Jun 10, 2006

stitching, stitching

Well, once things settled down a bit around here I am actually getting some sewing done. The "Whatever " top on the left is hot off the press. I decided to try that zigzag set that had so intrigued me from one of Evelyn's past post. I'm just being lazy right now or I would go look for the link for you. Edited later Scrappy Happy Quilts by Starfishy: April 2006 scroll down to "Blue Progress"

The blocks were made at the Bama Belles spring sew-in by the group. I had just enough completed for this top though there are a few more centers done. All I did was cut the setting QSTs and HST's. If Pam and Finn were to look closely they would see some of the cut squares they both sent recently. I see bits of my fabric in there as well--stashbusting a bit at a time from several peoples stash. Fun bits from the Belles as well though I really couldn't say who made which block at this point. There were so many bits and pieces piled up on the tables.

I had not intended to use this old gold color either--my sketch showed a nice teal but of course, try to find that. I think it sets the blocks off nicely with the golds and oranges that showed up in the blocks. With as many machines that were involved with the making of the quilt, there is a bit of fudging and zigzagging over the seam allowances in the assembly process but I am pleased with how it turned out.

Oh, I'll do another one at some point. Finn sent some more 2 1/2 inch squares recently so I started doing some leaders-enders checkboard squares too. I think the next one might be the half step drop version as I liked the way that looked when I drew it up.

I'll need to round up some backing fabric for this one--52 x 70 so I'll need an extra length. I'll make that my after supper project. (Edited notation--two lengths of blue toned backing fabric Finn sent were pressed into duty with more of one of them added at the bottom. A bit unconventional but it works) Still busting stash even it is not my own, LOL---glad to help out!!

Friday afternoon I was able to get a heart quilt assembled in memorial of our friend and fellow Bama Belle Gail who lost her battle to ovarian cancer. My mom had made a stack of heart blocks that she sent back with me last month and I had cut the alternate plain blocks when I cut the sashing for my 30's sampler. I marked the plain blocks before I put it up for pinning (Finn, that pink backing might work on it if we pin really carefully--going to try it anyway) No picture because it is so similiar to one we just all too soon for another member who also passed away.

Tomorrow, it is on to the Pineapple Blossom blocks we did earlier this year. Actually that one is on my UFO list even though I had some help making the blocks---I gotta put it together and quilt it, after all. I think it still counts.

Oren came by to pick up Betsy's Christmas quilt this morning to take to the long armer so that is moved on but I'll get it back for binding and labeling. He told me that the receipient and his family will be here next month for a visit so it would be great if they can take it home with them then. See how that times out, anyway.


  1. Linda, I like those blocks a lot!! I have the one that I tried up on my design wall waiting for me to make more. It sits up there smiling at me everyday. I think it's such a happy cute block.

    The quilt looks wonderful and I really like the setting!!

  2. The Whatever top looks wonderful, love that color for the setting blocks. I never would have thought of it, but I really like it.
    Helped with the birthday party at our local nursing home today, and other than that, just tried to live with very swollen, itchy eyes again.
    I have the box just about packed, I'll "e" you about it tomorrow.

    Great job on getting the heart quilt together..you are just cruisin'. Very inspiring!! *VBS*

  3. I like the whatever blocks in that layout!

    Have heard several places that it's much cheaper to buy a new printer rather than change the cartridges. Someone ought to come up with a better solution!

  4. I really like the zig-zag setting for those blocks - very effective

  5. I so like how this turned out! glad you were able to get so much done LJ!


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