Jun 25, 2006

making progress

Making some progress with the quilting: Finn's Broken Dishes is finished for WTIL. (See her post in the her archives for April 30th for her comments about the piecing strategies she uses). It went fairly quickly in that I had it done before lunch except for the binding. DJ came home from golf and was commenting on how colorful it was--high praise indeed! I pointed out all the fun things I was seeing in the fabric--the Hershey bars, M & M's, fish, lady bugs, hearts, pigs, etc. I know you can see the fabrics up close and personal in her post if you follow the link above.

I think DJ noticed them too though he was far more interested in telling me about his golf score. Normally I'll get a "that's nice" or the statement "you finished another one" implying the "big deal--you will just start something else; you are never done with any of it" While that might be true somehow I expect him to be a little more proud of what we are trying to accomplish here.

Because I got this one done fairly early in the day, I started on one of the Pineapple Blossom tops and got 12 of the 20 blocks done before I quit for the evening. More thunderstorms rolled in about supper time so that made me unplug for a time. Actually while we were eating, one of the light switches in the kitchen sparked (!) I just saw it out of the corner of my eye and heard it--he was looking at it when it happened. Boy, was I glad that I HAD shut down the computer and the sewing machine. I laid down for a while to rest my back and legs which I needed to do anyway and then did a few more blocks.

Aline had given me a huge bag of blueberries from the freezer last week--the fresh ones are not ready yet--so I made a Creamy Blueberry Pie from one of my favorite recipes that I found on allrecipes. I'll post it or the link when I edit this as you know who wants to go walk. (I swear I could put a clock on him--he's done in the kitchen in other words and on to the next thing in his morning routine. You would think I would learn to NOT start posting or emailing till later----but NO!) Tried a different scallop recipe last night too garnering a comment about all the different things I was coming up with lately. Not sure if he thought that was a good or bad thing, LOL. Tonight it's gonna be waffles and sausage because Aline also gave me some pecans she had frozen AND I like pecan waffles and feel like breakfast tonight!

Man, that bread of Judy's looked yummy. Not sure my wrists would stand up to kneading but I wish I was more confident about my bread making abilities--me and yeast are not necessarily a good combination but I used to be the same way with anything having to do with egg whites and beating.

Pretty quiet along the ring. Hope that means you getting some sewing done OR having a good time with family and friends. Best get moving here-------- Posted by Picasa


  1. I love this quilt! It is no wonder your husband commented!

    Sometimes I think you and I are the only ones who get up so early in the morning. I see you posted at 7:30 this morning. It is 7:30 here as I write this. There must be a couple of hours time difference between us - but we still seem to be on the same schedule!

  2. What a fun, bright quilt! And - I have the opposite problem - my DH absolutely LOVES just about any quilt I make and fusses when I tell him I am giving it away! Makes it hard to make a quilt as a gift - I always give him lots and lots of warning when something is going to be a gift! LOL. And now I have to contend with Little Boy being a big quilt fan too - gosh, he is already collecting his own fabric stash!



  3. What a happy little quilt. It's got to be fun for the kids who receive this to sit and find all the cool novelty items. That's why they make those sorts of prints I suspect sometimes!

    You get so much done it puts me to shame sometimes!!

  4. Hey big sis !!!
    was at the parents last night and obviously mom told me about your blog. I guess now I have a blog so maybe I will just have to do something. Anyway I can keep up with ya now. Obviously you are very busy.

    Thanks for coming up for Blake's graduation. He has started with the research project this summer. Mostly doing reading but he got in the lab. Kristine is doing the summer school and hanging out with her new teammates that are in town also this summer. She is working at some volleyball camp and at Hollister.. anyway. I know this had nothing to do with your quilts but hey....
    I agree with DJ. The bright quilts are my preference too. Give him a hug for me. Gonna email you a couple grad pics. You photographed well.


  5. I'm absolutely AMAZED at how good you make my simple quilts look Linda!! It's gotta be the quilting cause looking at the top, it doesn't look THAT nice! Thank you for doing this and for letting me help..I'm a happy camper!!
    You know I had already forgotten I even put that border on that quilt. Think I'd better start a pictorial record for myself before my memory is gone completely.
    Very scary about that lightening..I'm with you, I shut down the stuff I can't afford to replace!!!
    Hope the heat lets up alittle for you...even a short break from it is nice...one large storm from moved through heading east, and brought our morning temps down into the 60's. It was a massive storm, and they were recording about 160-200 lightening strikes in a specific time frame..that's alot! Even for us..but it was happening in western MN, I only heard rumbles off in the distance. But today we are getting the rain and cool temps. Keep up the great work you are doing!!!! Hugs, Finn

  6. Your quilts looks lovely Linda, and I think I have to try the zig zag setting too, before long :-) Blueberry pie reminds me of a recipe I have somewhere here, for rhubarb pie. I ususally put in just about any berries I find in the freezer, and it is always good. Thanks for the reminder. I have to do it soon. You can send some heat this way. I think you have got our share as well ;-) I am also an early riser and piecer. I am up about 6.30 am every day.

  7. Gosh Linda! You have been a busy beaver! I haven't checked in as often as I should! Everything looks SUPER though!

  8. hurray for getting quilts, quilted!
    these all are looking terrific Linda. You getting quilty things done each day really add up gf!


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