up what remained of that top and did another BQ for Theramae. Pictures of those once the binding is done. Today I had planned on doing the Building Blocks I had made at the spring sew-in but discovered it had a small pleat in the back so half of it will need to be re-pinned---it can wait till meeting date. I DO have one other one that I could do--my Beetles shown partially done HERE---that can wait till tomorrow.
I'll see what odds and ends will need to be done with a few of these treasures to get them ready for the meeting and pinning. I know the Bama Belles will be excited to see these! For right now, I have a long border to remove.

May 16, 2007

all dressed up and no place to go

Well, I got up early though the bed felt mighty good this morning, got my walking clothes and shoes on and was gathering up my keys, etc when DJ comes in from getting the paper to say, "it is misting rain" I am disappointed because I am ready to roll. Do you have any inkling what a turn around in attitude that is for me? Before it would have been any excuse NOT to go but I am motivated these days. I wait and see if it is going to let up and hope that the sun and the temps don't start rising---still no go. Threw some lentil soup makings in the crockpot--still no go. Oh well. I was going to take tomorrow off but I guess it will be today instead. Back to my "civvies"

Yesterday I had to meet the President of the Home Extension group over at Hancock Fabrics to get some paper things she needed me to take care of---I'm the treasurer but I hope they will heed my words and start looking for my replacement. 4 years is enough. Anyway, the store is closing, 50% off, minimum of 2 yard cuts---you know where this is heading.

I have not been in there for two months when I was on the hunt for primary colors for a Building Blocks quilt seen HERE. I don't need to go on a fabric diet as some of you have as I seldom buy anything but backing/binding or one missing color I need to make a quilt. I am committed to using my stash when I can. SOOOOOOO here I am 25 yards later replenishing/augmenting the greens and getting some purple and orange for the row quilt I need to get done by month's end. I liked the purple Blank "Cat in the Garden" Stripe enough that I got the rest of the bolt--5 plus yards. Couple of the greens were 3 to 3 1/2 "all of it" cuts too.
Once I got home I started on the club paperwork. Completion required a stop at the post office for more stamps and another stop for mailing envelopes. Then I thought that my successor, if and when I have one, may not use the same format as I do for the address book stuff. Type a new addy book, make another database. I don't use Works enough to remember how best to do that but fortunately I could copy/paste a lot of the text. Next thing I knew it was 9 p.m. Chat with Cher for a bit, read some blogs, answer some email.............bedtime.

Definitely no quilting going on yesterday. I have an idea or two---Cher thought it was inspired--of what to do for Debora's Halloween themed row. Since block size is not a problem, I think it might work but it is only a small section of the width. I was digging through all my pattern/mag clippings/print out notebooks and pulled anything that I thought might work. I kinda like the pieced witches on the end but I hate the way that McCall's write their patterns. (Will the pic click bigger?) I don't want to cut out a whole quilt, I want a block or two. Label the block sections if you please as to size and don't give me a long cutting list-----argh! IF I use it, then I am drawing it up on graph paper or in EQ so it makes more sense to me. Besides, I think it could be foundation pieced. There are few things that could be used in some of the other patterns but perhaps resized a bit---up in some cases and down in others. Also some ideas in Sew Precise too. I'll figure it out. And this stuff is all going in the same notebook, LOL, until then. Oops, found two more on my desk that didn't make the picture. One is adorable if I liked to applique more---Quiltmaker's had a row quilt in Sept. Oct 99 called "Trick or Treat Street" with Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Bill characters in costume, some like candy corn and other little ghosties. Inspiration overload!!

So one errand to run and then I am definitely quilting--break time is over. I thank you all for your kind comments about the "Dazzling Dog" blocks I have shared in the past few posts. The 6 I already had done are pretty cool too, LOL, if I do say so myself. Nice to make a little progress on my top 10 personal projects.

May 14, 2007


No quilting today either but I did get the last of the Dazzling Dog blocks done--only because I stitched almost all of it on the machine. I guess I proved to myself yesterday that yes, I could do the edge finishing and spare the fingers. The only part I hand buttonholed on any of the blocks was the curves on the flower that "Ralph" below has tucked behind the ear.

" Winston" is the monocled fellow.
And this is "Skipper"
So all 12 of the blocks are now complete but I'll set them aside till I can purchase the sashing/border fabrics at some later date. It is important for me to get those 4 and half quilts done since I may be going out of town for a week or so next month.
Since DJ's son and family were just down to see us, he does not want to make the trip back to see our family this year. That's okay---I can make other arrangements. My friend Marilyn called today and said that they will probably be heading up to the Midwest in early June to see relatives and there is room in the car. I can share a ride back to Illinois since their route takes them right past the town my youngest brother lives in. My parents are about 15 miles north of there. I'll know more by week's end. You'll know where to find me..........

May 13, 2007

Still at it

I was having so much fun with the "Dazzling Dog" blocks that I moved onto a couple more. Meet "Dan the Dane" at left-- finished up last night though it is amazing I have any fingers left. Handstitching on those ears and glasses was not easy in spots. You know how you can feel like your fingertips are bruised by the needle?

"Garcia" is at right. This time I sucked it up and did the stitching around the glasses and necklace on the machine. All the rest is by hand because I thought that those hair spikes might be too much of a challenge for my fledgling attempts. I had always thought that my hand blanket stitching looked better than my previous machine tries at it but I believe I did a passable enough job. DJ came in here to see why I wasn't sewing at breakneck speed, as I normally would be doing, LOL.

I have three more blocks to do but I will probably get back to the machine quilting tomorrow. Well, maybe part of one more as the machine is still set up for applique but then back to quilting! The snowmen and the dogs were a nice diversion though and provided the break I needed. It will be almost a week till the quilt group meets again and someone is always looking to pitch in for the binding detail---bless them all! Just means that I need to do MY part as well.

I mentioned that I had already made the "Kitty City" quilt in yesterday's post but I couldn't find where I had hidden the pic from myself. I rounded it up so here you go. It got a third place ribbon in the viewer's choice for applique category at the Gadsden Quilt Guild a few years back. DJ was upset that it didn't get a first place ribbon as he had gotten most of the patterns for me as a birthday present one year. He was always wanting to know which one I was doing next and showing more interest than usual in the process. The first place ribbon was deserved and told him that. Now, the 2nd one, I didn't think so-- it was a cross-stitched kit quilt and you could still see the blue markings. UGH

I received the next round robin box in the mail on Saturday which should be a lot of fun. Debora picked a Halloween theme and has sent a bunch of fun fabric that can be used. Nag at me a bit so I don't procrastinate till the last minute, will you? I think I have til June 2nd or 9th?

Hope you all have had a lovely Mother's Day---

May 12, 2007

anything but machine quilting

The past few days I just have NOT felt like machine quilting--so I gave myself permission not to. Like DJ often says to me "Who gave you all these jobs? Aren't you retired?" Good point. Also good to rest my aching right shoulder a bit---used to be my left one acting up. Now that one is okay and the right wants to get into the act.

So anyway, a little hand stitching to fill the time a bit. I had a good start on this August block before I set it aside a month ago. I finished it up. The color is absolutely not right in the pics --the background is a white on white that looks as close as I could find to snowflakes. The DMC floss color #798 is not purple or navy either. Pam is using purple and it looks great but mine is actually more of a primary colored blue, like the color of a hyperlink. Norma is doing these blocks as well and I think with the same color! I have to watch out though as these girls are gaining on me, not that it was a contest to get done first, LOL.

Here is the one that I finished up yesterday afternoon. I had thought that I would skip the french knots on his body but it looks a little bare. The blocks were found HERE and originally designed for machine embroidery. An online quilt group I moderate had permission to use the graphics but do them by hand. See, the color looks almost black in this one--again, not a bad choice, just not the one it actually is.

I still had time--what to do next? I sewed down a label on one of the recently turned in quilts but I sure didn't feel like binding. I thought about my "Dazzling Dog" blocks--- it is on my long ignored personal UFO list though the snowmen are on there too. Everytime I see the "Major" block on Laurie Ann's blog it makes me smile. I really should finish that quilt one of these days. I have already done the "Kitty City" one after all. Out came Prissy, the Poodle---most of the hand blanket stitching was done except for the dress and glasses. I have only four more blocks to stitch as the blocks were all prepped some time back.

I recently purchased Amy Bradley's Seasoned Quilter set from the same designer that has the detachable quilts for Christmas, Birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Easter, Valentine's Day and St. Pat's. I can't wait to get started on those. Amy was generous enough to include the "Bountiful Beauties" pattern along with my order for free. Another fun pattern though I am afraid I resemble those girls a little too much.

We finally got a bit of rain yesterday along with some thunderstorms. Quite foggy this morning so I waited to go walk. Yesterday I had lost track of how many rounds I had gone so I may have overdone it a bit. I told DJ that maybe I better lay out 6 or 7 rocks in a row and then remove one with each successive round and quit when I was done if I can't keep track any better than that. I get lost in the tunes, I guess.

Well, enough prattling from me. I've cooled down enough to get in the shower and not feel like I need another one as soon as I get out. Till I fire up the blowdryer, that is. Why did I cut my hair?

In conclusion I love you, Mom

May 8, 2007

night off

Today was our quilt group meeting--just a few of us there but we got 5 quilts pinned. I was hungry for tuna macaroni salad yesterday and of course, made enough to feed an army so brought the leftovers with me to share. Theramae had some Texas sheet cake leftover from an event at her house so we had an impromptu potluck.

I even got some sewing done once reinforcements came for pinning. I realized that we have nary a bowtie quilt for these boy quilts we are gathering--that won't do at all! I had brought my 3 1/2 inch square box in case someone came with machine and was looking for a stitching project. I had 23 partially done 3D boweties by the time I left---just needed to join the center seam of the pile. I'll make more after I am finally done quilting (do I ever finish up, LOL?) and finish up the other kits in my basket while I am at it. That's the plan anyway.

I have shown the top above before but it is "done-done" now. Normally I don't mess much with quilting borders on the kids quilts--part of that keeping the cuddle factor going but these blocks were so plain that I fussed a bit--besides, it is a square quilt and easy to mark the simple egg and dart I used. It has a plain muslin back so I thought it might make it seem a little more special to the receipient.

The quilt to the right is a simple strippy quilt with some neat fabrics that Jane and Sarah (mother and daughter team). Quilts don't need to be complicated to be special. Good pro bono pattern actually.

The one below on the left is one that Theramae made for her granddaughter who loves sunflowers. She had hoped to find the red checked version of this print but I think the green is just as effective especially with the green, gold and brown prints tone on tone she used. Actually that brown might be a good choice for the substitute border I will eventually make on my fall themed row robin from last year--that ugly brown solid poly-cotton has got to go!! I can selvage the leaf appliques but that corner blocks etc will be gone once the thing is shown at the quilt show this fall.

Other than that, it seems like all I have done is walk and quilt lately. Susan had commented that quilting 8 quilts in about a week's time would be a rather ambitious undertaking. I said I would settle for half that if I could. Actually, I was working on the sixth one, Lois' BQ shown HERE, last night. I took 3 of them with me today for the binding volunteers and kept one at home for me to do. Jeanne's railfence was already done. BUT my stack is back UP to 4 as I brought two more pinned quilts home with me. LOL, two steps forward and one step back???

By the time I got home from the meeting, Pippi was sacked out on DJ's desk chair and he was off somewhere. I found a note telling me he was off trading in his car at the Pontiac dealers. HMMM, somewhere between golf and lunch out he gets the itch to look at cars?? Actually this didn't surprise me a whole lot because he had come close to getting a low mileage Taurus last week--till the salesman bought it for himself. This dealer was right on the way home and we had looked at cars there before he had bought the one he traded 2 plus years ago. It wasn't long before he came pulling up in an 2006 Pontiac G6 in candy apple red---ohhhhh, my fav color in a car. He asked me if I wanted to take it for a spin but I want him to get the "new to him" worn off first. We had already made plans to go out to lunch tomorrow so I'll get a ride in it then. He has spent a good deal of time this evening looking at the owners manual and left after dark to see what the interior lights looked like at night.

Leftovers for supper and the only thing I HAD to do tonight was give him a haircut so I have made the rounds to all the blogs on my list to see what you all have been up to. Hard to keep up sometimes.............guess that's it for today.

May 6, 2007

This quilt was hardly "off the press" from it's binding application yesterday when who popped up from wherever it was that she was hiding on the other side of the bed? Yep, giving it the old kitty butt test. The quilt full out, front and back, can be see here. Nothing fancy with quilting--just ditch work to make the squares and frames pop. I did all but the binding, label and trimming on Friday along with the quilt you see below.

This one is Aline's positive-negative Friendship Star that she was working on at the sew-in last month. Her busy schedule will not allow her to quilt right now so I volunteered. Quilt Holder was not happy but this time I had asked him right after he had sat down in his recliner. I didn't quite beat him back to the living room. "Is this a really big one again?" he says. I'll turn it over to one of the Belles to do the hand finishing.

I thought I might share some pics of what I see on the walking trail. It is looking South down the Chief Ladiga Trail into Anniston where it currently ends just past the Weaver city limits. They are working on another leg of it ; however, it may be hampered by funding that was either rescinded or never was assured to begin with. That leg will connect with the old Fort McClellan and the Amtrak station in Anniston. Eventually it will connect with the Silver Comet Trail out of Atlanta to the east. Because this was a Rails to Trails project IO often wonder if this is the same view the engineer and conductor would have seen. Which train ran through I am not entirely sure, not being a native Alabamian--I don't think I have googled far enough to find out, LOL.
This one and ones that follow were taken in our little park where we have a non-paved track. It is a bit easier on the legs and feet than the asphalt so I do most of my walking here--sometimes even a little bit on both sections just for variety. There are 6 different groupings of these bushes, 6 to 8 in a group planted amongst the pines. I am not sure what they are though so maybe one of you can tell me--maybe some type of jasmine or magnolia? I do not think that they have any fragrance. At any rate they seem to be about the only thing in bloom right now other than real magnolias starting to come out on the mature trees.

one close up

even closer

This is the normal view throughout the park--one lap is about a quarter mile. I currently go 6 but will probably be upping it to 7 next week. (You can see some of the same bushes off in the distance.) It was really humid, almost foggy as we had a tad of rain early this morning---not enough to measure. DJ said there was dust in the rain gauge and that was about it. But cloud cover keeps it cooler and the walking, more tolerable.
I am off to the kitchen to throw some Shipwreck Casserole into the crockpot for our supper. One of those "anything goes" recipes -- use what is on hand or switch out the veggies, lose the rice, whatever. Mom used to make it when we were kids but I sure don't want the oven on for two hours! Then I'll finish this half done quilt from yesterday shown HERE --yeah, it is girlie. I needed a break from boy colored stuff and this has been pinned and waiting for months. Pinned stack down to 4 from 8 and I could possibly get one more done before Tuesday--progress till I come home with a couple more to replace those, LOL! And so it goes--peeling and slicing awaits.

May 4, 2007

one done-done

Well, one of the quilt stack is "done-done" anyway. Bound, labeled and finished at 9 last night. Time out to watch "My Name is Earl" and take a call from my mom. I took it with me to the nursing seminar on Wednesday and started working on it at lunch break and kept on for the afternoon session. I can't just sit --I can still listen and stitch at the same time. Had about two sides done by the time I left at 3.

This is the 2nd, no 3rd stab, at photographing it though. The quilt as you can see is wider than our usual quilts. Quilt Holder was not having much patience with my delay in getting the pic taken last night as his arms were not happy. The first shot was mainly his face and a quilt blur. The 2nd, I messed up trying to adjust the true color. I just threw it on my unmade bed to try again. I'll get a better shot at the meeting when I can hang it up but I dare not ask DJ to do the honors again.

The top and backing was sent to us by Jeanne for the Boy's Ranch. I rearranged the blocks slightly to make it more square and added a small border which was fabric donated to the quilt by Finn and then bound it with the same green used in the top and backing. I kept the quilting very simple with a green variegated thread. It has a lot of cuddle left in there though I did also ditch quilt in the horizontal linear row. I am sure to revisit that idea again on a few of these tops.

It has gotten up to the 80's in past days and no real rain chances. DJ said that the grass is already dying over the septic tank--usually we don't see that till July or August. Some parts of the county are under a burning ban and I know they had one wildfire in Gadsden on Noccululla Mountain recently that was not easy to contain--scary when you here reports of the acreage consumed in Georgia and Florida already. It makes you wonder how long before we are under a watering etc ban too if the rains don't come not that DJ and I don't already converse water. I have been waking up early in past days--today was no exception-- but when a check on the thermometer was 62 at 6 a.m. I got dressed in my walking clothes and headed out to get my walking in. Good plan!

I'm going to get setup to get some quilting done --you know where to find me. I think Aline's positive-negative friendship stars would be a fun one to start with--more blog fodder, LOL.