Jun 30, 2006

Day off--field tripping!

Such a sweet little face---she DID come out to greet me when I got from our field trip today. That is more than DJ got when he came home from golf. First time she has been on the bed for quite some time but I have a feeling she was getting a little too hot on her perch in the blazing afternoon sun. Our thermometer says low 90's and I believe every bit of it. Breeze blowing but just hot air.

SO as a followup to my note from yesterday--when I told you my mom could work rings around me? I got her into making a few quilts for Wrap Them In Love (WTIL) way back in 2000. She would tell you that her intention was just to make a couple to help us out. 422 tops later, she is still at it---and it is all my fault, LOL. I wish she could find someone to work with up there in IL but the area quilt guild probably has something else in mind for Community Service project. You may have noticed that the Project Linus is a P. O. Box in Bloomington, IL? (that is basically where I was from till DJ and I moved south) Anyway, I suspect that it gets a bit more attention than the grass roots organization we support.

Bonnie wanted to see how that Friendship Star and Alternating Chains turned out quilted---the binding, of course is not done but here you go! Just in the ditch to accentuate chains. I do a lot of ditching quilting actually especially if the quilt calls for it--and this one did.

I got both of Jeanne's quilt tops finished up yesterday leaving only one quilt NOT quilted towards my June goal. Her lovely pink and black retro was a quickie so that helped. No pictures of those till the binding is done. I know that there are few more hours of June left but I am taking the day off though I might consider doing some hand finishing on some binding.

Five of us girls headed over to the Birmingham area quilt shops this morning. So the photo at right shows my three purchases on the bottom. The celery green print will go very well for my round robin plans and allow some other color introductions for those who follow. The tealy-aqua-turquoisy looking stuff is actually more green in real life and is some fabric I am collecting each time I go to that particular quilt shop--just yard cuts. LOL, I like the one piece so well I have bought it twice. I really should have looked before I left the house to be sure but hey, I'm not sure what I am going to do with it yet so I may well need this down the line. I didn't buy any books, magazines or patterns as really only one even remotely tempted me. One shop had some fabric for 40% off but you had to buy yard cuts---didn't even interest me. I spotted what I wanted for the robin almost immediately and then had fun helping Pat pick out something for the next one she will work on.

The two pieces above that: The train piece is something my Mom just sent for a fun boys quilt and the cats is from my friend Marilyn. You all know how I feel about cats! This will have to be kept in fairly big chunks so I'll ponder a pattern choice for that---neat colors to play off of though.

We had lunch at one of the local tea rooms between the two shops. Good food and good company but that parking lot in and out is a nightmare. I was beginning to think we were going to be stuck there all day but we hit the 2nd shop in due time. By the time I ran 2 of my riders home and picked up some grocery odds and ends I got home a little after 3. Now its time to start supper (Maid Rites, deli potato salad--easy peasy)

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Jun 29, 2006

Goals etc

Good morning---figured I better post before I get back to quilting. We have already walked for the day so that's out of the way and the whole day stretches out ahead of me.

I already know that I am not going to reach my June goals--my part of the round robin will have to wait till after a fabric purchase tomorrow. My SIL's wallhanging got set aside because of all the WTIL tops--deadline is September but I sure don't want to wait that long--next month, Jan, I promise.

I finished up the quilting on Friendship Star with alternating chain blocks yesterday and got part of the blocks locked in on Jeanne's Project Spectrum: Yellow before I finished up for the evening. I will most likely get it finished today and possibly start on her retro pink and black but will STILL fall short. I know, I know, I always have more listed than I possibly can get done--but two quilts short on the WTIL is still pretty darned good, IMHO.

Since I don't have any pictures of what I have been doing, how about some more from the quilt group? The one at left (or maybe above--won't know till I edit this) is one that Sarah made. She is not one to let us throw anything away if she thinks there is some use for the littlest bit of it. She can find a use for our orphaned blocks, backing cutaways, whatever though it might take her awhile to find the spot for it. It is fun though because I see bits of things we have done as a group. The Puss in the Corner blocks, Bowties, Faux Log Cabins, Mom's Stack and Whack butterfly at center---crazy patched bits, some preprinted panels that were in my stash and leftover from something Theramae tackled. I've got an idea of where that dresden plate section MIGHT have come from but will have to ask her. Mile a Minute to the max!!

Next two:
The Chicken quilt uses a block of the month choice that we were doing in a row form. Theramae decided that she didn't really want chickens in her personal quilt so she used them for this top. (Country Threads inspired). The Dresden Plate is Carolyn's. My frequent readers may recall that Carolyn won the blocks at the JOY quilt group raffle several months back. As she was working on her blocks, she had told herself she would make a quilt for the Girl's Ranch should she happen to win that month. That is precisely what happened. Both turned out well!

I will pass on your wonderful comments about the number of quilts we have made and will donate soon to the group. No way, no how did this many quilts get finished or near finished without their help. I only head up the group and try to do my part. Your comments come to me because I am the one with the blog yakking about it and showing pictures of some of our efforts. I really should find out just how many quilts we have made and donated since 2000. That includes all the ones my profilic mother has made too--she works rings around me, let me tell you!--but it was close to 1100 a year or so ago. That might be bragging but what do they say--if you have the stats to back you up, you have the right to do so? (EDITED NOTE: 1356 quilts--not including what I have on the document for this year which is currently at 103 so who know where that will end up by years end--now that is a lot of quilts!! )

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Jun 27, 2006

back from quilt meeting

Just back from our quilt meeting about an hour ago. Productive day, I would say. Most of the group was there as well which was good along with two guests. Even better--our two older members seem to be back to better health.

A few of the girls were working on the butterfly block that I gave them for our BOM, two more were sewing batting bits together, a few more were sewing on labels or binding, others were pinning. Me? A little bit of picture taking (spare Quilt Holder the job once I got home), record keeping trying to figure out the numbers that went on which labels, gave instruction on how to do this month's blocks and last month's for those who were not there, pinning, visiting, trips to the Xerox machine, etc, etc--like trying to nail Jell-o to the wall.

Jeanne, everybody loved your tops especially the bright yellow-orange one. I told them that a friend in California sent it so they could see why you might select those colors. I am going to send them the link for the one you just finished if they thought this was bright. LOL. Finn, those pink bowties were a big hit too.

Since we had butterflies on the mind today, I had Aline help me cut and pass out some challenge fabric that Cher had sent us. She is going to do the same with her Portland Piecers and then compare picture to see what we come up with. Deadline: the Christmas party, kid quilt must be made from it and at least one square inch of fabric must be visible in there somewhere and turn any of the usable leftovers back in in case someone else needs a bit more to complete their quilt. It is a nice neutral backed butterfly fabric with lots of colors to key off of--purple, teal, gold and dark rosy pink. I believe the ones that accepted the challenge liked it a bit better than the bright primary paint colors from last year's challenge, LOL. A few had some ideas of what might work. Finn, some of the fabrics you and Betsy just sent went well with it so a good bit of that will be finding it way into quilts soon.

We are planning a run to the Birmingham area quilt shops on Friday though to hear them tell it, I am the only one who actually "needs" anything. I was going anyway so why not see if anyone else wants to go along for the ride? Aline told me that two husbands were virtually struck dumb with the name "Trussville" (where the shop is actually located.) Like, be very afraid if they say they are going there. One said to the other "what's that?" while the other probably only said something like "more fabric" LOL. I have to find something for this round robin that is hanging like the Sword of Damoceles over my head though I have until July 15th, I think it is.

I was also trying to get our day set for laying the quilts out on the church pews so we can invite the other area quilt groups to come take a look and any of the church members who might be interested. There is never a time that is good for everyone to be there. Move it and this one can't come, move it again, now that one can't. The church had an obligation on the day I initially planned . Finally I just needed to make a decision and picked 8-19 so we can spread the word. Pending a check with Big Oak Ranch we will deliver the quilts 10 days later.

Jeanne asked me yesterday in comments how close to our goal of 60 some quilts we were. I had said that I would have a better idea once I came home from the meeting and updated my document. (Just to be sure that I didn't assign the same number twice I started numbering for the last one forward.) I came home with 12 completed quilts along with 3 pinned tops. I left 4 to be bound but a few more are still out. Those numbers are always in a state of flux--pinned and waiting to be bound. BUT I just counted all the pinned tops and completed tops I have stacked here at home in the closet, atop the armoire (clear to the ceiling now) and on top of the hamper----77 quilts. Isn't that terrific when we only have about 10-12 active members? Of course, we have had some help with several tops being donated to the cause. Credit and our thanks have been given.

Having said that, all of that number will NOT be going to the Girls ranch. Some are a little on the small size for kids ages 6-18. I have a suggestion from the members for a spot in our area that could use them should I decide not to mail them to HQ. Others will be held for the Boys Ranch though I don't have a number on just how many will needed for their facility--once we have them all spread out the girls can help me make a decision about that. No one wants them to be left out. We want them to have a some extras since I know they are planning on having two more homes built which would house a total of 16 girls. If the houseparents have children, they will not be left out either.

So what are the pictures I am sharing with you today? Three of the quilts made by one of our members. Aren't they wonderful?? Antoinette has a wonderful color sense and her quilts are usually made from brights. She may have been working in series a bit as I am pretty sure the same print is in both her Pineapple Blossom and the Streak of Lightning. I know we were figuring out stretch her zigzag bands into something at the sew-in in late April. The Cracker is quilt above. I believe both Streak and Cracker are in the "101 Rotary Cut Quilts" or it's predecessor book "Rotary Roundup" or the other by the same authors. My old copies are at the church and we were just looking at it when the girls wondered just how she did the zigzags. That lead to a discussion on how you COULD do it. That does my heart good because it shows me that they aren't locked into one certain way of doing things and are learning.

I think I will work on some paper work tonight though my friendship star chain is half done from yesterday. (Definitely a good choice for the boys there!) Don't have to cook tonight since we have leftovers--sounds good to me. I took time out to cut DJ's hair before I came back to finish and edit this note. That was my only true obligation other than the meeting today. Still have stuff to put away and a few things to follow up on that came up today. Yep, Hanne, I DO sleep, LOL but I do like to keep busy too. I sleep better if I have worn myself out.

Catch up with you all a little later this evening--

Jun 26, 2006

4 to go--till tomorrow

Quilts 4 and 5 were finished up yesterday--4 to go until I pin the other three tops on hand at our meeting tomorrow. 5 quilts in 4 days, not bad.

This is the Bama Belles Pineapple Blossom quilt from blocks we all made as a block of the month earlier this year--February or March, maybe? I had just put on the binding and trimmed it when I took this. Maybe you can see a little better how I set up to quilt on my trusty old Viking. This one counts as one of my UFOs for 06 so I'll do the binding--often the quilts are I work on do NOT but that's okay. I don't do it to cross something off a list in the first place.

#5 is Finn's top and what I am calling "9 patches and bear panels" for my record keeping. I don't have time this morning to go back for her first link. I will put the binding on (black in this case) after I get back from my grocery errands--it being Monday, after all and my usual day to shop.

Not sure that the quilting will show up very well but I did some free motion outlining around the bears in the panels to get them to pop the motif and lay down the remaining part of ther block. My initial plan was to quilt till the thunderstorms got closer or 8 p.m., whichever came first. Well, the storms didn't come and by 8 I was in a bit of a groove with the darning foot so just kept plugging to get the last few blocks done. Don't look too close, LOL. I don't have any toenail catchers but it is a little tighter in stitch length if I want to critique my abilities in this department. Like Pam says, It is what it is---done. Okay, almost done---the label and the binding, yeah, yeah, yeah. Think I'll do the Friendship Star chains today.

Nothing else to report--all I did is listen to "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" archived show, listen/watch "Dirty Dancing" for the zillionth time because there was nothing else on I cared to watch, cook and eat supper (pecan waffles though a good recipe I better not misplace for next time) At some point today I will need to get the block of the month stuff together for the meeting and pack up the car. SO off to really get this day started----- Posted by Picasa

Jun 25, 2006

making progress

Making some progress with the quilting: Finn's Broken Dishes is finished for WTIL. (See her post in the her archives for April 30th for her comments about the piecing strategies she uses). It went fairly quickly in that I had it done before lunch except for the binding. DJ came home from golf and was commenting on how colorful it was--high praise indeed! I pointed out all the fun things I was seeing in the fabric--the Hershey bars, M & M's, fish, lady bugs, hearts, pigs, etc. I know you can see the fabrics up close and personal in her post if you follow the link above.

I think DJ noticed them too though he was far more interested in telling me about his golf score. Normally I'll get a "that's nice" or the statement "you finished another one" implying the "big deal--you will just start something else; you are never done with any of it" While that might be true somehow I expect him to be a little more proud of what we are trying to accomplish here.

Because I got this one done fairly early in the day, I started on one of the Pineapple Blossom tops and got 12 of the 20 blocks done before I quit for the evening. More thunderstorms rolled in about supper time so that made me unplug for a time. Actually while we were eating, one of the light switches in the kitchen sparked (!) I just saw it out of the corner of my eye and heard it--he was looking at it when it happened. Boy, was I glad that I HAD shut down the computer and the sewing machine. I laid down for a while to rest my back and legs which I needed to do anyway and then did a few more blocks.

Aline had given me a huge bag of blueberries from the freezer last week--the fresh ones are not ready yet--so I made a Creamy Blueberry Pie from one of my favorite recipes that I found on allrecipes. I'll post it or the link when I edit this as you know who wants to go walk. (I swear I could put a clock on him--he's done in the kitchen in other words and on to the next thing in his morning routine. You would think I would learn to NOT start posting or emailing till later----but NO!) Tried a different scallop recipe last night too garnering a comment about all the different things I was coming up with lately. Not sure if he thought that was a good or bad thing, LOL. Tonight it's gonna be waffles and sausage because Aline also gave me some pecans she had frozen AND I like pecan waffles and feel like breakfast tonight!

Man, that bread of Judy's looked yummy. Not sure my wrists would stand up to kneading but I wish I was more confident about my bread making abilities--me and yeast are not necessarily a good combination but I used to be the same way with anything having to do with egg whites and beating.

Pretty quiet along the ring. Hope that means you getting some sewing done OR having a good time with family and friends. Best get moving here-------- Posted by Picasa

Jun 24, 2006

bright and early

I slept pretty well last night but by 530, I was done with that. Pippi had already drug DJ out to the kitchen for her morning feed but she still pounced up on the bed and was tearing through the living room like her tail was on fire---that finally convinced me, LOL.

I have gotten two of the WTIL quilts in my quilted --the Hearts on Thursday and the Whatever yesterday. If you want to see a full out shot click on the links of the quilt name--the hearts looks slightly different because I left off the borders on this one. I like those zigzags and the gold fabric on the "Whatever"--fun setting and fill quilting though both of these are headed to the washer once the binding is done to remove the markings. Today, Finn's "Broken Dishes" is parked next to the machine for its turn. (sorry cannot find the link right off so will post a picture of the quilt with unfinished binding later)

There is absolutely nothing noteworthy going on today or yesterday either. Just an average, routine type day. Marilyn dropped by briefly to drop something off but otherwise two quiet days in a row. Didn't call anyone, no one called me--walked, chatted with my husband, ran one errand to get stuff for supper and then didn't fix it. *VBG* I sprung for the pizza and had him pick it up because I was back in my cool nightgown ( cool for comfort, not the usual definition) After my moaning and groaning about the a/c situation, a girl has to do what a girl has to do especially with a quilt on her lap! I know I am not alone in feeling like I'm baking--it is hot everywhere! We have gotten some much needed rain the past two afternoons accompanied by some tstorms.

OH, before I forget--Serena commented about the hanging basket trash bag I have hanging from my sewing table in this post from a few days back Sewing and Computing That is a gardening basket that collapses down, made from canvas. I happened to purchase it in Paducah some years ago from a friend from my at the time guild who was vending at one of the spots downtown but I suppose they can be purchased anywhere. Becky had a metal clip with it that was a table cloth "holder-downer" but I found that one of those big binder clips that I use on my shelving units and when I pin quilts works even better for holding this on my table. The clip is stuck on my pin mug so I won't lose it though. I don't think you can see it but the little tray that normally would go on a quilting frame sits to my right and holds my "toys"--that goes atop the trash bag with a tiny little mat shoved underneath for small foundation piecing work. Maybe I'll need to take another picture later to explain myself better and show my setup. Funny, the table does fold up but I could probably count on one hand how many times that has happened over the years. Pre-computer I always sewed atop my office desk--then when the giant paperweight moved in---no more!

This is the view from my desk--she wants me to trot out to the kitchen, yet again, to check her bowl. We both know that nothing has changed. LOL, all the cozy spots she could be laying and she prefers the hallway. Already have strings on the floor--no surprise there!

Hope you all have a much more exciting day planned. I'll keep plugging as the binding volunteers will be looking for something to do come meeting time on Tuesday. Posted by Picasa

Jun 22, 2006

color me distracted

I had the best of intentions of quilting yesterday--and actually, I came close to doing it. The Jem is put up in preparation for dragging my old workhorse Viking out. Looks like enough bobbins are wound already etc. Floor is even vacuumed up but I have since started messing it up again, LOL.

So what did I find myself doing? Sewing backing fabric for three quilts and pressing binding for 4 and dis-asssembling a quilt Finn sent on behalf of her friend Betsy. It is may be full-queen and would be great for a boy but wayyyy, too large for WTIL purposes. I've got a before shot taken so you'll see it down the line. Large sections can be used but re-sized and other parts I am cutting down for 3 inch finished HST's. I knew that the 4 inch bias square I own would come in handy some day.

You see, it officially hit 99 in Anniston yesterday--95 by our thermometer. By the time Mr. Clueless put on the a/c at 11 it was up to 84 in the house so it takes a long time to get reasonably cool in here. (It goes off promptly at 10 p.m. when he goes to bed too so at 7 a.m. this morning it is about 71 out and 78 in---my continual summer complaint, I'm afraid) Can you see why I might not want a quilt on my lap when I cannot stop sweating even with the a/c finally turned on and a fan blowing too? I ran an errand yesterday morning--at least the a/c is on in the car-- and immediately got out of my street clothes and back into my nightgown as it is the coolest thing I own. Quit bitching about it because it ain't about to change anytime soon, Linda. After all, you didn't move South for the summers!

So what are you viewing in the picture above? Well, I went out to the kitchen about 1030 last night and where is Ms. Pippi? Up high on the pass through window between the kitchen and living room. And her with the repaired leg!! She hops up on the back of the couch which is below the window area, up to the fridge which is on the left, atop the cabinets and then up here. AND then looks to see how much higher she can go! Sorry, Kits, that is as far as it goes with that vaulted ceiling. Here she is laying on the windowed area below but looking from the living room side into the kitchen.

Laundry is started, breakfast consumed, back to cutting down some huge HST's and flying geese and then sack this up for later sewing. Finn, thank Betsy for me.

And so it goes in my little corner of the world-------- Posted by Picasa

Jun 20, 2006

Tuesday check in

Thanks everyone for your compliments about the Friendship Star with alternating chain blocks. I am pleased with how it turned out. Consider it my contribution to the spate of patriotic quilts on the blogs *VBG*

At left you will get an idea of how I spent part of the last two days. Not the best picture in the world because the block colors show up SO much better in person. I decided to use a set I saw presented on "Simply Quilts" called Mennonite Bowtie or something like that. They showed it with red, blue, yellow calicos, as I recall.

You see, a package from Finn came in the mail yesterday which contained many of the bowtie blocks (among other things!) that you see here. I made a few just to get the number I needed to make the top. Yesterday I thought I might have to make a trip to the fabric store but was able to scrounge up just enough of the same WOW that I used for a heart quilt alternating block, sashing and borders on my 30's sampler, the W in the RWB stars and now this. There is a little bit left over though not much, LOL. I would say that yardage was well used, to say the least.

Only problem was that I forgot the blocks were 14 inch complete NOT the standard 12 inch so had to sew some fabric back on the strips. DUH! What was I NOT thinking?? The red, pink, coral print used in the blocks and cornerstones was some that I bought when Cher was here visiting earlier this year. It was leftover from one of the heart quilts but something I may use for some Atkinson confetti blocks at some point. Got the book but haven't made any yet.

DJ dropped me off at the church on the way to golf this morning so I got a couple of tops pinned but mostly I have been sewing. Some backing and binding to seam yet tonight if I am so inclined. Tomorrow is definitely quilting mode since now there are 9. Those bowties sidetracked me---oh yes, they did!!

And here is today's kitty picture so you can see her cute little face. She had just torn through the hallway--I think under the effects of the catnip on her scratchy box. Last year at this time she was recuperating from ACL repair to her left hind leg. Yep, surprised the vet who said that small dogs have this happen but he had never known of a cat to blow out a knee.

Off to see what you all might be up to-------- Posted by Picasa

Jun 18, 2006

quiet day

It being Father's Day, I bet many are involved in family get togethers. I told DJ "Happy Dad's Day" but only because it is a special day for him as I, in no way, think of him as MY dad. That honor is reserved for a special man back in IL. I love you.

So before I make myself any more homesick, it has been a pretty quiet day around my house. DJ left earlier to play golf and then later was watching golf--the US Open being played this weekend though he was intermittently switching over to the Cub game.

I was listening to two public radio programs that I enjoy and then switched over to the Cardinal game online while I sewed. We are both Cardinal fans from way back but rarely get to see them play since we are out of market--Gameday Audio and Gameday at least lets us stay aware of what is happening. He watches the Braves because that is what IS on in our market.

I finished up this top a little bit ago. You saw the pile of 4 patch stuff in the previous post so that is the part I made--the rest was assembly. I have Cher and the Portland Piecers to thank for the friendship stars. She said that the blocks were some made for National Quilting Day at the local quilt shop where they meet. They were given to their group and then passed onto me.

Other than perhaps piecing some binding and winding some bobbins (again!), I am done for the day. I had toyed with the idea of putting a white border on the outside with a little four patch for corner blocks but it is big enough like it is. I am not crazy about putting on borders anyway so I'm not gonna, LOL. Other than that not much going on--tomorrow will be walking, grocery shopping and start quilting on the that pile of quilts.

This is how Pippi spent a chunk of her day. Actually I am happy that she has re-discovered her perch. When we came back from our trip a month ago and even a bit before that, she would NOT get on here for anything. Quite odd as it was always one of her favorite spots. (That and lolling about on my bed and her catnap box in the living room.) She has another perch in the sewing room and would not/will not get on it either. I would prefer this to the microwave if I were her but who knows what goes on in their little heads? It didn't dump her on the floor or fall off the Velcro---I don't get it.

The across the street neighbors MAY have gotten a new dog--looked like a little black lab or lab mix and Pippi knew it. So did I when I heard puppy whining/barking during the night and early this morning. Just what this neighborhood does not need is another barking dog. There are about 7 or 8 in the immediate areas as it is. SIGH

Guess that's about it for today---catch you later.

Jun 17, 2006

sewing and computing

Yesterday was sewing day and I was able to get the 2nd pineapple blossom top together. Cross another one off my June goals.

I appreciate Linda making me a full set of blocks so we have another of these fun tops to donate to the cause. I noticed that a couple of the fabrics in the strips are a little light and kind of fade away. Something to consider when I take on the remaining 7 blocks that are started at some point. I do love the scrappy!

You may notice that I did not press Quilt Holder into service. Just clipped it to the lip of my shelving unit giving you another shot of my sewing room. The two red baskets and the yellow atop it hold the remaining 2 inch strips. Slowly and surely they are finding their way along and into tops. Some backing fabric that Pam sent a few months back will be used and probably blue WTIL kit fabric for binding though I did not cut it yet.

A lovely package came from Jeanne today---her yellow and orange Quilt spectrum quilt (see April 20th post) and the Pink and Black retro (see June 3rd post) quilt tops along with backing and binding fabric and more neat-o yardage for quilt backs were inside. Thank you so very much, Jeanne , for your help in reaching our goals for Girls Big Oak Ranch and WTIL.

So what have I been up to today? Mostly fighting with my computer. Like Cher, it seemed that the automatic update from Windows was messing up my ability to open my own blog and anyone elses! That just would not do. Restored the computer back to an earlier time more than once---shut off the automatic stuff and put them back in one by one till I thought I narrrowed down the culprit. Then at one point, my server did not want to allow me to sign on. Talk about frustration. Obviously I am back in business. In between times, I started my strip sets for a pile of four patches that you see below and wrote a long, long email to a dear friend who I have reconnected with.

I'm doing a four in nine patch type chain block between some friendship stars that Cher and the Portland Piecers sent to help the Bama Belles cause. You can see the EQ printout clipped to the basket in the picture. I am still working on the four patch spiral thing and finger pressing enough for 18 blocks and the corner blocks. I've pressed the Jem into service to give the Viking a little rest---it is going to get a work out quilting soon enough, LOL.

Hope you all have had a good weekend so far--I'm off to see what you have posted.

Jun 16, 2006

no sewing here

I didn't get any sewing done yesterday after all as our pinning "date" was moved up to yesterday afternoon. It is definitely in the works for today as there is no walking today and few errands.

I have essentially been awake since 3 a.m. since little kitty paws were trying to remove my sheet cover telling me to get up. Not really complaining about that since she has not done that for some time. We did the "bowl trot" and of course, she needed nothing. I just couldn't settle down and go back to sleep. I lay there thinking about what to do with this round robin among other things and it is all Aline's fault! She shared what she was doing on the one I had two rounds back when Jane, Sarah and I were over using her pinning table. By 5 I pulled a book off my reference shelf on Seminole piecing and a couple of things might work or could be revised a bit for less seams. At 6 I just got up and turned on the computer intending to look at my project file in EQ. BY 630 or neighbor was out weed whacking so forget going back to bed.

Right now I am thinking about picket fence but needed a clipping from my files before I delve any deeper. Picket fence or garden maze would fit the grandmother's flower garden theme, perhaps? No resolution yet. Double four patches might work and might be a lot simpler. This is as bad as my looking at a menu--I will change my mind about the entree at least 4 times before the waitress takes our order. The longer it takes for them to come back, the more options I come up with. I am rarely this indecisive so I'm guessing this is because it is someone else's quilt.

As we were visiting while pinning, the "mystery" bags I found at the church were explained. Turns out that the bag of non -quilting materials and that lovely top were left by one of our members for another person who occasionally bops by. What she needs it for, I don't know but I retrieved the bag that I had tossed when I got home. If the person does not "bop by" at the next meeting, I know we will not be storing it for her and the hand off will need to handled some other way. The closet already has too much stuff in there and we need a new roll of batting soon. Anyone that has opened 60 yard roll of poly batting knows just how big those expand once the plastic comes off! There goes the quilt top I was so admiring. With no labeling on the bag, how was I to know?

I got my Tailor pressing mat "remodeled". Pippi is sitting on it atop the cutting table as I write this --properly breaking it in. DJ helped me scrape off the industrial strength glue from the mat backing and some Goo Gone seemed to help remove most of the residue. I used double stick carpet tape to stick that mat back on though I rarely use that for any cutting (too hard and dulls up the blades too quick). I do occasionally lay a smaller Olfa mat ON it though. So far so good on the hold. I could not get the goo off the wood backing of the padded part so may as well stick that mat back on it.

My mom needed some help in emailing images (part of the reason why she has my old digital camera) so the two quilts you see above is one of her recently finished WTIL tops. The pinwheel part was made with the cutaways from the heart blocks she sent back with me recently. This was the setting I had inquired in how do I piece this about a week ago. BTW she did it Square in a Square and pieced setting triangles.

Guess that's it for now-------- Posted by Picasa

Jun 15, 2006

Weds catch-up

Yesterday was one of those days of doing "necessary" quilt related things. Yes, I was feeling much better though my tummy could cooperate more *VBG*.

DJ was heading right by the meeting place so I rode along with him and got busy pinning the three quilts I had layered. I got them all pinned in 2 hours (they are about 40 x 60 so that helps) with about 5 minutes to spare before he came back for me. I gathered up my batting cut aways and some out of the closet to join up with some that I had at home and stuffed them into a 2X ziploc bag that someone had left for us.

The 1st picture shows just what was in that bag of goodies. Burlap, upholstery samples, a half finished blouse of some sort, canvas like material two patches, some khaki denim, some oriental looking upholstery fabric, olive stuff and that darker green-brown that is some sort of brushed like couch cushion stuff. There is even a small piece of faux fur that I kept out Pippi. I don't know what you call that red and white check fabric. I know we said that we try to use what we are given but this has no use for quilters. Thank you anyway. I can use the gallon and 2 gal and that big zipbag anyway.

BUT deeper down, there was this gem. The hand buttonhole applique is wonderful! The colors are so soft. Unfortunately it looks as though someone tried to set too hot of an iron on it and there is a yellow stain and some holes where I assume the fabric charred and flaked away. You don't see that in camera range nor did I get a good shot of the edges where they have a scalloped edge with that same vine arranged like in ovoid shapes all around the edges and then floral motifs in the corners. Aline said that the bags were not there when they left on Tuesday so they have not seen this lovely quilt top yet. I'll bring it round next time but oh, would I love to keep this.

I sewed two WTIL sized sections of batting together once I got home. Went through the bag of stuff. My back was begging me to sit down at that point. Computer time--read around the ring, wrote some mail etc. Later I pressed another few "miles" of binding for three quilts and finished up the day by finally getting around to re-covering the silver cloth for my big board that I use for pressing. Vacuumed up the sewing room while the cat was out of here too. BOY, did it need it with those tons of strings and binding dog ears. Necessary stuff but not very exciting.

This morning I decided to pull the backing off my June Tailor cutting/ironing pad so I could use a bit of the old, still usable silver cloth to re-cover that scorched pad topping. I still need to get the mat part stuck back on someway. Might require a trip to the hardware store for some industrial strength glue if the old stuff won't hold. It almost took more arm strength than I had to pry it loose and now my back is squawking at me again.

I am planning on sewing today and pinning the last three quilts tops tomorrow if Aline's schedule permits. My low back thinks "good, a sit down job", LOL. But first, some emails and a phone call to return. Posted by Picasa

Jun 14, 2006

special day

Happy Birthday, Mom--I love you

Yep, a Flag Day birthday. She will correct me if I am wrong about this family story, but her younger sister could not see why SHE didn't have one out when it was her turn if Elsie did.

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Jun 13, 2006

missed meeting

I missed our meeting today because some headache from you know where/upset digestive tract thing slipped in here last evening. Aline, bless her, stopped by the house on her way in to pick up some things that needed delivered to the group. They pinned one top for me and she brought me batting for 4 more. She also brought me the completed quilts that were turned in so I could get pictures and log them into our document.

Quilt Holder helped me with these a little bit ago so I have some to share with you. Not sure where the text and pictures are going to land so the tulip top you see was made by Theramae using a panel piece at the center as her jumping off point. I could not quite get the colors adjusted properly. Pretty clever quilt, I thought.

The little redwork quilt at right was made by Lois. The embroidery was done by machine and has the cutest penguin fabric for the print squares. Red heart buttons anchor the setting squares and the color picked up by the outside border.

The 3D bowtie quilt--sorry looks a little fuzzy--is one that Beverly made which has an unusual border in that she made 3D bowties entirely in white for the outside edges. The knots and the quilting add such a dimensional touch. It is backed with white flannel. I hope that you will be able to click on it to see the detail

There were others as well but you have seen Finn's bowtie and basket when they were just tops. I know I showed the sampler top Aline had assembled in an earlier post too--probably in the spring sew-in wrap up.

Other than pressing miles of binding and layering 6 tops, taking those pictures and updating the quilt documen that is all I have done today between bouts of laying down. Aline said that several of the others did not feel too red hot today either so maybe it is something going around. It can leave anytime.........

Jun 11, 2006

2nd of 2 and revised

See post below to see why in the world I am showing you this!

These two are probably enough to put your eyes out---sorry, Finn--you might need to look away or they REALLY will make those eyes water.

Still I hope that some child somewhere is enjoying them even if they probably are not getting much rest. Someone gives us fabric and we try to use it if we can------

Edited note: The quilt on the left is a Patience Corner which we did as a free mystery quilt from Judy Hopkins. She called it BlockAid because she meant it to be used for charity quilt work. We cranked out a bunch of these probably back in 2002 or 2003. Good one to do scrappy or with two colors of fabric.

Finn, I know the quilt on the right as "Bonnie Scotsman" or "Scotch Quilt" BlockBase #1390 so you are right in your identification of it. I have made several from this design--my favorite is a green with a lovely black with the same shade of green ivy but I did the first one in WTIL fabrics and it turned out pretty much like the sketch in BlockBase. I'll see if I cannot round up a couple of those pictures to show in series. Fun quilt and easy to strip piece. I've got the directions written up around here somewhere and could try to post them. Not sure we can put up a table though so it may need some revision for blogger. HMMMM

Just back from errands--bank, gas up the car, ran by Hancock's for some backing fabric and found a neat toile hats in pink that I think I will use instead of trying to squeeze the heart top onto some pink that barely fits (save that for a smaller quilt). I have also walked though DJ thinks I won't go without him, got all 3 loads of wash washed, the dishwasher run and will take my husband for lunch as soon as the dryer permits. Then back to sewing two backs and cutting some binding--piece a bit if I have time. The Belles meet tomorrow so I know I'll be pinning rather than sewing, no doubt. That means, back in quilting mode very soon!

another one bites the dust

Another top assembled---Pineapple Blossom with blocks that the Bama Belles and I did earlier this year. I am still debating if it needs borders. It is large enough for WTIL so I am guessing I won't on this set. Originally I was considering the burgundy fabric that I know is at the meeting place but I think I'm done. There is another set of blocks that Linda S made that I might set block to block and border that bunch though I have sashing strips cut if I change my mind. Those can be used for more blocks since I have 7 more blocks started.

The strips are largely from the large xerox paper box Ellen sent me from WTIL headquarters though I see bits and pieces of my stuff and some brights others were using in there. Everytime I see that bright yellow with the black "eyeballs" on it, it cracks me up. I made a Patience Corner out of that stuff that Marilyn donated and sashed it with a black gingham---it was bright!! Imagine--no one wanted to quilt that thing, LOL. And I spot some of the red vein kit fabric as well--ubiquitous stuff but a fairly decent red. I'll check my folders and see if I can locate the quilt in question and add it once I publish this. (Nope, no go with blogger and photos--what a giant pain! separate post then, I'll show them!)

A couple of folks didn't quite understand that scrappy meant using more than 3 fabrics in the block but I think it turned out well. I know it is hard for some to pick up fabric and stick it next to each other without trying to match it up and work randomly. Not complaining about that--making a statement.

Took me the better part of the afternoon and evening with time out for grocery shopping and meal preparation. If you are going for two ingredients and Monday is the usual shopping day, might as well get them, right? ( I made a butter cake from a mix and topped it with homemade caramel frosting. Yummy and the taste I had for it is satisfied. BLT's for supper--good summer fare) The last two rows seemed like they took forever--kept having to rip out and rearrange, fudge them in etc. Danged if I didn't wind up with all the same green in one spot----oh well, I am not changing it now.

Just as a change of pace, I think I will dig out the friendship blocks that Cher sent us and make the alternating blocks tomorrow. Get back to the rest of the Blossoms another day. Posted by Picasa

Jun 10, 2006

2 of 2

I had tried to post this with the last note--danged blogger and those photos--done and then nothing there. Liar!!

I was going to share a still picture of what I saw last night while I was preparing dinner (Vidalia onion quiche--I think it was better as leftovers than when fresh which is different) Here was a ground hog (or woodchuck?) out there chomping on the kudzu leaves. My new digital camera will make movies and we caught the little guy running up the backyard and then standing up and grabbing a leaf in his mouth. Film quality stinks because I didn't know what I was doing and I was shooting throught the closed kitchen window. DJ and I got a kick out of it in spite of the jumpy image.

Well, off to fix supper---turkey tetrazini. Crockpot turkey breast leftovers that I put in the freezer will be pressed into action tonight. If we don't want to be eating supper at 7, I better get cracking. Posted by Picasa

stitching, stitching

Well, once things settled down a bit around here I am actually getting some sewing done. The "Whatever " top on the left is hot off the press. I decided to try that zigzag set that had so intrigued me from one of Evelyn's past post. I'm just being lazy right now or I would go look for the link for you. Edited later Scrappy Happy Quilts by Starfishy: April 2006 scroll down to "Blue Progress"

The blocks were made at the Bama Belles spring sew-in by the group. I had just enough completed for this top though there are a few more centers done. All I did was cut the setting QSTs and HST's. If Pam and Finn were to look closely they would see some of the cut squares they both sent recently. I see bits of my fabric in there as well--stashbusting a bit at a time from several peoples stash. Fun bits from the Belles as well though I really couldn't say who made which block at this point. There were so many bits and pieces piled up on the tables.

I had not intended to use this old gold color either--my sketch showed a nice teal but of course, try to find that. I think it sets the blocks off nicely with the golds and oranges that showed up in the blocks. With as many machines that were involved with the making of the quilt, there is a bit of fudging and zigzagging over the seam allowances in the assembly process but I am pleased with how it turned out.

Oh, I'll do another one at some point. Finn sent some more 2 1/2 inch squares recently so I started doing some leaders-enders checkboard squares too. I think the next one might be the half step drop version as I liked the way that looked when I drew it up.

I'll need to round up some backing fabric for this one--52 x 70 so I'll need an extra length. I'll make that my after supper project. (Edited notation--two lengths of blue toned backing fabric Finn sent were pressed into duty with more of one of them added at the bottom. A bit unconventional but it works) Still busting stash even it is not my own, LOL---glad to help out!!

Friday afternoon I was able to get a heart quilt assembled in memorial of our friend and fellow Bama Belle Gail who lost her battle to ovarian cancer. My mom had made a stack of heart blocks that she sent back with me last month and I had cut the alternate plain blocks when I cut the sashing for my 30's sampler. I marked the plain blocks before I put it up for pinning (Finn, that pink backing might work on it if we pin really carefully--going to try it anyway) No picture because it is so similiar to one we just all too soon for another member who also passed away.

Tomorrow, it is on to the Pineapple Blossom blocks we did earlier this year. Actually that one is on my UFO list even though I had some help making the blocks---I gotta put it together and quilt it, after all. I think it still counts.

Oren came by to pick up Betsy's Christmas quilt this morning to take to the long armer so that is moved on but I'll get it back for binding and labeling. He told me that the receipient and his family will be here next month for a visit so it would be great if they can take it home with them then. See how that times out, anyway.

Jun 9, 2006

working in series

Our local Hancock's opened several years ago and I was asked to teach some quilting classes. I guess that the manager had talked to people who said they were making a quilt to see who might be able or interested in teaching because my name kept coming up from the help I had given my quilt group. Okay, I was in. I could do this since I was doing it informally anyway.

A small sampler seemed like the way to explore doing some of the basics of rotary cutting as well as the techniques of the basic blocks units--four patch, nine patch, HST's and QST's. The quilt at left was one of three that I made as my class sample. I have a 4th cut out as I kept making them and then giving them away to WTIL when there were no class prospects. I'll get around to piecing the rest of the 4th sampler one of these days but it won't be used for teaching purposes this time around.

Eventually in frustration, I quit trying teach and someone else has the honors (doing a crazy patch block from what I understand) You see, all too often people would sign up saying they were interested. You would spend hours and time away from your "work" calling a long list of people to set up a time and date. Then only one or two would show up. With no money taken in advance why should they bother to call to say they weren't coming? Several people got one on one lessons but not worth all my time and effort writing handouts, etc. I can only hope that I got a few people started on the way to quilting.

I didn't get one thing done yesterday in the sewing department though I certainly had ever intention of doing so. First, I needed to run to Walmart for a couple of things: my meds, a colored ink cartridge, a background fabric for the Whatever blocks and a few groceries items. I tell you what I was shopping for only because it is integral to the story.

I got home and my husband questioned the amount I had to pay for one med---it is pricey and I had just gotten a card from the drug company to help pay for it. DJ got on the phone---first to the company that issued the card and then to Walmart pharmacy. This after they insisted that they had applied the new card when I questioned it in person--very little off the bill from what I normally pay. Turns out I DID have a refund due me.

In the meantime I wastrying to install the color cartridge but the printer did not recognize that it is even there. Come to think of it, all the sudden it was not recognizing the recently installed color cartridge anymore and said the ink was gone. Since I had not really printed much there is no way that should be happening. I decided to try to uninstall and re-install and see what would happen. Meanwhile he gets off the phone and I told him to get in the car so we could straighten out the med snafu in case the person he spoke with was not there. Smart girl--left the refund before she left for lunch. Go looking for an item I forgot on round one--back in the photo department near where the printers and ink cartridges are--it is up on a top shelf if they even have it so forget that for now. I pointed out to DJ that the all in one printers are pretty cheap and only about 18 bucks difference between the ink cartridge that does not seem to be cooperating. HMMMM, buy a new one? Refund from my med over charge and the cartridge would almost pay for it.

Came home and threw the fabric in the wash--get back to the computer and naturally it is a "no go" Back to Walmart--refund my money for the ink cartridge, buy the printer. Two stops later the one thing that I went to the store for in the first place was in hand--those album pages for the Belles. Not exactly what I was looking for but they will do.

Went home, installed the printer and the printer software, filed the pictures. Next thing I know it is about 4 p.m. and almost time to think about slicing and dicing for supper--Szechuan chicken so lots of prep but not so much cooking time. Why bother to get started sewing now? Then it is 7 p.m. and the same thing holds true. I started looking through a quilt book and read the morning paper and zip, its time for bed.

So much for being productive, LOL. I guess you could say I have my moments--yesterday was just not one of them at least not when it came to sewing. My sewing room floor stayed clean for one more day. Not holding out that possibility today unless I get off this computer. Did the editing and addition make this worse or better?

Jun 8, 2006

Sampler completion

Okay, you have seen all the block pictures in previous posts. The top is completed as of last evening but I waited to take the picture till this morning.

Amazing how long that process can take and how it leads to vacuuming two rooms and the hallway just to clean up after doing it. The living room still needs it from all the thead tracking and hauling the top in to show DJ. Pippi is hanging out there so I'm not dragging out the "kitty eating machine" just yet.

I'll need to purchase the backing and maybe some ultrawhite batting before this can be pinned but it is closer to done than it has been for some time.

So today, back to assembling some WTIL tops after I run a couple of errands this morning. Our next meeting is on the 13th so I will try to get a couple more together for pinning by then. There goes the clean floor, LOL but do I care? Posted by Picasa